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  • 15.08.16 | DFR™ TECHNOLOGY ARRIVED !

    World premiere: First product series with Dust Free Rotation™ Technology


    Hamburg, August 15th, 2016. Enermax presents the first product series with patented DFR™ Technology: the new Platimax D. F. power supply with 80 PLUS® Platinum certification, the new ETS-T50 AXE cpu cooler and the D. F. Pressure fan come with DFR ™ technology.


    Dust Free Rotation™ Technology

    After starting the PC, The patented DFR™ Technology lets the fan spin in reverse allowing the cleaning of the fan blades from dust. Cleaner and better cooled components grant a longer lifetime and a better operation of the products.


    Platimax D. F.

    Enermax adds new Platimax D. F. PSU to the flagship series Platimax. The 80 PLUS® Platinum certified series is equipped with the patented DFR™ (Dust Free Rotation) Technology. The new 13.9cm Twister Bearing fan with the DFR™ Technology combines extreme quiet operation with long product life. Up to a load of 80%, the fan rotates at a constant 550 RPM. Above 80% load, the Platimax D.F fan spins silently up to a maximum of 1,000 RPM. The Platimax D. F. comes with a fully modular cable management with individually sleeved SLEEMAX™ cables. The power supply is available at a MSRP incl. VAT of 149.90 Euro for the 500W model and an MSRP incl. VAT. of 159.90 Euro for the 600W model. For further information visit the product website or start the product video.


    ETS-T50 AXE

    The ETS-T50 AXE with 12cm DFR ™ fan combines 7 patented technologies with a cooling performance of 250W + TDP - the next ice age is coming. The patented technologies include:

    - DFR™ technology – removes accumulated dust from fan blades

    - Pressure differential flow design - increases the air flow up to 15%

    - Heat-Pipe Direct Touch - faster heat dissipation from the CPU

    - Air Guide - for 360°air flow control

    - Circular-type LED - for spectacular lighting effects

    - Twister Bearing Technology – with up to 160,000 hours MTBF

    - Vortex Generator Flow - small spoilers direct the airflow to the rear of the heat pipes and improve the cooling performance


    The ETS-T50 AXE is compatible with the latest Intel® and AMD® sockets. The new CPU cooler is available at MSRP incl. VAT. of 59.90 Euro. For further information visit the product website or start the product video.


    D. F. Pressure

    The D. F. Pressure fan with DFR ™ technology is specially designed for use on CPU coolers and radiators. It already achieves a considerably higher static pressure than conventional case fans at low RPM. The use of high-quality, heat-resistant components allows an operation at higher temperatures up to 85° C. The Enermax high performance model comes with the second generation of the patented Twister bearing that provides silent operation with up to 160,000 hours MTBF. The 12 cm fan is available at MSRP incl. VAT. of 16.99 Euro. For further information visit the product website or start the product video.

  • 25.05.16 | ENERMAX @ Computex 2016: Innovation, Gaming, VR, and more

    May 25th, 2016, Taoyuan, Taiwan – ENERMAX, a leading designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC hardware, continues to impress the world with the pioneering innovation. After winning Computex d&i Award in 2015, DIGIFANLESS, the world's 1st digital fanless power supply, has been nominated for European Hardware Award 2016, and prestigious German Design Award 2017 respectively. The DIGIFANLESS 550W sets a milestone in PSU history and provides the users with the top quality solutions.

    Along with the DIGIFANLESS, ENERMAX will showcase two new power supply series, REVOLUTION DOU and Platimax DF, at Computex 2016. REVOLUTION DOU, the 80PLUS® Gold PSU lineup, capitalizes on DOUFlowTM technology and Fan-speed Manual Adjustment (FMA) control to create dynamic airflow for superior cooling performance. Platimax DF, the 80PLUS® Platinum PSU series, is equipped with the patented Dust Free Rotation (DFR) technology to offer a self-cleaning solution to prolong the lifespan and reliable operation.

    The DFR technology will be also applied to ENERMAX fan and CPU cooler products. At Computex 2016, ENERMAX will present 3 fan series with the DFR technology: D.F. PRESSURE fans featuring super high static pressure up to 4.812 (mm-H2O), D.F. STORM fans achieving a peak speed of 3,500 RPM generating an incredible air flow rate of up to 11.131m3/h, and D.F. VEGAS and D.F. VEGAS DOU fans delivering dazzling LED lighting effects for brilliant and stylish case cooling. ETS-T50 AXE, the new flagship air cooler with powerful 250W TDP, features the new PDF technology. It comes with an exclusive Air Guide for airflow management; also the D.F. VEGAS fan featuring 3-color LED lighting effects to help enthusiastic gamers create a personalized look that matches his or her style.

    Ostrog ADV, the one-of-a-kind LED chassis for gaming systems, will be one of the highlights at Computex this year. ENERMAX’s Lighting LED team has successfully leveraged the LED with ENERMAX’s innovative Nano Diffusant to create ultra-bright and ultra-even effects.

    At Computex 2016, LEPA Technology, the new member of the ENERMAX Group, will showcase their new products at the ENERMAX booth. We would like to invite you to discover LEPA’s new innovation.


    We welcome you to stop by at ENERMAX as there are more innovative products to be discovered, including new RGB DIY liquid cooler, in-ear sports earphones, waterproof Bluetooth speaker with IPX8 rating.  Last but not least, we also prepare a VR gaming zone with ENERMAX’s VR approved gaming rigs.





    Booth# I-0507, Nangang Exhibition Hall, 1st Floor,

    No. 1, Jingmao 2nd Rd, Nangang District, Taipei City

    Opening Hours:

    May 31 – June 3 (09:30 ~ 18:00)

    June 4 (09:30 ~ 16:00)


    For further information about the latest ENERMAX products and innovations please contact to following person:


    Janine Kendzia


  • 03.05.16 | ENERMAX products are nominated for EHA 2016

    Hamburg, 3rd May 2016 - ENERMAX products got nominated for the EHA 2016 - in the categories 'Best PSU Series',

    'Best Case Fan Series' and 'Best CPU-Cooler (water)'.


    The nominated produtcs are:



    - Platimax

    - Digifanless



    - T.B. Silence PWM


    Water Coller:

    - Liqmax II 120mm

    - Liqtech 240X

    ENERMAX Platimax

    ENERMAX Digifanless

    ENERMAX T.B. Silence PWM

    ENERMAX Liqmax II 120

    ENERMAX Liqtech 240X



    The winners will be announced on Monday 30th May 2016 in Taipei International Conference Centre.



    For more information about the European Hardware Award click here.

  • 31.03.16 | The PSU Revolution starts now!

    The PSU Revolution starts now!

    After launching the 'REVOLUTION X't' a few years ago, ENERMAX, the leading designer and manufacturer of power supplies is introducing the 2nd Generation of the REVOLUTION X't series. This 2nd generation is equipped with top-notch 100% 105°C Japanese capacitors, patented Twister Bearing Fan, flat modular cables and more. REVOLUTION X't II is available in the following wattages: 450W, 550W, 650W and 750W.


    Read more:

    80 PLUS Gold certification & 5 Years warranty

    The REVOLUTION X't II power supply series has 80 PLUS Gold certification with up to 92% efficiency. It helps the system to meet 2013 ErP Lot 6 with high efficiency 5Vsb circuitry.

    Energy Conservation

    The DC to DC of REVOLUTION X't II circuit ensures tight DC output regulation to support latest CPU and GPU peak power and zero load energy saving mode. Moreover, the 100-240VAC full range AC input for universal use. REVOLUTION X't II is also embedded with Active PFC (up to 0.99).

    The patented Twister Bearing fan

    The REVOLUTION X't II comes with a 13.9cm ENERMAX patented Twister Bearing Fan, which offers ultra-low noise performance and satisfy all silent PC enthusiasts; along with long lifetime operation (160,000 hours MTBF).

    Provide reliable protection

    The REVOLUTION X't II also features patented HeatGuard(a.k.a. Fan-delay), which keeps the PSU fan running for 30-60 seconds after shutdown to dissipate the remaining system heat and prolong the system lifespan. It also comes with our patented CordGuard, which fixes the AC cord tightly to avoid accidental shutdown of your PC. Our safe guard system is also loaded with multiple protection circuitry of OCP (3.3V/5V), OVP, OPP, SCP, and SIP, those protect systems from damage. In addition, the REVOLUTION X'T II comes with 24/7 @ 40°C ready features, as the high-end components and advance layout ensure non-stop operation.




  • 26.08.15 | CPU Cooler Beats Coffee Boiler

    Four years after the launch of the successful ETS-T40 CPU cooler series, ENERMAX now introduces the successor ETS-T40F. The model name affix "F" stands for "Fit" and highlights the slim heat sink construction. With just 41mm of depth, the cooler offers maximum flexibility regarding the field of application and system configuration. It avoids the blockade of memory module slots even after mounting an optional second fan.

    Proven Technology
    ENERMAX applies proven techniques for an efficient air stream conduction through the heat sink: While the Vacuum Effect Flow enhances the fresh air supply, the Vortex Generator Flow optimizes the cooling of the heat pipes and leads the air close along the pipes. By using the Heat Pipe Direct Touch technology, ENERMAX engineers make sure that CPU hot spots can be eliminated quickly and more effectively. The combination of these three innovations achieves a remarkable rise in performance: Although the ETS-T40F comes with a slimmer heat sink, it reaches a TDP of 200W which is almost on the same level like the predecessor ETS-T40 cooler.

    Silent Operation
    For many years now, the T.B.Silence belongs to the most popular PC fans in Europe. Due to the low-friction Twister bearing, ENERMAX ensures an ultra-quiet operation with 160,000 hours MTBF. Also the ETS-T40F-TB, the entry level model of the new CPU cooler series, is equipped with a T.B.Silence fan. Due to its wide RPM range (800 – 1,800 RPM), the included T.B.Silence PWM 12cm fan reaches a high performance capability to handle even overclocked processors. Apart from that, ENERMAX delivers the cooler with a RPM adapter to fulfill the requirements of ultra-silent PCs and lower down the fan speed to just 400 – 900 RPM. The ETS-T40F-TB is therefore the best choice for sound-sensitive users.

    Another low-noise option is the second model of the ETS-T40F series. The ETS-T40F-RF comes with a newly developed fan from ENERMAX. The Winglet fan measures 140mm in diameter and achieves an excellent balance between noise generation and cooling performance. With lower speed, it generates a significantly higher air flow than average 120mm case fans. Furthermore, the special winglet blades reduce noisy air turbulences. And the 4P PWM connector allows for an individual and flexible speed control.

    Refined Cooling Style
    The black ETS-T40F-BK, the third model within the new product line, is the undoubted eye-catcher. It is coated with a high-tech, thermal-conductive finish which makes sure that the thermal resistance of the heat sink remains low. The T.B.Apollish fan with the patented LED ring bathes your PC system in cool blue light. With 12 diodes, the LED technology guarantees extraordinary bright and intensive colours. With 800 to 1,800 RPM, the 12cm PWM fan has enough power to cool down strong gaming rigs.

    ETS-T40F vs. Coffee Boiler
    The cooling specialists from ENERMAX have made an unusual experiment to prove the performance capability of the ETS-T40F coolers: How long will it take to boil water if you cool it with an ETS-T40F cooler?

    >> Watch the video of the astonishing test

    Compatibility, Availability & Prices
    The ETS-T40F series supports all current Intel® and AMD® platforms (Intel® LGA 775/1150/1151/1155/1156/1366/2011/2011-3 and AMD® AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+). The three models are now available for sale. MSRP incl. VAT: 37.90 Euro for ETS-T40F-TB, 40.90 Euro for the ETS-T40F-RF and 44.90 Euro for the ETS-T40F-BK.

    >> More technical information and product photos

  • 12.08.15 | Skylake ready! with Enermax PSUs

    Intel® releases the new Skylake™ CPUs

    Now you might ask yourself, if your PSU is compatible with the new CPU generation. The energy-saving functions C6 and C7, which were introduced with the Haswell™ generation remained the same for the new Skylake™ CPUs. Therefore all PSUs supporting Haswell™ CPUs are also compatible with Skylake™ CPUs.


    Older PSUs without Haswell™ support provide only limited usability: Activated C6 and C7 states can cause compatibility issues with system crashes. To avoid problems we suggest you to deactivate the energy-saving functions C6 and C7.


    Compatibility of Enermax Power Supplies to Intel®-Skylake™ CPUs.

    Enermax is one of the technologically leading power supply manufacturers.  Therefore all current high-end and mid-range models from Enermax are already prepared for the upcoming Intel® processors. They are equipped with technologies like the DC-to-DC converter which enables the so-called ZERO Load Design. These power supplies will deliver rock-stable voltages even at 0W load. Also the owners of older Enermax power supplies can be relieved: The manufacturer applies the ZERO Load Design already in all high-end power supplies since the Revolution85+ series which has been launched in 2008.

    Ready for upcoming Intel®-Skylake™ CPUs

    Running Models


    Digifanless Series (>> Product Information)
    Digifanless 550W (EDF550AWN)


    Platimax Series (>> Product Information)
    Platimax 500W (EPM500AWT)
    Platimax 600W (EPM600AWT)
    Platimax 750W (EPM750AWT)
    Platimax 850W (EPM850EWT)
    Platimax 1000W (EPM1000EWT)
    Platimax 1350W (EPM1350EWT)
    Platimax 1500W (EPM1500EGT)


    Revolution87+ Series (>> Product Information)
    Revolution87+ 850W (ERV850EWT-G)
    Revolution87+ 1000W (ERV1000EWT-G)

    Revolution X't-Netzteil

    Revolution X't Series (>> Product Information)
    Revolution X't 530W (ERX530AWT)
    Revolution X't 630W (ERX530AWT)
    Revolution X't 730W (ERX530AWT)

    Triathlor ECO-Netzteil

    Triathlor ECO Series (>> Product Information)
    Triathlor ECO 350W (ETL350AWT-M)
    Triathlor ECO 450W (ETL450AWT-M)
    Triathlor ECO 550W (ETL550AWT-M)
    Triathlor ECO 650W (ETL350AWT-M)


    Maxpro Series (>> Product Information)
    Maxpro 400W (EMP400AGT)
    Maxpro 500W (EMP500AGT)
    Maxpro 600W (EMP600AGT)
    Maxpro 700W (EMP700AGT)


    NAXN Basic Series (>> Product Information)
    NAXN Basic 450W (ENP450AGT)
    NAXN Basic 500W (ENP500AGT)

    Expired Models


    Platimax Series
    Platimax 1200W (EPM1200EWT)


    Revolution87+ Series
    Revolution87+ 550W (ERV550AWT-G)
    Revolution87+ 650W (ERV650AWT-G)
    Revolution87+ 750W (ERV750AWT-G)

    Revolution X't-Netzteil

    Revolution X't Series
    Revolution X't 430W (ERX430AWT)


    MaxRevo Series
    MaxRevo 1200W (EMR1200EWT)
    MaxRevo 1350W (EMR1350EWT)
    MaxRevo 1500W (EMR1500EGT)

    Triathlor Bulk-Netzteil

    Triathlor Bulk Series
    Triathlor 300W Bulk (ETL300AWT bulk)
    Triathlor 350W Bulk (ETL350AWT bulk)


    Triathlor Series
    Triathlor 300W (ETL300AWT)
    Triathlor 385W (ETA385AWT)
    Triathlor 450W (ETA450AWT)
    Triathlor 550W (ETA550AWT)


    Triathlor-FC Series
    Triathlor FC 550W (ETA550AWT-M)
    Triathlor FC 650W (ETA650AWT-M)
    Triathlor FC 700W (ETA700AWT-M)

    NAXN ADV-Netzteil

    NAXN ADV Series
    NAXN ADV 450W (ETL450AWT)
    NAXN ADV 550W (ETL550AWT)

    NAXN ADV 650W (ETL650AWT)


    Revolution85+ Series
    Revolution85+ 850W (ERV850EWT)
    Revolution85+ 920W (ERV920EWT)
    Revolution85+ 950W (ERV950EWT)
    Revolution85+ 1020W (ERV1020EWT)
    Revolution85+ 1050W (ERV1050EWT)
    Revolution85+ 1250W (ERV1250EGT)


    Modu87+ Series
    Modu87+ 500W (EMG500AWT)
    Modu87+ 600W (EMG600AWT)
    Modu87+ 700W (EMG700AWT)
    Modu87+ 800W (EMG800EWT)
    Modu87+ 900W (EMG900EWT)


    Pro87+ Series
    Pro87+ 500W (EPG500AWT)
    Pro87+ 600W (EPG600AWT)


    Modu82+-(II) Series
    Modu82+ 425W (EMD425AWT)
    Modu82+ II 425W (EMD425AWT-II)


    Pro82+-(II) Series
    Pro82+ 385W (EPR385AWT)
    Pro82+ 425W (EPR425AWT)
    Pro82+ II 385W (EPR385AWT-II)
    Pro82+ II 425W (EPR425AWT-II)


    LibertyECO-(II) Series
    LibertyECO 400W (ELT400AWT-ECO)
    LibertyECO 500W (ELT500AWT-ECO)
    LibertyECO II 400W (ELT400AWT-ECO-II)
    LibertyECO II 500W (ELT500AWT-ECO-II)


    ErPro80+ Series


    NAXN Basic Series
    NAXN Basic 350W (ENP350AGT)


    NAXN 80+ Series


    NAXN 82+ Series




  • 05.06.15 | Liqmax II 240 wins European Hardware Award 2015

    A panel of eight leading hardware magazines has nominated the most outstanding hardware products 2015. In an official ceremony during Computex in Taipei, the European Hardware Association now revealed the winners in numerous categories. ENERMAX has won the European Hardware Award 2015 for the AIO CPU water cooler Liqmax II 240At Facebook, we have posted photos from the awarding ceremony.

    The European Hardware Association has been founded by Cowcotland from France, from Benelux, Hardwareluxx from Germany, Hardware Upgrade from Italy, Hispazone from Spain, Kitguru from the UK, Lab501 from Romania and PurePC from Poland. ENERMAX was nominated with three products for the European Hardware Awards: Digifanless 550W in PSU category, the Twister fan series in case fan category and finally, the Liqmax II 240 in CPU water cooling category.

    If you want to learn more about Liqmax II 240, the winner of the Eurpean Hardware Award 2015, please enter the >> product page.

  • 31.03.15 | MAXPRO: The Quietest Long Runner

    Enermax enjoys a lot of trust amongst hardware enthusiasts around the world. The power supplies of the premium manufacturer are designed for a durable and stable operation. That way, they most often survive more than one PC upgrade or build. With the new MAXPRO PSU series, Enermax now introduces the next long runner generation. Four models with 400, 500, 600 and 700 watts cover the system requirements of most PC configurations. Due to an adequate number of 8-pin PCI-Express connectors and a massive 12V rail, MAXPRO ensures a stable power supply of performance-capable gaming PCs. The PSU measures just 14cm in depth, so that it can be a perfect choice for small form factor chassis as well.

    Ultra-quiet Operation
    Main focus of the new power supply concept has been the noise generation. Enermax engineers improved not only the fan control, but apply a completely new technological basis: Instead of a cheaper ball bearing fan, the manufacturer has integrated a 12cm fan that is based on the smooth running, patented Twister Bearing from Enermax. With just 500 RPM, the new MAXPRO power supplies operate virtually silent at standard loads (up to 50%). At very high loading (more than 90%), the MAXPRO fan finally exceeds 1,500 RPM, but does not generate annoying mechanical side noises thanks to the Twister bearing technology.

    High Efficiency at Standard Loads
    The MAXPRO series has been specially developed for the European market. Therefore, it is designed for the usage in power grids of 200 to 240VAC only. At a usual system load (20-50%), the power supply achieves an average efficiency of excellent 87%. It complies not only with the latest European eco-design regulations, but also supports the international energy-saving standard 80 PLUS® 230V EU. Enermax applies high-quality and performance-capable components which ensure a 24/7 non-stop operation at 40°C. In case of malfunctions or defects, the advanced SafeGuard protects the PSU and the system components against over-current, over-voltage, over-power, short circuit as well as sudden power surges (OCP, OVP, OPP, SCP & SIP). A prolonged 3-year manufacturer warranty completes the new offer from Enermax.

    Availability & Prices
    The MAXPRO series is now available for sale, apart from the 700W model which will follow until the mid of April.

    MSRP incl. VAT
    MAXPRO 400W (EMP400AGT): 49.90 Euro
    MAXPRO 500W (EMP500AGT): 59.90 Euro
    MAXPRO 600W (EMP600AGT): 67.90 Euro
    MAXPRO 700W (EMP700AGT): 79.90 Euro

    >> More technical information

  • 31.03.15 | EMK Series: New Racks for Professional Data Management

    After the successful introduction of the new EMK product range with variousmobile racks for PC systems, Enermax extends the line of storage solutions with three models for professional applications. The backplane modules EMK5301, EMK5401 and EMK5501 are specially designed for data servers. The modules occupy two or three 5.25-inch bays and accommodate up to five 3.5-inch hard disk drives (with SATA or SAS interface). Due to the high-quality manufacturing and the sturdy aluminium case, the new EMK models are a safe storage for your valuable data. Each HDD slot is equipped with an individual power switch, so that you can easily exchange or deactivate single hard disk drives during operation.A smart, thermal fan control allows for an effective HDD cooling. If the temperature exceeds a critical level, users will be warned by blinking status LEDs as well as a buzzing sound. All HDD slots are protected with a security lock against unauthorized access.

    All three models, EMK5301, EMK5401 and EMK5501, are now available for sale (MSRP incl. VAT: 109.90 - 129.00 Euro).

    >> More technical information

  • 31.03.15 | EHB001: Keep Your Headset Safe!

    Do you always need to disentangle your headphones before usage? Enermax presents a simple, but effective solution for all common headphones and headsets. The EHB001 is a sturdy, foldable headset holder with five strong magnets at the back side. You can attach it at all magnetic surfaces, eg. at the side panel of your computer chassis. EHB001 provides a maximum load capacity of 1kg (2.2lbs) and keeps your headphone safe and cable tangle-free. The EHB001 from Enermax is now available for sale at a MSRP of 14.90 Euro incl. VAT.

    >> More technical information

  • 12.03.15 | 25 Years of Know-How in One Power Supply

    Since 1990, ENERMAX has always been a pioneer in PSU industry. ENERMAX power supplies are synonyms of quality & performance. On the occasion of the company's 25th anniversary, the manufacturer now introduces a new masterpiece of technology: The Digifanless 550W is the first digital and fanless power supply from ENERMAX. Based on a performance-capable passive cooling system, Digifanless allows for a completely silent PC operation (0db(A)). With a forward-looking PSU topology and durable, high-quality components, the fanless power supply achieves a peak efficiency of 93% (80 PLUS® Platinum certified) and keeps the output voltages rock stable for maximum system performance. Digifanless is equipped with a digital interface to read out and control the most essential power values via the brand-new ZDPMS software (eg. voltage, current, efficiency or temperature). Last, but not least, the new flagship provides a flexible full-modular cable management with precious, individually sleeved wires.

    The World's 1st Digital Fanless Power Supply
    The Digifanless 550W sets a new milestone in PSU history: It is the world's first digital fanless power supply. Japanese electrolytic 105°C capacitors, heavy-duty MOSFETs (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors) and a high-density array of aluminium heatsinks ensure a performance-capable passive cooling and a continuous 24h full power output at 40°C ambient temperature. ENERMAX further applies the so-called "Copper Bridge Array" technology which significantly reduces the electrical resistance, improves the voltage regulation and maximizes the efficiency. That way, Digifanless reaches the international energy-saving standard 80 PLUS® Platinum with up to 93% efficiency and complies with the latest EU eco-design regulation ErP Lot 6 2013. The DC-to-DC circuit with Zero-Load Design ensures the full compatibility with the latest C6/C7 power saving modes of Intel and AMD CPUs, and provides a most stable performance even at extreme dynamic loads.

    New Digital User Interface for Easy Power Monitoring
    Together with the new Digifanless power supply, ENERMAX premieres the "Zero Delay Power Monitor System" (ZDPMS) for most comfortable and precise PSU monitoring and control. The easy and instinct user interface keeps track of the system power consumption, the efficiency, temperature, output voltage and output current. If systems have to fulfill certain 12V load requirements, testers or system engineers have the possibility to fine tune the 12V output voltage within a range of +/- 3%, and switch between 12V single or dual rail mode. In case of critical temperatures, overvoltage or overcurrent, the ZDPMS software displays warning messages, so that the user can take precautionary measures to avoid a system shut down. The OVP and OCP warning point can be set individually. Finally, ZDPMS comes with an energy consumption calculator. Just input your regional average electricity fare and CO2 footprint profile, and the software will estimate your system's electricity costs and CO2 emission factor.

    Full-Modular Design with Precious Cable Sleeving
    comes with a full-modular and flexible cable management which simplifies the system installation. Following numerous requests from ENERMAX customers, modders and aesthetes, each wire is sleeved individually which creates an outstanding and precious appearance. No doubt, the new Digifanless 550W is a masterpiece of ENERMAX engineering providing a silent, energy-efficient and durable power supply in every situation.

    European Sales Starts in Week 13
    Right after CeBIT in Hanover (16th – 20th of March 2015), ENERMAX will start the sales of Digifanless in Europe with a market price of around 200 Euro.

    >> More technical information and product photos


  • 08.01.15 | Liqmax II: A New Ice Age

    With Liqmax II, Enermax introduces two new entry-level models for an effective CPU liquid cooling. Apart from Liqmax II 120, the space-saving cooling solution with compact 120mm radiator, the manufacturer provides a version with dual 240mm radiator as well. Liqmax II 240 is designed for high-performance workstations and gaming rigs with heavy-duty multi-core CPUs. Enermax engineers have optimized the concept of Liqmax series in several aspects.

    New Design & Proved Technology
    Optically, the Liqmax II series is almost unrecognizable: The black-grey colour scheme with the white LED light at the top of the water block creates a plain and elegant appearance which is suitable for most system configurations. Flexible rubber tubes simplify the installation and the dense aluminium radiator allows for an excellent heat dissipation. Like all liquid coolers from Enermax, also the cold plate of Liqmax II is based on the patented Shunt Channel Technology: A wide channel inside the micro-fin structure ensures a quick and efficient cooling of heavy loaded and overclocked processors.

    Higher Pressure with Double Batwing Fan Blades
    Another novelty of the Liqmax II coolers are the "Double Batwing Blade" fans. The refined shape of the blades generates a higher static pressure at lower fan speed. At 1200 RPM, the Double Batwing Blade fan achieves a static pressure of 1.3mm-H2O while the Cluster Advance (UCCLA12P) with the classic Batwing blades does not exceed 1.037mm-H2O at 1200 RPM. It means the new blade design provides more than 20% more performance and a significantly lower noise generation.

    Flexible Fan Speed Control
    The Liqmax II models come with two Double Batwing Blade fans. The speed can be controlled automatically via the 4P PWM interface of the mainboard. Apart from that, the intelligent APS ("Adjustable Peak Speed") function allows for an individual RPM setting corresponding to the particular system requirements. Enermax integrated an easy accessible switch at the fan frame which enables three speed modes: Silent (500 – 1200 RPM) Performance (500 – 1600 RPM) and Overclock (500 – 2000 RPM) mode. Rubber pads avoid the fan from vibrations and annoying side noises.

    Full Support of most Current Processors
    Liqmax II
    supports all latest Intel® and AMD® platforms (Intel® LGA 775/1150/1155/1156/1366/2011 and AMD® AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+).

    Prices & Availability
    The two models of the Liqmax II series are now available on sale. MSRP incl. VAT: 59.90 Euro for the Liqmax II 120 (ELC-LMR120S-BS) and 77.90 Euro for the Liqmax II 240 (ELC-LMR240-BS).

    >> More technical details and product photos

  • 18.11.14 | Twister Storm hits Europe with 3,500 RPM

    With Twister Storm, Enermax extends the latest series of high-performance fans for professional applications. After the recently launched Twister Pressure, the ultra high-speed 12cm fan is already the second model of the new product section. Twister Storm achieves a peak speed of 3,500 RPM generating an air flow rate of up to 262.55m3/h. It is therefore one of the strongest case fans on the market, and the most powerful 12cm fan worldwide that is based on a barometric-magnetic bearing. Twister Storm has been designed for extreme system environments such as for servers, industrial applications or heavy-duty mining and gaming rigs. To guarantee maximum durability, Enermax engineers improved the structure of the Twister Technology and extended the lifetime of the patented bearing to 160,000 hours.

    Special Storm Flow Blades & Sturdy Structure

    Another innovation of Enermax engineers are the so-called Storm Flow Blades. Their special shape provides the perfect angle for an efficient air intake and a high-pressure air outlet. The manufacturer applies high-quality materials and relies on a sturdy construction, so that the fan does not start vibrating at high RPM. Additionally, Enermax delivers the fan with four anti-vibration rubber mounting screws. Another smart function of the Twister Storm: To avoid a loss in performance because of dust, the patented Twister bearing provides a useful feature called Click Mechanism: Users can detach the blades by pushing them from the back side out of the frame and clean them thoroughly.

    SSC Function for Optimizing the Cooling Performance
    Enermax equips the Twister Storm with the latest Shift Speed Control (SSC). This function is not just a simple RPM regulation by voltage variation: It enables three different peak speed modes: Performance (1,500 RPM), Overclock (2,500 RPM) and Turbo Mode (3,500 RPM). Within the particular mode, users can still individually control the fan speed by lowering down the voltage, so that Twister Storm grants much more flexibility than an ordinary case fan with fixed 12V speed.

    Availability and Price
    The Twister Storm 12cm fan from Enermax is now available on sale and costs 14.99 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT).

    >> More technical information and product photos

  • 14.11.14 | Thormax Giant: The Supernatural Gaming Tower

    With the “Ahead of the Game” product line, Enermax offers a range of products which have been designed for performance-capable gaming PCs. The new Thormax Giant tower is the new flagship chassis within the “Ahead of the Game” series. Its vigorous appearance is not an idle boast. The new case from Enermax provides a solid construction, excellent quality and a huge capacity for high-end hardware.

    Infinite Space
    With a volume of 80 liters, the Thormax Giant offers a lot of space for the most powerful gaming weapons: It accommodates up to four graphics cards as well as performance-capable E-ATX mainboards. The upper HDD cage can be removed so that users can integrate heavy-duty graphics cards with up to 490mm length and improve the fresh air supply from the front fan. Depending on the individual configuration, the flexible data storage management allows for the installation of overall twelve 2.5”/3.5” hard disk and solid state drives. For most comfortable system assembly, Enermax has integrated solid mounting mechanisms and plenty of room for a hidden cable routing behind the mainboard tray.

    Divine Cooling
    The large mesh areas at the top and the front of the case are designed for best possible air circulation and come with filters to keep dust away from the system. With two pre-installed 180mm fans (side & front), Thormax Giant is well prepared to cool down high-end gaming rigs with minimum noise generation. At the back, you can find another fan: The new Enerflo 12cm fan has been exclusively designed for Enermax chassis and is based on the patented Twister bearing with 100,000 hours MTBF. You can find additional three 120mm fan slots – or alternatively two 140mm fan slots or one 180/200mm fan slot – at the top which can be used to enhance the air outtake or to install 240/280/360mm radiators. Last but not least, the bottom of the case accommodates two optional 12cm fans or a second 240mm radiator.

    Extraordinary Accessory
    The patented circular LED light of the two 180mm fans creates astonishing effects and bathes the installed hardware in cool blue. With a button at the top, users can choose from four different LED modes – from sparkling to flashing light. The I/O panel at the upper side of the chassis further includes a fan speed control which is designed to support up to four fans, as well as two USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0 ports. As the Thormax Giant is dedicated to passionate gamers, Enermax has integrated a smart solution for one of the most essential gaming devices: With a magnetic bracket you can keep your headphones in a safe place directly at the chassis.

    Price & Availability
    The Thormax Giant is now available on sale in Europe. MSRP incl. VAT: 149.90 Euro.

    >> Product Video
    >> More technical information and product photos

  • 14.11.14 | iVektor.Q: Smaller & Smarter

    The Enermax iVektor series has won high praise from passionate gamers. Due to its unique and elegant design, the high manufacturing quality as well as the outstanding functionality, the midi tower contrasts strongly with the mass of gaming chassis at the market. The new iVektor.Q continues the successful series, but has been designed for entry-level gaming systems. According to that, the case is more compact than the original, and therefore also supports the smaller micro-ATX mainboards. Apart from that, the new Enermax midi tower provides several interesting bonus features.

    Comfortable Monitoring & Controlling of the Cooling System
    Enermax gave up the elaborate soft-grip coating of the original iVektor series, but still follows its exceptional shape and style. The patented LED ring of the integrated front fan creates an eye-catching and intensive blue lightning. The USB interfaces (1x USB 3.0 & 1x USB 2.0) and audio ports are located directly at the front. Apart from that, Enermax has integrated a LED display to monitor the system temperature. An internal thermal sensor can be mounted flexibly inside the system. But you can not only check the cooling performance, you can also adjust it with a RPM control switch in three steps. It is connected with the two pre-installed 12cm fans (front/rear).

    Smart Layout
    Considering the more compact size in comparison with the original iVektor chassis, Enermax has well arranged the layout of the new budget midi tower, so that you can still integrate strong gaming components. You can for example remove the frame of the upper hard disk cage, so that you gain space for longer graphics cards. The punched side panels allow for the installation of higher CPU coolers and a clean hidden cable routing behind the mainboard tray. At least two, maximum three, graphics cards, overall seven hard disk and solid state drives (2,5" or 3,5") as well as three 5.25" optical disk drives fit into the iVektor.Q.

    Price & Availability
    The iVektor.Q (ECA3371A-BT-BL(U3)) is now available on sale at a MSRP of 49.90 Euro incl. VAT.

    >> More technical information and products photos

  • 25.08.14 | Smart Solutions for an Efficient Data Management

    One week ago, Enermax has launched the Mighty Charger series with two card readers for 3.5” and 5.25” bays. They have been the first models of a new line of data management solutions from Enermax. Even if cloud computing has been a major trend to handle the huge amount of data, many people prefer to keep physical drives for security reasons. The average user owns two and more data storage devices. Smart solutions are necessary to manage and link them. Many PC systems and chassis are not designed to accommodate numerous hard disk or solid state drives. But you can easily expand the capability of your system by integrating mobile racks. Enermax now introduces the EMR series, a complete line of 11 mobile racks for different mounting slots (3.5”, 5.25” & PCI slots) and disk formats (2.5” & 3.5” HDDs/SSDs).

    Sturdy Structure & Durable Design
    Enermax’ mobile racks are designed for durable operation. The manufacturer applies quality materials and relies on patented non-scratch SATA connectors which offer an extraordinary high number of 50,000 plugging and unplugging cycles. To protect sensitive data carriers from unauthorized access, Enermax has equipped the hard drive caddies with a security key lock. And if you want to setup a raid backup system, the EMK3203 with two 2.5” disk slots is the best choice for you.

    Utmost Usability & Flexibility
    The wide range of different models helps users to select the right product according to the individual system requirements. With smart solutions and convenient designs, Enermax increases the usability and flexibility of the particular data management system. Steel SATA clips avoid accidental disconnections and the hot-swap system allows for changing disks without shutting down the PC. The manufacturer provides overall four models for 5.25” bays and six models for 3.5” bays. In case that these bays are occupied already, the EMK3105 can be installed at the PCI extension slot, so that you can include an additional 2.5” HDD or SSD into your system.

    Photos & Technical Data
    More information and product photos of the new data management solutions from Enermax can be found at:
    »EMK 3.5” Series (3.5" hard drive caddies)
    »EMK 5.25“ Series (5.25" hard drive caddies)
    »Mighty Charger Series (multifunctional front panels)

    Prices & Availability
    The mobile rack product range will be now available for sale at a MSRP starting from 16.90 Euro incl. VAT.

  • 22.08.14 | Upgrade Your Desktop PC to a Multimedia Station

    Considering the huge variety of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, cameras, MP3 players etc.) and the growing volumes of data (photos, videos, music etc.), the PC has become a platform which connects different devices and formats. Thereofore, it is annoying if the initial configuration of your computer does not fulfill all requirements: No memory card slots, an insufficient number or hard-to-reach USB ports complicate a regular and frequent data transfer. Luckily, there are ways to upgrade your PC without investing a lot of time and money. As an experienced case manufacturer, Enermax knows about the problems and wishes of his customers. With the Mighty Charger series, the company presents a solution to upgrade a desktop PC to a modern multimedia station. The two new multifunctional front panels will enter the European market in coming week.

    Mighty Charger 5.25“ (ECR501): Convenient 2-in-1 Solution for External and Internal Data Storage Devices
    The ECR501 multifunctional front panel is designed for 5.25” bays. As many systems of today get along with just one DVD or Bluray drive, the other 5.25” mounting slots remain vacant. Therefore, the ECR501 from Enermax can be integrated into most PC chassis. And apart from the external interfaces and memory card slots on the front, it provides another smart feature: The new model offers three internal mounting bays for one 3.5” drive and two 2.5” disks (HDD/SSD). Considering the fact that many older cases lack of internal 2.5” bays, you can upgrade your system with the ECR501 in two respects: It not only enhances the options for the external data transfer, but it also creates new space to extend the system’s data volume.

    Various Options for Memory Cards and External Data Carriers
    ECR501 comes with one eSATA port and overall seven USB interfaces: One USB socket complies with the latest high-speed USB 3.0 standard achieving a data transfer rate of up to 5 Gbit/s. Another one is designed as charging station for smartphones, tablets etc. The so-called “Super Speed Charger” port can be used to recharge the batteries of mobile devices with up to 2.4A. It complies with the latest USB Battery Charging v1.2 specification. The integrated card reader of the Mighty Charger 5.25” supports all current memory card formats with slots for MS, CF, SD, Extreme Digital, Micro-SD and M2 cards.
    The Mighty Charger 5.25“ (ECR501) costs 31.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT) and will be available for sale next week.

    Mighty Charger 3.5“ (ECR301): Many Options for External Data Transfer
    The ECR301 is a well-thought multifunctional front panel for 3.5” bays. Due to the more compact size, the 3.5” model offers less USB and memory card slots than the 5.25” version. But for most desktop PC, the Mighty Charger 3.5” (ECR301) is a perfectly good solution. The product provides three USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 and – like the ECR501 – one „Super Speed Charger“ port for mobile devices. With five slots for MS, CF, SD, Micro-SD and M2 memory cards, the ECR301 supports almost all common formats.

    The Mighty Charger 3.5” (ECR301) costs 29.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT) and will be available for sale next week as well.

    More technical data and photos of the new multifunctional front panels from Enermax can be found »here.

  • 03.06.14 | For Professional System Building: Thorex & Ostrog.Q

    With the Ostrog and the Vostok Advanced series, Enermax already carries two successful chassis lines which are designed for professional system building: The manufacturer follows an elegant, clean design and relies on a sturdy and user-friendly structure. Now, Enermax introduces Ostrog.Q and Thorex, two new compact midi towers which support standard ATX mainboards as well as the smaller micro-ATX form factor models.

    Ostrog.Q: Functional Structure with High Cooling Capacity
    In comparison with the remaining models of the Ostrog series, the new Ostrog.Q chassis is more compact. To overcome the space limitation, Enermax has adjusted the cooling concept of the new case: A large mesh front with two 12cm fan mounting slots increases the fresh air supply. Filters behind the mesh protect the system from dust. Ostrog.Q comes with one 12cm rear fan pre-installed which dissipates the warm air from the system. Apart from that, the chassis accommodates two side and one top fan optionally.

    Screwless mounting systems facilitate and speed up the installation of 5.25" optical disk drives and 3.5" hard disk drives. The hard disk bay is composed from two sections, one for 3.5" and one for 2.5" HDDs or SSDs. The top 2.5" cage can be removed in order to integrate longer graphics cards or improve the air circulation inside the system. In this particular case, Enermax provides another slot for one 2.5" disk at the bottom of the bottom cage. Punched side panels allow for a comfortable hidden cable routing behind the mainboard tray and the installation of tall tower coolers with max. 174mm of heights.

    Thorex: Compact Case with Prominent Front Design
    , the second newcomer tower from Enermax, is designed for basic gaming rigs. While the internal structure and functionality of this case is almost identically equal to the Ostrog.Q, the style of the two models varies significantly. Thorex has a clear-cut shape with a striking front air inlet which is particularly suitable for bright LED fans like the T.B.Vegas Single series from Enermax. If you illuminate the system properly, the tinted acrylic side window reveals the installed hardware.

    Prices & Availability
    Ostrog.Q (model: ECA3351B-BT(U3)) and Thorex (model: ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) are available on sales soon. MSRP incl. VAT: 39.90 Euro for the Ostrog.Q and 41.90 Euro for the Thorex.

    More Technical Details:
    >> Ostrog.Q
    >> Thorex

  • 26.03.14 | ETS-N30: Little Vigorous Cooler

    At CeBIT, Enermax has introduced the new ETS-N30 CPU cooler series. Now, the two models, ETS-N30-HE and ETS-N30-TAA, will be available for sale in Europe. For professional system integrators, the compact tower cooler from Enermax is an interesting cooling solution. It is designed for small form factor chassis (mini-ITX or micro-ATX), for multimedia centers as well as for entry-level PCs.

    Innovative Air Flow Techniques
    The heat sink measures just 92 x 50 x 134mm (W x D x H). But due to Enermax' smart air stream conduction, the cooler achieves an exceptional high performance capability. In the center of the fins, the manufacturer has integrated vents that improve the warm air transfer. While the heat escapes through the openings, fresh air is pulled in by the emerging pressure gradient. Enermax calls this technique "Stack Effect Flow". The patented innovation was applied on the ETS-T40 cooler series for the first time. Another approved solution is the so-called "Vacuum Effect Flow". It is based on the differences in pressure between the heat sink and the ambient air. The side of the cooler is not closed completely, so that cool air can be sucked in. The ETS-N30 comes with one durable 9cm fan. It is equipped with an automatic PWM speed control and allows for a very flexible adjustment of the cooling performance due to its extraordinary wide RPM range (800 – 2,800 RPM). Enermax offers two models, the ETS-N30-TAA with a blue illuminated T.B.Apollish Advance LED fan and the ETS-N30-HE with a simple black 9cm fan.

    Intel® Haswell™ Support
    The three 6mm heat pipes rest directly on the CPU (patented Heat Pipe Direct Touch Technology), so that the heat can be dissipated quickly and efficiently without additional resistance. Enermax relies on a user-friendly and well-thought installation system which provides the optimal contact force and a secure cooler mounting. Latter fact will be essential for system integrators as it will protect the system from damages during transport. ETS-N30 supports all current CPU platforms from Intel® and AMD® (LGA 775/1150/1155/1156/1366 & AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+) including the new Haswell™ generation.

    >> More technical information and photos


  • 26.03.14 | Impressions from CeBIT 2014

    We are looking back on a successful CeBIT 2014. Many business partners, journalists and end user took the chance to have an exclusive look on our forthcoming news. The Digifanless power supply attracted the largest interest. It powered a dual-GPU gaming rig. Thanks to the new ZDPM (Zero Delay Power Monitoring) software, you are able to control the most essential values such as voltage, power, efficiency or temperature. During the whole CeBIT period, the PSU kept rock stable. We have collected some impressions from this year's CeBIT in our >> photo gallery and on >> Facebook. Watch our booth tour at >> YouTube.

  • 07.03.14 | Welcome to CeBIT!

    We would like to invite you to visit the Enermax booth at CeBIT in hall 15, D03. Like in previous years, we are going to show a huge number of new products and technologies. The highlight will be definitely the passively cooled Digifanless power supply with digital monitoring function. Apart from that, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of our cooling section: "10 Years Cooling by Enermax". At >> Facebook and at the >> official CeBIT page you can find more details about our CeBIT presence. The CeBIT starts on Monday, 10th of March, and ends on Friday, 14th of March 2014. The Enermax booth is located in hall 15, D03. We are looking forward to meeting with you!

  • 13.02.14 | High Pressure for Maximum Cooling Performance

    To cool a PC chassis efficiently you need a fan which achieves a high air flow rate at a low speed. In contrast, coolers and radiators require a fan with the highest possible static pressure in order to push the air through the fins. With the new Twister Pressure, Enermax presents a fan that is specially designed for heat sinks and radiators. Together with the high-speed model Twister Storm, which will be introduced in the second quarter 2014, Twister Pressure completes the fan portfolio of the premium manufacturer.

    The Second Generation of the Patented Twister Bearing
    “We have spent two years to create the new high-performance fans that are based on our patented Twister bearing”, comments Benjamin Schäfer, Marketing/PR team leader of Enermax Europe. “Initially, we quickly achieved good results by applying a robust frame construction and performance-capable fan blades. But during the long-term tests, we recognized that we are reaching the limits of the Twister bearing if we run a fan with more than 3,000 RPM. Therefore, it was inevitable to optimize the Twister technology.” The result is impressive: The second generation of the Twister bearing offers 160,000 hours MTBF lifetime - 60 per cent more than the original version.

    What has been changed?
    The metal ball which formed the contact between shaft and rotor has disappeared. It has been replaced by a convex contact surface. Schäfer: “We have found out that the principle with the metal ball is not suitable for high-speed scenarios. Dust and microparticles will be accumulated around the ball and slowly lead to corrosion – especially if you do not make use of the possibility to detach the fan blades and clean them. At more than 3,000 RPM, we would not be able to keep the promise of 100,000 hours MTBF for our fans. We were faced with the decision to correct the lifetime statement for our new high-performance fans or to advance the bearing.” At the end, Enermax has opted for the redesign. While the basic functional principle remains unchanged, the bearing setup has been reverted: The magnet has been implemented into the base of the bearing and the shaft is fixed to the rotor. When you turn the fan on, the magnet is holding the shaft in position. With the convex surface of the base, Enermax reduces the frictional resistance and ensures a consistently silent and smooth fan rotation. The sleeve is made from a self-lubricating material and prevents the bearing from draining and corrosion. Another useful feature of the Twister fans is the so-called “Click Mechanism”: Over a longer usage period, a fan will be covered with dust which will significantly influence the performance and lifetime. Already with the first Twister fan generation in 2008, Enermax has introduced a smart innovation to overcome this problem: By pressing the rear side of the blades, you can detach the rotor and clean it from dust. Also the new optimized Twister bearing supports the “Click Mechanism”.

    Twister Pressure vs. Case Fan
    Visually, the vigorous Twister Pressure significantly varies from the other Enermax fans: The reinforced black frame and the nine performance-capable, black-transparent blades are made from heat-resistant, quality materials. Twister Pressure is designed for extreme environments with up to 85°C operation temperature. Also the test results of the new Enermax fan are impressive: Already at 1,200 RPM, the 120mm model achieves a static pressure of 1,709mm-H2O – while the most powerful case fan from Enermax, the Cluster Advance 120mm, requires 1,500 RPM to reach this value. At the same speed level, the Twister Pressure surpasses the static pressure of the case fan by up to 37 per cent. On the other hand, it is hardly surprising that the air flow rate is lower than the Cluster Advance as both models are designed for different fields of application.

    Click to enlarge

    Twister Pressure comes with the new APS function (“Adjustable Peak Speed”) which allows for an individual speed range setting in three steps: Ultra Silent Mode (500 – 1,200 RPM), Silent Mode (500 – 1,500 RPM) und Performance Mode (500 – 1,800 RPM).That way, users can flexibly adjust the cooling performance according to their system’s requirements. Within the selected operation mode, the fan is controlled automatically via PWM.

    Availability & Prices
    The Twister Pressure 120mm fan (UCTP12P) is now available for sale at a MSRP of 11.90 Euro / £8.99 incl. VAT.

  • 30.01.14 | Strong Colours for Cool Gaming PCs

    Already in autumn 2013, Enermax has launched the flagship model of the T.B.Vegas fan series. The T.B.Vegas Quad is equipped with 48 diodes in four colours: Blue, red, green and white. Now, also the remaining three one-colour models with blue, red or white LEDs will be on sale. The PWM controlled fans provide a wide RPM range which can be limited in three steps due to the new APS function. Last but not least, the patented Twister bearing ensures a smooth and persistent silent fan operation with 100,000 hours MTBF. The T.B.Vegas LED fan series is part of the Enermax gaming product line "Ahead fo the Game".

    The Enermax fans with the patented circular LED light belong to the most popular cooling solutions for gaming and modding systems. With up to 48 diodes (depending on the model), the Enermax fans have an impressive effect – even behind tinted acrylic windows or mesh panels. While reflex stripes on the blades create the characteristic curved rays of light, the single diodes can be controlled via an integrated micro chip to generate five fantastic LED effects. With a 50cm wire, the button to select the lightning mode can be attached comfortably inside or outside the chassis. The integrated chip further provides a memory function. It will store the light effect which has been selected before the system shut-down. Three colour versions of the T.B.Vegas Single are available: Blue, red or white.

    Wide RPM Range & Durable Twister Bearing
    The latest technological innovation from Enermax is the "Adjustable Peak Speed" (APS) function. A small switch on the fan hub enables users to change the RPM range in three steps. That way, the cooling performance can be adjusted easily according to the system configuration: If you want a silent PC, you can limit the speed to max. 1,000 RPM ("Ultra Silent Mode"). For systems that generate more heat, the cooling performance can be increased by choosing the "Performance Mode" with 500 to 1,800 RPM. Within the selected mode, the fan is controlled automatically via pulse width modulation (PWM). The patented Twister Bearing offers up to 100,000 hours MTBF. It is based on a simple, but effective principle: A metal ball inside the bearing gets magnetized and keeps the blades on the shaft. It is the only point of contact and therefore eliminates disturbing grinding or rattling noises. The sleeve is made from a self-lubricating material which prevents the bearing from drying out and ensures a durable and consistently silent operation.

    Robust & Modular Fan Frame Construction
    For the first time, Enermax applies the characteristic frame of the T.B.Silence fan series in a LED product. The modular HALO construction enjoys a great popularity amongst do-it-yourselfers, because you can easily dissemble the frame, give it a new paint or modify it. The steel frame at the side with the punched Enermax logo is not only improving the stability and appearance of the fan, it significantly enhances the fresh air supply. At maximum speed, the T.B.Vegas Single generates an air flow rate of up to 129.09 m3/h.

    Ahead of the Game – Premium Enermax Products for the Pure Joy of Gaming
    The "Ahead of the Game" product range has been specially designed for modern gaming PCs. It covers different product categories and allows for high-performance and smooth game play. Enermax "Ahead of the Game" products are the best choice for high-end rigs – leading technology for the pure joy of gaming. The manufacturer offers a complete start-up bundle for the build of a performance-capable and at the same time durable gaming PC.

    Availability and Prices
    The T.B.Vegas Single fans in Blue (UCTVS12P-BL), Red (UCTVS12P-R) and White (UCTVS12P-W) are now available on sale at a MSRP incl. VAT of £10.99/13.99 Euro. Already in autumn 2013, Enermax has introduced the four-colour LED model T.B.Vegas Quad (UCTVQ12P).

  • 24.01.14 | A New EU Regulation Requires 80 PLUS® Bronze Power Supplies

    With the regulation no. 617/2013, the EU commission sets new “ecodesign requirements for computers and computer servers”. It is another brick to complete the so-called Ecodesign Directive (Directive 2009/125/EC). The target of this initiative is to drive forward the development of energy-efficient products within the EU.

    The regulation will become valid from the 1st of July 2014. Amongst others, it will set new standards for the assembling of desktop computers. According to that, internal PC power supplies need to reach minimum 85% efficiency at 50% load as well as 82% efficiency at 20% and 100% of the rated power. This corresponds to the requirements of the international energy-saving certification 80 PLUS® Bronze. Apart from that, EU demands a power factor of 0.9 at 100% load.

    The EU regulation no. 617/2013 will also affect other PC components as well as the information obligation of manufacturers and assemblers of PC systems. It will become a part of the CE certification process of computers. In future, only desktop computers that comply with the single requirements of the new EU regulation will receive the CE marking.

    >> Download – EU Regulation No. 617/2013
    >> Download – Ecodesign Directive Brochure (Directive 2009/125/EC)
    >> Download – Presspics


    All Current Enermax Power Supplies* Support the New EU Norm

    Power supplies transform the alternating current from the wall socket into the direct current that is required to power computer components. The transformation process leads to energy losses which can be reduced by applying efficient components and circuits. Enermax belongs to the most famous manufacturers of quality power supplies worldwide and is playing a major role in the development of energy-saving technologies and products.

    Already in 2009, Enermax introduced the Revolution85+ a power supply which reached more than 90% efficiency at 50% load. Two years later, the manufacturer produced the next masterpiece: The Platimax power supply series achieves a peak efficiency of 94% and complies with the to-date highest demands for desktop power supplies, 80 PLUS® Platinum. Platimax covers the complete wattage range from 500 up to 1,500 watts.

    Recently, the 80 PLUS® organization has raised the efficiency standards: The new Titanium seal encourages the advancement of contemporary power supplies towards even more efficient technologies. The Enermax R&D has already taken up the challenge and is working on a new PSU platform which has the potential to surpass the efficiency grade of current models.

    >> Background information about 80 PLUS®

    All latest Enermax power supplies* support the requirements of the new EU regulation for desktop PC systems.

    >> Get an overview of the complete Enermax power supply range

    * except the NAXN models ENP350AGT, ENP450AGT and ENP550AGT

  • 31.10.13 | Complete Starter Set for Powerful & Overclocked Gaming PCs

    One month ago, Enermax informed about the introduction of a new product line which is specially designed for the requirements of modern gaming machines. "Ahead of the Game" covers different PC areas. "The models of our new series allow for a game play on the highest level. They are the perfect choice for high-end systems and provide leading technology for the pure joy of gaming", explains Benjamin Schäfer, PR/Marketing Team Leader of Enermax Europe. With the midi tower iVektor, the first gaming series from Enermax made a perfect market debut. The racing-style chassis with the soft-grip coating offers a variety of functions and many possibilities for system upgrades. But for a steady flow of game at highest resolution, the hardware inside is the crucial factor.

    Enermax Quality for Stable and Cool Game Play
    Schäfer: "We offer users the perfect starter set to build up a performance-capable and at the same time durable gaming system. Most often, people focus on the graphics card or CPU only. But at the end, the power supply decides how stable a PC runs. If your system is crashing down regularly, the PSU might be a possible source of trouble. Therefore, it is worthwhile to spend more money in a quality brand product instead of buying the cheapest of the cheap models. And if you consider about an efficient cooling system, you need to know that you can not only prolong the lifetime of the installed components, but you can also draw the ultimate performance out of your hardware. You will only achieve the highest clock rates if you rely on the best cooling solution."

    With the Revolution X't PSU series and the Liqtech liquid coolers, Enermax now adds two products to the new "Ahead of the Game" range.

    Revolution X't: Massive 12V Rail for High-Performance Gaming Rigs
    The key components for maximum gaming power are the graphics card and the CPU. Both are supplied by the 12V rail of the PSU. The more amperes the rail provides, the higher is the performance capability at high system load. The new Revolution X't from Enermax comes with one massive 12V rail generating more than 97 per cent of the total power, so that it can easily handle high-performance and overclocked gaming rigs. The manufacturer applies durable, quality components and relies on approved technologies to ensure non-stop 24/7 operation at 40°C ambient temperature.

    High Efficiency & low-noise 139mm Twister Fan
    An advanced electronic circuit minimizes energy losses and ensures an efficiency of 89 to maximum 92 per cent*. Revolution X't therefore achieved the international energy-saving certificate 80 PLUS® Gold. The large 139mm fan with patented Twister bearing (100,000 hours MTBF) runs virtually silent and keeps the temperatures effectively low. The speed is controlled according to the temperature and particular load, so that Enermax guarantees a perfect balance between cooling performance and noise generation.
    * from 20% to 100% load at 230VAC

    Flat Cables & Haswell Support
    Flexible flat cables simplify the system installation and cable routing. Revolution X't is equipped with a semi-modular cable management with a variety of connectors. Starting from 430 watts, the power supply offers two 8-pin PCI-Express connectors. From 630 watts upwards, four connectors for graphics cards are included. That way, the models of the new series are well prepared for multi-GPU systems. Revolution X't complies with the latest Intel® ATX12V v2.4 standard for desktop PSU and supports all current Intel® and AMD® processors including the new Haswell™ generation. The manufacturer introduces four models with 430, 530, 630 and 730 watts.

    Revolution X't is now available on sale. MSRP incl. VAT: 94.90 Euro / £79.00 for the Revolution X't 430W (ERX430AWT), 104.90 Euro / £89.00 for the ERX530AWT, 119.90 Euro / £99.00 for ERX630AWT and 134.90 Euro / £109.00 for ERX730AWT. Revolution X't replaces the low-wattage models of the Revolution87+ series. The Revolution87+ 850W and 1000W (ERV850EWT/ERV1000EWT) will be continued.

    More technical detailsat the product page of Revolution X't.

    Liqtech: Effective Cooling for Multi-Core Processors
    High-performance CPUs still generate more heat than usual processors for office workstations. If you overclock the CPU in order to boost the performance, you will definitely need a powerful cooler. Apart from high-end air coolers with bulky heat sinks, compact all-in-one water cooling systems have become increasingly popular during the past years. Compared to air-cooled solutions, they offer a higher performance capability and have the ability to eliminate hot spots more effectively and much quicker.

    Shunt-Channel Cold Plate
    With the Liqtech series, Enermax presents already the second generation of its liquid cooling product range. In comparison with the previous ELC models, the manufacturer has completely redesigned the coolers. The massive water block is made from aluminium and refines not only the appearance of the cooler, but also improves the heat dissipation. The quality pump inside the water block works silently and is based on a durable ceramic bearing. On the other hand, the design of the cold plate remains unchanged: Enermax relies on the patented "Shunt Channel Technology" which significantly increases the water flow rate and speed. A channel breaks through the micro-fin structure and prevents the formation of the so-called Boundary Layer, a physical phenomenon that obstructs the water flow.

    The New Twister Pressure Fans with APS Function
    Liqtech comes with two Twister bearing fans with 100,000 hours MTBF. For the first time, Enermax applies the new Twister Pressure fans that have been particularly designed for CPU coolers and radiators. The special shape of the blades allows for a high static pressure which is essential to ensure an efficient and low noise cooling. Due to the quality and sturdy materials, the fans are also resistant against vibrations – even at high speed. Like the previously launched Cluster Advance and Everest Advance, the Twister Pressure fans are equipped with the "Adjustable Peak Speed (APS)" function. The RPM range can be customized in three steps according to the system requirements: Silent Mode (600 – 1,300 RPM), Performance Mode (600 – 2,000 RPM) and Overclock Mode (600 – 2,500 RPM). The maximum speed can be limited with a small switch at the fan hub. Within the selected mode, the speed is controlled automatically via pulse-width modulation (PWM).

    Liqtech supports all current Intel® and AMD® platforms. The cooler comes in two different sizes with extra thick 120mm radiator (Liqtech 120X) or 240mm dual radiator (Liqtech 240). Liqtech 120X is now available on sale, while the 240mm model will be launched until the end of the year. MSRP incl. VAT: 93.90 Euro / £79.90 for the Liqtech 120X (ELC-LT120X-HP) and 118.90 Euro / £109.90 for the Liqtech 240 (ELC-LT240-HP).

    More technical details on the product page of Liqtech.

  • 17.10.13 | Triathlor ECO - The New Long Runners

    With the Triathlor ECO power supply series, Enermax presents the second long runner generation. A new price structure and modular cable management starting from 350W are the ingredients to expand the market shares in entry-level segment. Durable and quality components as well as an advanced technical design ensure stable and clean output voltages. The Triathlor ECO possess the international energy-saving certification 80 PLUS® Bronze and complies with the EU regulation ErP Lot 6 2013 minimizing the power consumption in standby mode. For the first time, Enermax integrates the “Load Balancer Technology” which ensures a stable operation even at zero watts load. That way, the new PSUs support the latest Intel® Haswell generation with the energy-saving functions C6 and C7. Triathlor ECO is compatible with the most current Intel® ATX12V v2.4 standard for desktop power supplies.

    Power for Maximum Performance
    As usual, Enermax applies high-quality components to make sure that the power supplies work reliably and durably (24/7 @ 40°C) and reach optimal voltage regulation. The main 12V rail is designed for modern system and can therefore generate up to 92 per cent of the total power of the PSU. This actually gives the Triathlor ECO enough capacity to power gaming rigs with overclocked CPUs and graphics cards. The SpeedGuard fan control provides an efficient and quiet cooling of the PSU. Due to the special HeatGuard function, the fan continues rotating up to 60 seconds after the shut-off in order to dissipate the remaining heat from the system and enhance the components’ lifetime.

    Modular Flat Cables already from 350 Watts
    The semi-modular cable management with the elastic and easily routable flat cables simplifies the system installation or later system upgrades. Apart from that, the manufacturer fills a market niche: If you are looking for a modular PSU with less than 400W, you can barely find an alternative to the Triathlor ECO with 350W. In combination with the only 140mm deep housing, the possibility to unplug unnecessary cables makes the new Enermax power supply to perfect solution for compact multimedia PC and mini-ITX cases.

    Triathlor 300W: The Popular Triathlor Bulk Version still on Sale
    The Triathlor ECO series comes with 350, 450, 550 or 650 watts and will with immediate effect replace all Triathlor and Triathlor FC power supplies. The only exception is the currently best-selling Enermax power supply in Europe, the Triathlor 300W (ETL300AWT) bulk version. It is not only one of the most-wanted model amongst system integrators, but also recommended by Germany’s leading computer magazine “c’t”. Due to the very low power consumption and full Haswell support, the editors have chosen the Triathlor 300W for their 10W Haswell PC project.*
    * c’t, Issue 19/2013, pp.146.

    Manufacturer’s Suggest Retail Price (MSRP)
    Triathlor ECO 350W (ETL350AWT-M): 61.90 Euro / £59.00 incl. VAT
    Triathlor ECO 450W (ETL450AWT-M): 76.90 Euro / £69.00 incl. VAT
    Triathlor ECO 550W (ETL550AWT-M): 85.90 Euro / £74.90 incl. VAT
    Triathlor ECO 650W (ETL650AWT-M): 94.90 Euro / £84.90 incl. VAT

    More technical information and product photos you can find at the product pages of the Triathlor ECO.

  • 19.09.13 | iVektor: Soft Grip. Drive Hard.

    Enermax introduces the new iVektor series of chassis. The multi-functional ATX midi tower offers maximum usability and expandability for strong gaming rigs and workstations. The race-inspired design of the case allows for an eye-catching presentation of customized gaming rigs. To support higher CPU coolers and reserve more space for the cable routing behind the mainboard tray, iVektor comes with punched side panels.

    More Grip thanks to Soft-Grip Coating
    iVektor is coated with an innovative rubber skin which creates a quality and stylish appearance of the Enermax case. Positive side effect: While a standard steel construction easily transmits vibrations, the new soft-grip coating from Enermax has a shock-absorbing effect, reduces noise and prevents the case from fingerprints and scratches.

    Flexible Cooling System for Strong Gaming Machines
    Once more, Enermax introduces a case that is well-prepared to cool down high-performance workstations very effectively. One 12cm rear fan is included ex works. With additional five fans, users can upgrade the cooling performance according to the system requirements. For that purpose, Enermax offers a wide range of case fans with different specifications and for various applications.

    The iVektor chassis is further equipped with a RPM switch at the top which can control the speed of up to two installed fans. Good news for the followers of liquid cooling solutions: The midi tower provides enough space under the top panel to mount 240mm radiators.

    Easy Handling
    Enermax has well considered users' needs and integrated a lot of functions to ease the assembling of the PC. Due to the patented SlideIn™ ODD mounting system, 5.25" drives can be installed completely tool-free: Slide in the ODD into the bay and it will be fixed automatically. For 3.5"/2.5" hard disk and solid state drives, iVektor provides a flexible modular system with a lot of options for different configurations: The size of the upper HDD cage can be adjusted to support either 2.5" or 3.5" drives (SSD or HDD). For longer graphics cards and better air circulation, the cage is completely removable. Two easy accessible USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports at the top offer a lightning-fast data transfer with external USB devices.

    Availability and Prices
    The Enermax iVektor comes in two colours, snow white (ECA3311A-W) and jet black (ECA3311A-B) with soft touch coating. The MSRP incl. VAT starts from 79.90 Euro / £69.90 for the black version and 84.90 Euro / £74.90 for the white iVektor tower.

  • 26.08.13 | To the Fourth Power: Notebook Cooling

    Enermax extends the precious Aeolus notebook cooling series with a new model: The Aeolus Vegas is a high-quality aluminium cooler with an eye-catching four-colour 180mm LED fan. Due to a magnetic mounting system, the fan can be moved directly towards the hot spots of the notebook.


    4 Factors for Efficient Notebook Cooling

    1. Size Matters
    In comparison with smaller 120mm or 140mm fans, the integrated 180mm T.B.Vegas Quad fan can achieve a much higher air flow rate at a lower speed. Accordingly, Enermax can ensure an almost silent operation and a strong cooling performance.

    2. Well-directed Air Stream Conduction
    The T.B.Vegas Quad 180mm fan comes with a perfomance-capable Vortex frame. Due to the special shape of the frame, the fan generates a strong air twirl which offers a more focussed cooling of heated noteboook parts. In contrast, fans with an ordinary frame design have a high loss in efficiency.

    3. Effective Hot Spot Elimination
    Each notebook is based on an individual layout, so that the air ventilation and the heat-generating components are located in different areas. Enermax has equipped the Aeolus Vegas with a flexible magnetic fan mounting system so that end users can move the fan directly to the hot spots of their notebook and increase the heat dissipation significantly.

    4. Wide Cooling Area
    The Aeolus Vegas cooling pad is designed for notebooks of maximum 17-inch size. The wide-area steel mesh in combination with the open bottom of the cooler ensures the best possible air circulation. Apart from that, the frame and the edges of the Aeolus Vegas are made from aluminium, a material with high thermal conductivity.


    4 Features for Most Comfortable Operation

    1. Additional Port for USB Devices
    Aeolus Vegas is powered by +5V USB. Enermax equipped the USB connector with an adapter for additional USB devices that do not consume much energy such as mouse or USB flash drive (max. 100mA power consumption).

    2. Perfect Grip
    The aluminium edges of the cooler have soft rubber shells. They prevent delicate surfaces from scratches and hold the cooling pad in position. Apart from that, they absorb vibrations very effectively.

    3. Stop Cable Tangle
    The rear rubber edges provide another useful feature: If the USB wire is too long, it can be wind up to avoid cable tangle.

    4. Ergonomic Construction
    The Aeolus Vegas is very flat and slightly tilted which gives users a very comfortable typing experience.


    4 Colours for Stylish Appearance
    The integrated T.B.Vegas Quad fan comes with the patented Enermax LED technology: 24 diodes in blue, red, green and white create an eye-catching illumination. Apart from that, the fan has an integrated micro chip to generate four different light effects. With a small button, users can change the LED mode or just turn off the light.


    Availability and Prices
    The Aeolus Vegas (CP007) is now available for sale in Europe. MSRP incl. VAT: £36.90 / €44.90. In coming months, Enermax will release further notebook coolers for different applications and target groups.

  • 16.07.13 | Easy Handling & Fair Price

    Since its market introduction in 2009, the Staray case series from Enermax has become a long runner. Due to the simple design, the midi tower is suitable for different applications – as chassis for an office workstation as well as for an entry-level gaming rig. Many professional system builders use this Enermax case and appreciate the clear internal structure and user-friendly handling with the comfortable, screwless HDD/ODD mountings and the numerous holes and clips to route the cables efficiently. Apart from that, Staray significantly enhances the air circulation and cooling of the integrated components due to its large front mesh panel. Filters behind the mesh elements shield the system from dust.

    New Edition with more Attractive Pricing
    To occupy more market shares amongst professional system integrators, Enermax comes out with a very attractive pricing for the new edition of the Staray Lite. Instead of 54.90 Euro, the upcoming ECA3178-L will cost just 49.90 Euro – without sacrificing quality or functionality of the case. On the contrary, the midi tower provides the perfect basis for modern office and gaming configuration. Seven PCI slots, four ODD and six HDD bays even allow for future system upgrades. For the data transfer with external USB devices, the Staray Lite is equipped with two easy accessible ports at the front panel (1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0). The comprehensive accessory kit makes the interesting offer complete: It includes amongst others a pre-installed 12cm fan at the back as well as an adapter for mounting 2.5" SSDs and HDDs.

    Availability and Prices
    The new Staray Lite (ECA3178-L) is now available for sale. MSRP incl. VAT: 49.90 Euro.

  • 12.07.13 | Three Fields of Application. One Product.

    A small switch at the hub of the new Enermax fans has a big effect: Due to this new feature, end users can individually widen or limit the fan's RPM range according to the system configuration and requirements. The new innovation from Enermax is called "Adjustable Peak Speed" (APS) and enables the adapting of the fan to its field of application. Therefore, the manufacturer can address three different target groups with just one product: At default setting ("Silent Mode"), the fan runs with max. 1,300 to 1,500 RPM, depending on the model. For the installation in a silent PC system, the user can slow the speed down to max. 1,000 or 1,200 RPM ("Ultra Silent Mode") and make sure that the fan will work virtually silent. At "Performance Mode" the noise generation does not play a major role. The new APS fans will run with up to 1,800 RPM and reach the best possible cooling performance with max. 147.29 m3/h.*
    *Cluster Advance, UCCLA12P

    Automatic Speed Regulation & Shift Speed Control
    Within the selected mode of operation and RPM range, the fans are controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM) like the Cluster Advance fan or by a thermal sensor (Everest Advance). The Magma Advance and the 180mm models T.B.Vegas Quad and T.B.Apollish are not equipped with an automatic RPM regulation. Nevertheless, they also come with a small switch at the back which enables the so-called "Shift Speed Control". It will change the fixed maximum speed of these fans in three steps so that end users can select the most suitable cooling mode for their system. As usual, the 120mm fans from Enermax are based on the trusted Twister bearing. The patented technology ensures a smooth and durable operation of up to 100,000 hours MTBF. The Twister bearing further contains a solution for one continuous problem of end users: After a longer period of time, the fan blades are covered with dust which will finally also influence the system cooling. Therefore, end users can detach the rotors of the Twister models and clean them from dust more comfortably.

    180mm Fans: Powerful Cooling with Minimum Noise Generation
    Apart from the standard mounting holes for 12cm and 14cm fans, many cases on the market, including the Enermax towers Fulmo GT, Fulmo, Fulmo ST and Ostrog GT, are equipped with slots for big-size 180 and 200mm fans. Latter offer a much better balance between performance, speed and noise generation than smaller fans. At the same speed, a 180mm or 200mm can pull much more air: Already at 600 RPM, the new Enermax T.B.Apollish 18cm and T.B.Vegas Quad 18cm achieve an air flow rate of 116.55 m3/h. For comparison, to reach a similar cooling performance, the Enermax Cluster 12cm (UCCL12) requires a speed of more than 1,200 RPM! It is hardly surprising that the demand for big-size fans is growing steadily. At the same time, case vendors still apply different assembling standards for these fans. Enermax has therefore integrated two mounting holes in the fan frame – one for 180mm, one for 200mm fan slots. Therefore, T.B.Apollish and T.B.Vegas Quad can support both two prevalent mounting systems.

    Overview over the New Enermax Fan Models

    Cluster Advance 120mm
    The Cluster Advance offers the widest RPM range amongst the new 12cm fans and achieves the highest cooling performance with maximum 147.29 m3/h. Cluster belongs to the few white fans at the market. Four switchable white LEDs complete its elegant appearance.

    >> Cluster Advance

    Everest Advance 120mm
    The Everest series with its thermal control exists since five years already. Enermax now extends it with a model which is equipped with the new APS function. The thermal sensor can be placed somewhere in the system and ensures an efficient automatic speed control – within the selected APS mode. The blades and the frame of the Everest Advance are transparent. Four blue LEDs with on/off function create a cool illumination of the case.

    >> Everest Advance

    Magma Advance 120mm
    If you need a fan for extreme conditions, the Magma Advance is the perfect choice. It is made from high-quality and heat-resistant components, so that it can stand temperatures of up to 85°C. Therefore the fan is suitable especially for servers, high-performance workstations or overclocked systems. With the new "Shift Speed Control", the Magma Advance can be applied much more flexible than the standard UCMA12 version.

    >> Magma Advance

    T.B.Vegas Quad 180mm / T.B.Apollish 180mm
    The new T.B.Vegas Quad 180mm creates real Vegas atmosphere: Four colours (blue/red/green/white) and six LED effects turn even an unpretentious PC case into an eye-catcher. In comparison to the four-colour fan, the blue or red T.B.Apollish 180mm fan appears pure and simple. All new 180mm LED models are based on the patented LED technology from Enermax.

    The LED ring with 18 or 24 diodes and reflex strips on the fan blades generate a high luminosity, bright colours and spectacular light effects that are unmatched in the LED fan market. With the new "Shift Speed Control", the speed of the T.B.Vegas Quad and T.B.Apollish can be changed in three steps according to the individual needs and system requirements. To optimize the air flow rate of the 180mm fans, Enermax applies specially shaped turbine blades. Apart from that, the new T.B.Vegas Quad and T.B.Apollish come with a Vortex frame which concentrates the cool air and eliminates hot spots effectively.

    >> T.B.Apollish 18cm and T.B.Vegas Quad 18cm

    Preview: Further APS Models in Coming Months

    Enermax will also release new 12cm LED fans with single colour (blue, red & white) as well as with a four-colour LED ring (in blue, red, green & white). The T.B.Vegas Single and T.B.Vegas Quad models are equipped with the innovative APS function and are controlled by PWM. MSRP incl. VAT: 13.99 Euro for the T.B.Vegas Single and 15.99 Euro for the T.B.Vegas Quad. Expected product launch: August 2013 (T.B.Vegas Quad) and October 2013 (T.B.Vegas Single).

  • 11.06.13 | Striking Tower for Cool Systems

    The new Fulmo ST midi tower from Enermax hits Europe: In coming week, the manufacturer will start to sell the long-awaited chassis. The Fulmo ST is designed for the needs of modern gaming rigs supporting Multi-GPU configurations as well as a powerful cooling system and a performance-capable data storage management with up to ten HDDs or SSDs. Externally, the most striking elements of the new Enermax tower are the wide mesh areas on the front and top panels and the darkly tinted acrylic window at the side. The manufacturer will offer two models: an advanced version in Gunmetal Grey with two blue 14cm LED fans in the front and a basic black Fulmo ST edition.

    Flexible Space Management
    Enermax has developed a spacious internal structure which can be easily customized according to the system demands: The removable upper HDD cage creates space for high-performance graphics cards with up to 412mm lengths. In need, also the small 2.5” SSD/HDD cage at the bottom can be fully removed or mounted at another position inside the case. Fulmo ST is wider than the standard cases at the market. With a total width of 244mm, it allows for the installation of bigger tower coolers as well as for a lavish, hidden cable management behind the mainboard tray. The Enermax case designers have also considered the requirements for the integration of strong water cooling units and allocated enough room for 240/280mm radiators under the top of the tower. 60mm clearance will avoid any conflict with the mainboard – even if the radiator is fitted with fans (a fact, which is not to be taken for granted in many cases).

    Cool Data Management
    Cooling products from Enermax like case fans, CPU coolers or all-in-one liquid coolers are increasingly popular in Europe. Therefore, the know-how and experiences of the R&D department for cooling solutions have also influence on the design of the Enermax cases. Apart from the pre-installed rear fan and the two 14cm front fans (only ECA3270A-G-BL), users can upgrade the case with up to seven additional fans. Compared with previous models, the product engineers have significantly improved the HDD cooling system: Each hard disk cage can be directly cooled with two 12cm fans while two 14cm fans suck in fresh air through the front. In sum, the Fulmo ST accommodates up to ten 2.5/3.5” hard disk and solid state drives. Two USB 3.0 ports at the top ensure a quick data transfer with external storage devices. Last but not least, Enermax has also integrated the new patented Slide In™ mechanism for optical disk drives (ODD). After sliding in, the ODDs are locked automatically.

    Availability and Prices
    Fulmo ST will be available for sale from next week on. The tower comes in two versions: Gunmetal Grey with blue LED front fans (ECA3270A-G-BL) and Black without LED fans (ECA3270B-B). MSRP incl. VAT: 109.90 Euro incl. VAT for the ECA3270A-G-BL and 89.90 Euro incl. VAT for the ECA3270B-B.

    Limited Promotion at

    Free Next Day Delivery for all Enermax chassis!*

    * United Kingdom only

  • 30.05.13 | UDPATE: Enermax PSUs are Ready for Intel Haswell CPUs

    UPDATE: Our PSU engineers have conducted in-depth tests with the forthcoming Intel® Haswell™ platforms and can now confirm the compatibility of further power supplies. All models that are mentioned in the compatibility list below will support the C6/C7 energy-saving modes of the new Haswell™ processors. Depending on the particular system configuration, it is possible that also certain older power supplies which are not included in our list will work with the upcoming Intel® CPUs without compatiblity issues. In any case, end users can disable the C6/C7 function via the BIOS to avoid technical problems.

    Intel® has just released more details about the new Haswell™ processors. It sets new benchmarks in terms of energy efficiency. The new C6 and C7 states are able to reduce the CPU power consumption to just 0.05A while previous Ivy Bridge processors draw up to ten times more minimum power.

    But the positive progress of the CPU technology is subject to certain restrictions, because only few power supplies will be able to deliver stable voltages at such low loads. End users are therefore groping in the dark with no clues if their own power supply will be compatible with the new energy functions of Intel® Haswell™ CPUs. PSU manufacturers usually do not state the possible minimum load of their products.

    Compatibility of Enermax Power Supplies
    As one of the technologically leading power supply manufacturers, Enermax makes a step forward and publishes a PSU compatibility list. All current high-end and mid-range models from Enermax are already prepared for the upcoming Intel® processors. They are equipped with a DC-to-DC converter which enables the so-called ZERO Load Design. These power supplies will deliver rock-stable voltages even at 0W load. Also the owners of older Enermax power supplies can be relieved: The manufacturer applies the ZERO Load Design already in all high-end power supplies since the Revolution85+ series which has been launched in 2008.

    Ready for upcoming Intel® Haswell™ CPUs

    Running Models


    Platimax Series (>> Product Information)
    Platimax 500W (EPM500AWT)
    Platimax 600W (EPM600AWT)
    Platimax 750W (EPM750AWT)
    Platimax 850W (EPM850EWT)
    Platimax 1000W (EPM1000EWT)
    Platimax 1200W (EPM1200EWT)
    Platimax 1500W (EPM1500EGT)


    Revolution87+ Series (>> Product Information)
    Revolution87+ 550W (ERV550AWT-G)
    Revolution87+ 650W (ERV650AWT-G)
    Revolution87+ 750W (ERV750AWT-G)
    Revolution87+ 850W (ERV850EWT-G)
    Revolution87+ 1000W (ERV1000EWT-G)


    MaxRevo Series (>> Product Information)
    MaxRevo 1200W (EMR1200EWT)
    MaxRevo 1350W (EMR1350EWT)
    MaxRevo 1500W (EMR1500EGT)


    Triathlor Series (>> Product Information)
    Triathlor 300W (ETL300AWT)*
    Triathlor 385W (ETA385AWT)
    Triathlor 450W (ETA450AWT)
    Triathlor 550W (ETA550AWT)


    Triathlor FC Series (>> Product Information)

    Triathlor FC 550W (ETA550AWT-M)
    Triathlor FC 650W (ETA650AWT-M)
    Triathlor FC 700W (ETA700AWT-M)


    NAXN ADV Series (>> Product Information)

    NAXN ADV 450W (ETL450AWT)*
    NAXN ADV 550W (ETL550AWT)*
    NAXN ADV 650W (ETL650AWT)*


    NAXN Basic Series (>> Product Information)

    NAXN Basic 350W (ENP350AGT)*
    NAXN Basic 450W (ENP450AGT)*
    NAXN Basic 500W (ENP500AGT)*

    Expired Models


    Revolution85+ Series
    Revolution85+ 850W (ERV850EWT)
    Revolution85+ 920W (ERV920EWT)
    Revolution85+ 950W (ERV950EWT)
    Revolution85+ 1020W (ERV1020EWT)
    Revolution85+ 1050W (ERV1050EWT)
    Revolution85+ 1250W (ERV1250EGT)


    Modu87+ Series
    Modu87+ 500W (EMG500AWT)
    Modu87+ 600W (EMG600AWT)
    Modu87+ 700W (EMG700AWT)
    Modu87+ 800W (EMG800EWT)
    Modu87+ 900W (EMG900EWT)


    Pro87+ Series
    Pro87+ 500W (EPG500AWT)
    Pro87+ 600W (EPG600AWT)


    Modu82+ (II) Series
    Modu82+ 425W (EMD425AWT)*
    Modu82+ II 425W (EMD425AWT-II)*


    Pro82+ (II) Series
    Pro82+ 385W (EPR385AWT)*
    Pro82+ 425W (EPR425AWT)*
    Pro82+ II 385W (EPR385AWT-II)*
    Pro82+ II 425W (EPR425AWT-II)*


    LibertyECO (II) Series
    LibertyECO 400W (ELT400AWT-ECO)*
    LibertyECO 500W (ELT500AWT-ECO)*
    LibertyECO II 400W (ELT400AWT-ECO-II)*
    LibertyECO II 500W (ELT500AWT-ECO-II)*


    ErPro80+ Series


    NAXN 80+ Series


    NAXN 82+ Series

    * Update, 30-5-2013

  • 18.03.13 | Enermax @ CeBIT 2013: After the Show

    Enermax presented the latest and forthcoming products and innovations at the CeBIT, the biggest IT trade fair in Europe. Many end users, dealers and distribution partners took the chance to meet with Enermax and inform about the upcoming news. The main attraction has been the premiere of the first fanless power supply from Enermax. The manufacturer has set an ambitious target for the new PSU project: The passive power supply will be able to work at an ambient temperature of 50°C. Up to now, fanless power supplies stand around 40-45°C ambient temperature. To realize the new pathbreaking design, Enermax refines the high-efficient Platimax circuit. Furthermore, the engineers of the leading PSU manufacturers increase the total power of the fanless PSU to 650W - a new record in PSU industry. The passively cooled Enermax power supply will be available until the end of the year.

    >> Photo gallery from CeBIT 2013

  • 27.02.13 | CeBIT: Soundless PSU & Dream Notebook Sound

    Enermax belongs to the most innovative and experienced manufacturers in PSU industry. At CeBIT, the company presents its latest development, a completely passively cooled power supply. In principle, fanless power supplies are nothing new on the market. But Enermax engineers have spent a lot of effort to release a product that will set new benchmarks in terms of performance, quality and design. The 650W prototype comes with a fully-modular cable management and achieves the 80 PLUS® Platinum efficiency level. It is directed to admirers of silent PC systems and HTPCs as well as enthusiasts who want to have the latest, best-performance hardware for their computers. During the CeBIT, Enermax will share more information about the new flagship PSU.

    Heavy Gaming Cases
    Enermax will show an armada of strong gaming cases headed by the new Fulmo ST tower. Latter one extends the flagship Fulmo case series and combines high functionality with a decent appearance, robust structure and quality materials. The forthcoming midi tower is designed for strong workstations and gaming rigs, supporting triple-GPU configurations, 240mm radiators for powerful liquid cooling systems and a sophisticated data management with up to 10 hard disk and solid-state drives. Users profit by a user-friendly design with easy mounting mechanisms for the particular components as well as a comfortable and lavish cable management system. Enermax will offer the Fulmo ST in two colour versions: Black and Gunmetal Grey. Expected market introduction in Europe: April 2013.

    Cool Notebooks with Dream Bass Sound
    After the successful introduction of the DreamBass™ USB audio amplifier at last year's CeBIT, Enermax now presents a new area of application for the powerful sound chip. As the product is specially designed to improve the sound of notebooks, it is a logical step to integrate DreamBass™ in other accessories for portable computers as well. The new DreamBass™ cooling pad from Enermax does not only support the heat dissipation of notebooks, but comes with two speakers for a premium full-surround sound experience. Compared to a usual on-board audio chip, DreamBass™ provides a well-balanced sound with deep bass tones. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for users who like to watch movies, play games or music on their notebook. Visit the Enermax booth at CeBIT to test the new DreamBass™ cooling pad!

    Welcome to CeBIT!
    Enermax will share more information about the latest and forthcoming products at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. We are looking forward to meeting you:

    ENERMAX @ CeBIT 2013
    5th - 9th of March 2013
    Hall 17, Booth H20

  • 20.02.13 | CeBIT: Enermax Reveals Multi-Purpose Fans

    Depending on the particular system configuration and environment, end users need case fans with different settings and specifications. While for a silent PC, a low-speed case fan with minimum noise generation is the optimal choice, a high-performance workstation requires a powerful fan with higher RPM to keep the system temperature low.

    New Twister Fans with APS Function
    On CeBIT, Enermax presents a series of multi-purpose fans with adjustable speed range. The new Twister bearing fans offer three different RPM modes that can be selected with a small switch at the fan hub. That way, users can flexibly adapt the Enermax fans for various applications. For example, the new Cluster Advanced 12cm version runs with either 500 to 1200, 500 to 1500 or 500 to 1800 RPM.
    In sum, the manufacturer plans to launch five different models with the innovative “Adjustable Peak Speed” (APS) function. After choosing the particular RPM range, the speed is regulated automatically by pulse-width modulation (PWM) or an integrated thermal sensor.

    Premiere of the Second Liquid Cooler Generation
    Apart from the APS function fans, Enermax will introduce the first prototype of the next liquid cooler generation and show two limited editions of the best-selling ETS-T40 CPU cooler.

    Welcome to CeBIT!
    Enermax will share more information about the latest and forthcoming products at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. We are looking forward to meeting you:

    ENERMAX @ CeBIT 2013
    5th - 9th of March 2013
    Hall 17, Booth H20

  • 15.02.13 | CeBIT: Win a 2,500 Euro Gaming Rig!

    As usual, the Enermax booth is located in the public area of the CeBIT, so that partners as well as end users have the chance to meet with representatives of the premium-grade brand. Apart from product premieres, the manufacturer has prepared several attractions for visitors. The CeBIT officially starts on Tuesday, the 5th of March 2013 and lasts until Saturday.

    A gaming rig with a total value of 2,500 Euro is the main prize of the big Enermax CeBIT contest. The particular components of the system have been selected by the >> Facebook community of the premium manufacturer. The final configuration includes high-performance hardware: Enermax presents the single components in a photo gallery at >> Facebook. Powered by ASUS and KINGSTON.

    The Enermax CeBIT Mod
    German Modder “Lalime JO” has just finished the work at his spectacular CeBIT project for Enermax. He has transformed the popular Ostrog midi tower into an oversized Enermax logo. No doubt, this case mod should be on your must-see list for the upcoming CeBIT show. At >> Facebook and in the official worklog at >> We-Mod-it you can see photos from the building phase. Powered by ASUS.

    The Sexiest CeBIT Girls...
    … you will find at the Enermax booth. Therefore, the booth of the manufacturer is the best place for souvenir snapshots. Apart from that, visitors can send in their photos and win one of the three high-end products with a total value of 550 Euro. All information about the “Play Sexy Vol. 3” photo contest can be found >> here. Powered by >> ASROCK.

    The biggest IT trade fair in Europe takes place in Hanover, Germany, from the 5th until the 9th of March 2013. The Enermax booth is located in hall 17, H20. We are looking forward to meeting with you!

  • 14.01.13 | Midi Tower with Gigatic Features

    The budget Ostrog case is one of the best-selling midi towers from Enermax ever. The flexible, spacious construction with its highly expandable cooling system has found a lot of followers. Hardware experts from all around the globe highlight the outstanding price-performance ratio and excellent quality of the Ostrog tower. Reasons enough to present an upgrade version for performance gaming systems. The new Ostrog GT appears much more aggressive than the entry-level version. Two 14cm LED fans in the front and a tinted acrylic side window emphasize the eye-catching design of the new Enermax chassis.

    Sophisticated Cooling System
    Like the basic Ostrog version, the Ostrog GT is predestined for a strong cooling system. The tower is delivered with three fans (one rear and two front fans) and can accommodate up to 10 fans. Special feature: Each of the two HDD cages provides two 12cm fan slots. That way, the case allows for a very effective cooling of hard disk drives. Apart from that, Enermax has taken into account the requirements of high-performance air CPU coolers and liquid coolers. The punched out side panel creates space for more powerful tower coolers with higher heat sinks (up to 184.3mm heights) and the elevated case top supports the integration of 240/280mm radiators.

    New Patented ODD Mounting / Effective Dust Shield
    For the first time, Enermax presents its new ODD installation system: The patented Slide In™ design works completely without screws or tools: Just push in the device and it will be fixed in place automatically. Apart from that, the manufacturer solves another important issue. Ostrog GT effectively shields the system against dust: All mesh areas are protected by filters. For the top panel, Enermax includes a flexible magnetic filter that can be attached in- or outside the case. Also the cable management system has been well thought out: There are not only a lot of clips and openings to hide the cables, the designers have also considered the request from many end users to have more space behind the mainboard tray. With 32mm clearance and the additionally punched out side panel also the thicker main power cables from the PSU can be hid easily.

    Best Choice for Efficient Data Storage Management
    The Ostrog GT can accommodate up to 10 data storage devices: Enermax provides two cages for the integration of overall eight 3.5” HDDs and one mobile cage for two 2.5” SSDs/HDDs. In case users want to install longer high-end graphics cards, the bottom HDD cage can be removed. That way, the tower supports GPU with a maximum length of 412.5mm. The Enermax designers also thought about an effective decoupling of the installed hard disk drives: Rubber pads on the HDD rails minimize vibrations. Finally, for backups or the transfer of external data, the Ostrog GT is equipped with two ultra-high-speed USB 3.0 interfaces at the top of the case.

    Availability and Prices
    The Ostrog GT with blue front LED fans (ECA3280A-B-F) is now available at a MSRP incl. VAT of £79.90 / 89.90 Euro.

  • 04.01.13 | Enermax Starts Selling ELC Liquid Coolers

    Already in the fourth quarter 2012, Enermax released technical details about the forthcoming all-in-one liquid coolers. But after leading hardware testers criticized the noise generation of the ELC series, the manufacturer postponed the market introduction in order to revise the product.

    Two elements of the coolers have been improved: The revision will include rubber pads that are designed to effectively reduce the vibration and minimize the associated noise generation of the installed fans. Apart from that, Enermax engineers refined the motor of the pump to ensure a smooth and silent pump operation. Together with the innovative Tri-Cooling Function, which allows users to regulate the RPM range of the attached fans in three steps (Silent/Performance/Overclock Mode), and the silent Twister fans, the improvements turn the ELC liquid coolers into the best choice for all silent PC systems.

    The revised ELC240, ELC120-TB and ELC120-TA models will be available for sale from next week on. MSRP incl. VAT: 89.90 Euro for the ELC120-TB/ELC120-TA and 119.90 Euro for the ELC240.

    Power Cooling for Multi-Core CPUs

    Enermax proves again its technical leadership in cooling segment: After the successful market introduction of the CPU cooler series ETS-T40 and ETD-T60 last year, the premium manufacturer now reveals the first models of the ELC liquid cooler series. They are based on a completely new cold plate design and ensure a much quicker and more efficient elimination of hot spots. The applied Twister fans with the innovative Tri-Cooling function provide a durable and silent operation.

    Quad-Shunt Channel – New Patented Cold Plate Design
    Under the guidance of Dr. James Huang, Enermax engineers broke the physical bottleneck of heat dissipation within the micro-fin structure of cold plates. According to the fluid mechanical theory of the “Boundary Layer”, a part of the liquid will form a continuously growing laminar flow layer on the metal fins that massively obstructs the heat dissipation. By adding four shunt channels, Enermax successfully prevents the formation of the boundary layer and enhances the liquid flow inside the cool plate. Hot Spots can be eliminated much more effective.

    Twister Fan with Tri-Cooling Function
    As usual, Enermax relies on the durable patented Twister fan bearing. While the ELC120-TB and ELC240 are equipped with Europe’s best selling T.B.Silence fans, the ELC120-TA comes with two eye-catching T.B.Apollish LED fans. The new Tri-Cooling function of the Enermax fans allows for an individual speed range adjustment according to the system requirements. End users can choose one of three RPM modes: In Silent Mode, the fan runs with maximum 1,500 RPM and achieves up to 2,200 RPM in Overclock Mode.

    User-friendly and Long-during All-in-One System
    The liquid coolers ELC120 and ELC240 are based on a close-loop system with pre-filled coolant that is designed for a reliable and leakage-free operation over long years. Therefore, Enermax does not compromise on quality and durability. The robust ceramic bearing of the pump ensures a stable and low-noise performance. To avoid the evaporation of liquid, the manufacturer relies on a seamless tube made of FEP (Fluorinated ethylene propylene), a highly resistant and at the same time flexible material. A well-thought mounting system ensures a quick installation and perfect contact force with the CPU. The Enermax liquid coolers support all current Intel® and AMD® platforms.

    More Technical Information and Photos

    >> ELC240
    >> ELC120-TB and ELC120-TA

  • 17.10.12 | The Long Runner

    Modu82+ has been one of the most popular power supply series ever. End users from all around the globe appreciate this Enermax PSU because it focuses on the pure essentials of power supply: durable components, silent operation and stable performance. No wonder that Enermax could sell this series continuously from 2008 until today. But due to the technological progress, time has come to say goodbye to the Modu82+ – and welcome the new long runner from Enermax, the Triathlor FC.

    Triathlor FC: Eternal PSU Design
    Enermax engineers entirely dismissed short-term market trends and concentrated on the development of a PSU design that will run over long years. The Triathlor FC is not a blinky poser. On the contrary, it comes in a classic black, downright ordinary housing. But don’t judge this PSU by its cover: The Triathlor FC is equipped with latest Enermax technology. The manufacturer has spared neither costs nor effort to develop a product that meets the highest standards in terms of performance capability and quality.

    Rock Stable at All Loads
    Unusual for a power supply of this price range is the integration of an expensive DC-to-DC technology. It effectively reduces the energy losses and significantly improves the voltage regulation. By generating the secondary voltages (3.3V and 5V) through the 12V rail, Enermax further saves space on the PCB and achieves a better air circulation inside the PSU. Interesting side effect of the DC-to-DC design: The power supply is able to keep stable voltages even at 0W load. This so-called “Zero Load Design” will solve compatibility issues with the energy-saving functions of modern processors and graphics cards like for example the C6 state.

    Silent Cooling by Enermax
    Thanks to innovative technologies like the patented Twister fan bearing, Enermax has built up an excellent reputation in cooling segment. Products like case fans or CPU coolers have become the second pillar of the manufacturer’s business operation. For some time now, Enermax applies the successful cooling solutions also in its power supplies. In this regard, the new Triathlor FC makes no exception: The manufacturer integrated a 12cm T.B.Silence fan that is actually one of the best-selling case fans in Europe. With its patented Twister bearing, the own-brand product guarantees a smooth and frictionless operation with minimum 100,000 hours life time. The smart RPM control of the Triathlor FC regulates the speed depending on the inside temperature and the particular PSU load. With virtually inaudible 500 or 900 RPM (depending on the model) right up to 50 per cent load, the new Enermax power supply will delight all silent PC enthusiasts.

    FC = Flexible Cable Management
    Triathlor FC provides a flexible cable management system with a lot of connectors to power all possible hardware configurations. Flat, decent black modular cables simplify the cable routing inside the case. Enermax provides at least three 6+2P (8P) PCI-E connectors per model and relies on a Multi-Rail design with two massive 12V rails that generate up to 99 per cent of the total PSU power. In this way, Triathlor FC can even support strong multi-GPU gaming systems.

    Availability and Prices / New Triathlor 300W for Professionals
    Triathlor FC will be available for sale from next week on. The PSU series includes three models with 550W, 650W and 700W. At the same time, Enermax extends the non-modular Triathlor series with one 300W version. This model is specially designed for the needs of professional system integrators.

    Triathlor FC 550W (ETA550AWT-M): £84.90
    Triathlor FC 650W (ETA650AWT-M): £94.90
    Triathlor FC 700W (ETA700AWT-M): £99.90
    Triathlor 300W (ETL300AWT): £44.90
    (MSRP incl. VAT)

  • 05.10.12 | White Fortress for Strong Hardware

    After the official presentation of the Ostrog case series in June, it is continuously growing in popularity. Fitted with features and functions that are normally reserved for the premium-class models, the midi tower offers much comfort and a lot of space at an affordable price. According to the hardware configuration, end users can upgrade the Ostrog cooling system up to maximum seven fans. The wider 200mm case body saves space for higher CPU coolers and longer high-performance graphic cards due to a removable HDD cage. That way, Ostrog covers multiple fields of application. It can accommodate a workstation for office use as well as a high-end gaming PC.

    With the new model ECA3253-WB, the manufacturer answers the wishes of many end users and presents a completely white coated Ostrog. Unlike the standard version, it comes with an acrylic side window that reveals the eye-catching white coated interior with the installed hardware. Another special accessory is a magnetic dust filter that users can flexibly attach inside or outside the top panel - depending on the utilisation purpose of the top fan slots. Apart from that, all other features are identical with the ECA3250 models: The white Ostrog is equipped with a 12cm rear fan at delivery, four USB ports (1x USB 3.0, 3x USB 2.0) and provides a 3.5”-to-2.5” adapter in order to support the installation of 2.5” HDDs and SSDs.

    The new Ostrog model ECA3253-WB is from next week on available for sale. MSRP incl. VAT: £53.90 / 67.90 Euro. Technical details and products photos you can find at the Ostrog product page.

  • 22.08.12 | A Tower Full of Ideas

    Before starting to establish a new PC system, end users have to consider a lot of options. With the new Hoplite ST, Enermax presents the perfect solution for every system build, no matter if it comes to a simple office system or to a powerful gaming setup. Therefore, the mid-range case even supports over-sized high-performance graphics cards with up to 403mm length. End users profit from a comfortable, tool-less mounting system for HDD, ODD and extension cards and a well-thought cable management with a lot of space behind the mainboard tray.

    Air or Water Cooling?
    The new Hoplite ST is well-prepared to accommodate a flexible and high-performance cooling system. It is delivered with two pre-installed fans in the front and in the back. Furthermore, you can enhance the cooling performance by installing three additional fans. A RPM controller on the top of the case allows for a three-step speed regulation of up to three fans – from silent mode when the system is executing simple computing processes to performance mode at full load. But also water cooling enthusiasts will be delighted with the Enermax tower: It offers a lot of space for radiators at the top and provides four tubing holes at the back.

    HDD or SSD?
    In the past months, the speedy and compact Solid State Drives (SSD) have tremendously grown in popularity. Enermax accordingly equipped the Hoplite ST with rails that support both 2.5” and 3.5” drives. Rubber pads on the rails effectively eliminate vibrations of the installed HDDs and SSDs. Apart from that, the manufacturer integrated a hot-swap dock on the top of the case. It is designed for mobile 2.5” and 3.5” data storage devices (HDD/SSD) with SATA connector. The data transfer between the system and external USB devices can be executed via one high-speed USB 3.0 and two standard USB 2.0 interfaces.

    Black or White?
    The timeless shape of the case with rounded edges and wide mesh areas on the front give the Hoplite ST an individual design. To reveal high-performance and striking hardware configurations, the case comes with an acrylic side window. Furthermore, end users can choose between two colour version – black case with blue LED fans (ECA3261-B) or white with white LED fans (ECA3261-W). By combining the white coated case body with the black mesh areas at the front and top, the ECA3261-W has become a real eye catcher.

    Prices and Availability
    Hoplite ST extends the successful Hoplite series with two mid-range models. The black ECA3261-B and the white ECA3261-W are now available for sale. MSRP incl. VAT: 79.90 Euro for the ECA3261-B and 89.90 for the ECA3261-W.

  • 16.08.12 | The Oldest Enermax PSU and Lucky Winners

    The Long Runner contest has been closed on Monday. We have now evaluated and confirmed all entries.

    And here they are, the oldest, still operating Enermax power supplies. Each winner will receive one of the new Triathlor long runner power supplies and additionally one 14cm T.B.Silence fan.

    1st place: Marcin Mrozowski (Poland) with a 20 years old Enermax E200P-T (produced in November 1992)
    2nd place: Janek Meyer (Germany) with a 18 years old Enermax E250BT-T (produced in June 1994)
    3rd place: Gisela Matthes (Germany) with a 14 years old Enermax EG231P-V (produced in June 1998)
    4th place: Stefan Matthes (Germany) with a 13 years old Enermax EG351P-V (produced in September 1999)
    5th place: Kai Tubbesing (Germany) with a 12 years old Enermax EG285P-V (produced in February 2000)
    6th place: Agnieszka Minska (Poland) with a 11 years old Enermax EG365P-VE (produced in March 2001)
    7th place: Michal Grelowski (Poland) with a 11 years old Enermax EG365P-VE (produced in March 2001)
    8th place: Daniel Formella (Germany) with a 11 years old Enermax EG465P-VE (produced in March 2001)
    9th place: Thomas Krüger (Germany) with a 11 years old Enermax EG365PX-VE (produced in April 2001)
    10th place: Michal Dyba (Poland) with a 11 years old Enermax EG365P-VE (produced in April 2001)
    11th place: Dirk Münker (Germany) with a 11 years old Enermax EG365P-VE (produced in April 2001)

    At >> Facebook, you can find a photo gallery of the Top 11 oldest Enermax power supplies.

    Apart from the 11 long runners, we have drawn 11 lucky winners amongst all participants of our contest.

    Florian Sevillano Estevez (Spain), owner of a 4 years old Enermax EIN720AWT
    Andreas Gärtig (Germany), owner of a 8 years old Enermax EG465AX-VE(G)
    Daniel Gusolfino (Italy), owner of a 2 years old Enermax Pro82+ II 625W
    Thomas Klaß (Germany), owner of a 10 years old Enermax EG365AX-VE(G)
    Petr Kubena (Czech), owner of a 10 years old Enermax EG301AX-VE(G)
    Jonasz Kwiatkowski (Poland), owner of a 2 years old Enermax Modu87+ 500W
    Francesco de Mattia (Italy), owner of a 4 years old Enermax Pro82+ 525W
    Marco Piria (Italy), owner of a 7 years old Enermax Noisetaker 485W
    Oliver Reimann (Germany), owner of a 6 years old Enermax Liberty 500W
    Jürgen Ritzau (Germany), owner of a 3 years old Enermax Pro82+ 385W
    Hannes Schweitzer (Germany), owner of a 4 years old Enermax EIN650AWT

    Each will win one of the new Triathlor Long Runner power supplies.

    Congratulations to all winners! Thank you for joining Enermax and trusting in our brand over long years!

    And to all Enermax users who had no luck today: A new chance to win will come!

  • 13.08.12 | Long Runner – The Power Supply of the Athletic Class

    Enermax power supplies are unchallenged long runners. They power your PC over long years stably and reliably. How many end users trust in Enermax, turned out during the Long Runner Contest: A huge number of end users from all over Europe took part and sent in photos of their Enermax powered systems. The oldest still operating PSU from Enermax is a 20 year old E200P-T. According to the serial number, it has been produced in 1992. The owner of this nostalgic device, Marcin Mrozowski from Poland, comments: “The well-thought design, the high-quality and durable components, especially the premium capacitors, allow for a reliable operation.”

    Visit the photo gallery with all Enermax long runner PSUs at >> Facebook.

    Exceptional Athlete: 80 PLUS® Bronze PSU with DC-to-DC Circuit
    With the Triathlor series, Enermax now presents the next long runner generation. As usual, the premium quality manufacturer emphasizes durable and high-end components as well as a technological design that complies with the requirements of latest and forthcoming system components. A rarely seen solution for 80 PLUS® Bronze PSU is the application of an elaborated DC-to-DC circuit: The secondary 5V and 3.3V voltages are generated by the 12V rail in order to minimize energy losses, ensure a clean output voltage and perfect voltage regulation.

    Apart from that, the DC-to-DC technology enables the „Zero Load Design“. Even at 0W load, the Triathlor power supplies maintain a stable system operation. Many end users experience compatibility issues when they activate the energy-saving functions of latest CPU and graphics cards like the C6 state. With the “Zero Load Design”, these problems are things of the past. Triathlor power supplies are real endurance athletes – over the full load range from zero to 100 per cent load.

    Heavy Athlete: Full 12V Power for High-Performance Systems
    Due to its massive 12V rails, that can deliver more than 98 per cent of the total PSU output power, Triathlor is an optimal choice for systems with high-performance or overclocked processors and graphics cards. From 450W upwards, two 8P PCI-E connectors are a standard feature of the Enermax PSU, completed by numerous SATA and 4P Molex connectors. Until the end of October, the manufacturer will further extend the Triathlor series with three models with modular cable management. The Triathlor FC 550, 650 and 700W come with flexible flat modular cables that unease the cable routing inside the case.

    Cool Athlete: T.B.Silence Fan for Silent Operation
    The cooling system of the Triathlor power supplies relies on the proved Twister Bearing Technology that is known for its durability and smooth operation. Enermax applies the most popular T.B.Silence 120mm fan with its characteristic Batwing Blades. Furthermore, the manufacturer improved the speed control of the PSUs: Below 50 per cent load, the fan runs with virtually inaudible 500 RPM.* * ETA650AWT-M / ETA700AWT-M: 900 RPM

    The Triathlor models with 385, 450 and 550W are now available. Until the end of October, Enermax will launch another Triathlor version for professional system builders with 300W and the modular Triathlor FC power supplies with 550, 650 and 700W.

    Prices (MSRP incl. VAT)
    Triathlor 300W (ETL300AWT): 57.90 Euro*
    Triathlor 385W (ETA385AWT): 72.90 Euro
    Triathlor 450W (ETA450AWT): 82.90 Euro
    Triathlor 550W (ETA550AWT): 89.90 Euro
    Triathlor FC 550W (ETA550AWT-M): 99.90 Euro*
    Triathlor FC 650W (ETA650AWT-M): 119.90 Euro*
    Triathlor FC 700W (ETA700AWT-M): 129.90 Euro*
    * October 2012

  • 18.07.12 | The Big Enermax Contest

    Enermax power supplies are designed for a long lifetime and high performance capability. The decision to buy a more expensive Enermax power supply will always pay off, because it will ensure a stable and reliable system operation over long years. Enermax long runners are still powering a vast number of PC systems.

    As a thank-you for the long-standing customers' trust, we present a big contest for all users of Enermax power supplies. Take part a win 22 power supplies - each representing one year in the 22 years of Enermax history.

    All you have to do - send us photos of your systems that are powered by Enermax.


  • 11.06.12 | The Fortress for Your Hardware

    You will rarely find a plain and affordable midi tower that meets the demands of high-quality and powerful hardware. With the entry-level case Ostrog, Enermax successfully overcomes the contradiction between functionality and performance on the one hand and price on the other hand. The manufacturer relies on a generous and flexible case structure in order to gain space for an effective cooling system and oversized high-end components. With a width of 200mm, Ostrog significantly exceeds the dimensions of other cases in this price segment. That way, the new Enermax tower easily accommodates CPU coolers with a height of up to 174mm. Apart from that, users can remove the HDD cage, so that longer graphics cards can be installed (up to 413.8mm length).

    Luxurious Cooling System and Flexible Data Storage Device Management
    An effective heat dissipation provides the basis for a stable system operation. In this regard, the Ostrog grants much room for an adequate customization of the cooling system: The midi tower hosts up to seven fans – one front, two side, one rear, one bottom and two top fans. One 12cm rear fan is delivered with the case. Screwless quick-release fasteners simplify the installation of ODD and HDD. Furthermore, Enermax includes a 3.5”-to-2.5” adapter, so that Ostrog supports the increasingly popular Solid State Drives (SSD) as well. On the top of the case, users can find one USB 3.0 and three USB 2.0 ports.

    Two Colour Variants Available
    Ostrog stands out by its clear and timeless shapes. Apart from that, the coloured mesh frame forms a good contrast to the completely black coated case. In Europe, the manufacturer offers two colour variants of the midi tower – with black (ECA3250-B) or white (ECA3250-BW) mesh frame. Both models are now available at a MSRP of 49.90 Euro / £39.90.

    >> More technical details and product photos

  • 05.06.12 | Win the "Fulmo England"!

    Get prepared for the European Football Championship 2012 and build up a strong defense for your system. In cooperation with UK, Enermax arranges a big contest for all hardware enthusiasts. Win the Fulmo "England" - a unique case delivered with a powerful CPU cooler, a rock-stable PSU, stylish front fans and an elegant acrylic keyboard. Total value: around £300. UK
    has just been launched in March. The new UK version of the Dutch hardware magazine offers professional and well-founded product reviews. The contest lasts until the 10th of November 2012. We wish you good luck!

    >> Enter the contest at UK

  • 04.06.12 | Win the Fulmo "Nederland"!

    On the occasion of the European Football Championship 2012 and in cooperation with, the leading hardware magazine from Benelux, Enermax organizes a contest for all hardware enthusiasts from the Netherlands. Main prize is a special edition of the ATX Midi Tower Fulmo, the Fulmo "Nederland", a unique case equipped with power supply, CPU cooler, front fans and keyboard. The whole bundle has a total value of 370 Euro.


    >> Read more and take part at

  • 03.05.12 | NAXN - The 2nd Generation

    NAXN represents the entry-level class of Enermax power supplies. Good quality and stable performance at an affordable price – that is the philosophy behind the popular PSU series. NAXN includes several models with different features for various applications. The manufacturer now presents the second generation of NAXN power supplies.

    NAXN Basic – The Power Supply for Professional System Building
    NAXN Basic is specially designed for the needs of professional system assemblers. It is equipped with good-quality components and comes with an advanced protection circuit to ensure a long-during and reliable operation. As usual, Enermax applies a Multi-Rail Design: Two 12V rails provide the main system components like CPU or graphics cards with most stable voltages.

    NAXN Basic further complies with the EU regulation ErP Lot 6 for computer systems. According to that, the standby power consumption of the complete system should not exceed 1W. Therefore, Enermax has improved the efficiency of the 5V standby rail by up to 20%. ErP Lot 6 is a basic requirement for systems sold within the European Union.

    NAXN Basic includes models with 350 and 450W. Enermax now extends the product range with a new 500W model (ENP500AGT). MSRP: £44.90 / €49.90 incl. VAT. It will be available in the mid of May 2012.

    NAXN 82+ - The Power Supply for Passionate Gamers
    NAXN 82+ includes several non-modular and modular models starting from 450W up to 850W. With up to four rock stable 12V rails and a wide variety of connectors, the power supplies support the latest hardware configurations. The higher-wattage models are delivered with at least two 6+2P (8P) PCI-E connectors to run high-end gaming system with one or more powerful graphics cards.

    Enermax has equipped NAXN 82+ with several features that are usually reserved for the premium PSU series such as Revolution87+ or Platimax: The HeatGuard function keeps the fan running after shut-down in order to dissipate the remaining heat of the system. Moreover, NAXN 82+ comes with a smart fan speed control that achieves a perfect balance between cooling performance and noise generation. The power supplies possess the 80 PLUS® Bronze certificate and reach up to 88% efficiency at 230V. The non-modular models further comply with the above-mentioned EU norm ErP Lot 6 for computer systems.

    So far, NAXN 82+ includes two modular models with 750 and 850W. Enermax now introduces new non-modular models with 450, 550 and 650W. These three new power supplies are going to replace the previous NAXN 80+ models. MSRP: £59.90 / €69.90 incl. VAT (ENP450AWT-B) / £65.90 / € 79.90 incl. VAT (ENP550AWT-B) / £75.90 / € 89.90 incl. VAT (ENP650AWT-B). The new models are now available.

  • 13.04.12 | Special LED Fan Edition in Cooperation with German Hardware Magazine

    The patented circular light of Enermax LED fans is still unmatched. Therefore, the fans of the premium manufacturer are a must-have for all gamers and modders. From the debut Apollish series to the three-colour T.B.Vegas Trio series, Enermax has continuously refined and upgraded the innovative LED technology. Latest fans are equipped with a microchip that can create a wide range of different light effects and colours. In cooperation with the leading German hardware magazine PC Games Hardware, Enermax now introduces a special LED fan edition. The T.B.Vegas PCGH Edition 12cm is equipped with 18 blue diodes and can display seven eye-catching light modes.

    Daniel Waadt, Product Manager of PC Games Hardware: "We have decided for a blue illuminated fan, because we know that this colour is the most popular among PC Games Hardware readers. Another essential requirement of our hardware enthusiastic community is the noise level of a case fan. Due to the Enermax Twister Bearing, the T.B.Vegas PCGH Edition remains virtually silent. We have measured just 21dB(A) (0.2 sone) at a distance of 50cm." PC Games Hardware has published a detailed >> test report and video. The fan runs at 900 RPM constant speed and achieves an air flow rate of 63.78m3/h.

    The T.B.Vegas PCGH Edition 12cm fan is now available at a MSRP of £12.90 / 13.49 Euro incl. VAT.

  • 13.04.12 | The Coolovation for LGA 2011 Sockets

    The new Enermax CPU cooler product range has made a successful market debut. Especially the side-flow series ETS-T40 has quickly grown in popularity. Many independent hardware testers highlight the performance capability and the excellent price-performance ratio of the Enermax cooler. Equipped with a smooth-running Twister fan and a highly flexible PWM speed control, offering a wide range from 800 to 1,800 RPM, ETS-T40 is not only the best choice for high-end systems, but also for silent PCs.

    LGA 2011 ready!
    Enermax now delivers all ETS-T40 models with an upgrade kit to support the latest Intel® CPU platform LGA 2011. On the product packaging, end users can find a note about the LGA 2011 readiness of the CPU cooler. The delivery includes a set of additional four screws that enables the installation on LGA 2011 sockets.

  • 16.03.12 | Update: The Winner of the "Pure720"

    +++ The winner of the big Enermax contest at CeBIT has been drawn +++

    Over 1,200 CeBIT visitors have taken part in our exclusive CeBIT contest. Yesterday, we have officially drawn the winner. Jannis Weiland from Germany has been favoured by fortune. He has won a new high-end system, equipped with 1,800 Euro hardware from Enermax, Asus, Intel and Kingston. The components are installed in the oustanding SpineRex "Pure720" case modified by "flix29".

    >> Photos of the "Pure720" system at CeBIT

    Congratulations to Jannis and thanks a lot to "flix29", Hardwareluxx and the three sponsors, Asus, Intel and Kingston, for their big support!

    Update: 2012-03-16

    With the successful market introduction of the CPU cooler range in 2011, Enermax demonstrated its know-how in the field of PC cooling. Behind the scenes, the manufacturer is already working on a further extension of his product portfolio. At CeBIT, Enermax will reveal the first results of its research and development department and present the first prototype of a new liquid cooler.


    Exclusive CeBIT Lucky Draw with Exceptional Main Prize
    This year, one of the major attractions at the Enermax booth will be the SpineRex “Pure720”, a modified case that has been built during the Enermax Modding Contest of the leading German hardware magazine Hardwareluxx. The author of this outstanding project is “flix29”, a 21-year old engineering student from Hamburg, Germany.

    >> Worklog

    In cooperation with ASUS, Intel and Kingston, Enermax equipped the unique case with latest hardware (total value: 1,500 Euro). Visitors of the Enermax booth will have the exceptional chance to win this outstanding system.

    All participation details and the entry forms can be obtained during CeBIT at the Enermax booth in hall 17, G24.

    Thanks to the big support from Intel and ASUS, we are able to upgrade the value of the "Pure720" system to 1,800 Euro! Here you can see the final system configuration:

    MB: ASUS P9X79 DELUXE       
    CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 3930K               
    GPU: ASUS ENGTX560 Ti448DC2/2DIS/1280       
    PSU: ENERMAX Platimax 750W           
    RAM: Kingston HyperX KHX2133C11D3K4/8GX   
    SSD: Kingston HyperX 120GB               
    CPU Cooler: Enermax ETS-T40-VD           
    Fans: Enermax T.B.Vegas Duo

    Welcome to CeBIT!
    Enermax will share more information about the latest and forthcoming products at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. We are looking forward to meeting you:

    Enermax @ CeBIT 2012
    6th – 10th of March 2012
    Hall 17, Booth G24

  • 01.03.12 | CeBIT: Enermax Reveals Triathlor

    With series like Liberty, Modu82+ or Pro82+, Enermax has captured the PSU market. There is a simple reason behind their big popularity: They are concentrating on the bare essentials of power supply. Enermax intentionally ignored short-termed trends and focused on the basic needs and requirements of end users. Latter are looking for an endurance athlete who is able to power a PC system reliably and stably with high efficiency and over a long period of time. At CeBIT, Enermax now presents the new generation of its extremely successful mid-range class.

    Triathlor: The Power Supply of the Athletic Class
    Triathlor will cover the most popular wattage ranges from 350 to 700 watts and will be available as non-modular and as modular version. The new series profits from the big technological progress of the Enermax research and development department during the last years. Quality, stability, safety – in all of these three categories Triathlor will take a leading position. Therefore, the new PSU series will have a big potential to continue the line of great classics from Enermax. The market introduction is scheduled for the second half of the year 2012.

    Welcome to CeBIT!
    Enermax will share more information about the new Triathlor PSU series at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany. We are looking forward to meeting you:

    Enermax @ CeBIT 2012
    6th – 10th of March 2012
    Hall 17, Booth G24

  • 16.02.12 | CeBIT: Enermax presents DreamBass™

    Up to now, Enermax is known as a premium brand for PC components. With his new audio products, the manufacturer now explores a complete new market. Just in time for upcoming CeBIT show, Enermax today debuts in audio segment and launches DreamBass™, a USB audio amplifier and bass booster. The premiere product is specially designed for the users of basic office systems and notebooks with standard on-board sound chips.

    Two developments in audio market have influenced the creation of the first audio product from Enermax: Compact computer formats like notebooks and netbooks require the application of space-saving technologies and components. According to this, manufacturers rely on on-board sound chips that are in many cases badly balanced and cannot fulfil the expectations of music lovers. Furthermore the relevance of the bass in music has grown. The chart-toppers work with deep bass tones that cannot be performed by many on-board sound chips.

    DreamBass™: Perfectly Balanced Sound Experience with Full Bass
    With DreamBass™, Enermax offers an affordable and comfortable solution for users who appreciate clear sounds and deep bass tones. The USB audio device is shaped like a vacuum tube and accommodates a powerful VIA sound chip (VT1620A). It functions as a high-quality amplifier and bass booster. DreamBass™ ensures a better sound balance and creates a clear and finely tuned music experience. The device is equipped with microphone-in and headphone-out jack and – due to its two-channel audio chip – supports simultaneous recording and playback. The new Enermax USB amplifier will be detected automatically by the system and is immediately ready to use (Plug & Play).

    DreamBass™ Genie (AP001) is now available at a MSRP of £23.90 incl. VAT. Enermax further offers a set of DreamBass™ with light-weight and clear-sound earphones (AP001E) at a MSRP of £30.90 incl. VAT.

    >> More information and product photos


    CeBIT: Hear the Differences
    At CeBIT, visitors of the Enermax booth (Hall 17, booth G24) will have the unique chance to test the latest innovation of the manufacturer. Enermax will show DreamBass™ in direct comparison with a standard on-board audio chip. Visitors can switch between the two devices to experience the quality and sound of the latest Enermax product.

    Welcome to CeBIT!

    Enermax will share more information about the latest and forthcoming products at CeBIT in Hanover. We are looking forward to meeting you:

    Enermax @ CeBIT 2012
    6th – 10th of March 2012
    Hall 17, Booth G24

  • 13.02.12 | New Power Supplies for Enthusiasts' and Entry-Level PC

    Enermax offers a wide range of power supplies for various applications and target groups, starting with the entry-level series NAXN right through to the flagship series MaxRevo and Platimax. Following the demands of partners and end users, the premium manufacturer now adds two new models to its offer: While the MaxRevo 1200W (EMR1200EWT) is designed to meet highest performance and efficiency standards of hardware enthusiasts, the 80 PLUS® Bronze certified NAXN 650W (ENP650AWT-B) will strengthen Enermax' position in the competitive segment of budget power supplies for gamers.

    More information and product photos:

    >> MaxRevo

    >> NAXN

  • 19.01.12 | Staray: New Models for Entry-Level and Silent PC

    After its launch two years ago, the good-quality, pure and simple Staray case with its intensive Apollish light effects has successfully established itself on the market. Due to its excellent price-performance ratio, the midi tower is still very popular amongst end users as well as professional system builders. To open up new target groups, Enermax decided to extend the case series with two new models.   

    ECA3175-L – The First-Choice Entry-Level Case
    The new Staray model ECA3175-L is a low-budget midi tower with basic equipment. Compared to the first version ECA3170-BL/-BR, the exterior design remains mainly unchanged: The clear shapes and the stable, air-permeable mesh front meets the public taste and does not follow short-term market trends. ECA3175-L is delivered with a powerful 12cm front fan and can accommodate up to three additional fans at the rear and at the side. Thanks to the USB 3.0 front interface, the new Staray model also supports the latest high-speed standard. The port can be connected directly with an internal 19-pin connector, so that the inconvenient cable routing through the back of the case can be avoided.   

    ECA3175-S – The Best Choice for Silent PC
    The second newcomer is directed to users of silent PC systems. The ECA3175-S is equipped with the extremely popular T.B.Silence fans. They offer a perfect balance between cooling performance and noise generation. Enermax delivers the midi tower with two 12cm T.B.Silence fans – one in the front and one at the back of the case. Furthermore, the manufacturer has modified the case interior: It is coated completely in black and comes with a cut-out behind the mainboard tray to simplify the CPU cooler installation. USB 3.0 belongs to the standard equipment of the new Staray version. ECA3175-S provides two high-speed USB 3.0 interfaces with internal 19-pin connector.

    Staray ECA3175-L is now available, the second new model ECA3175-S with two pre-installed T.B.Silence fans will be launched in March.

    >> Technical details and product photos

  • 09.01.12 | Golden Revolution

    The successful Enermax Modu87+ has found a worthy successor: Revolution87+ continues the outstanding power supply series. It carries over the main advantages of its predecessor such as the forward-looking, highly efficient Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology or the leading fan speed control that ensures a silent operation. On the other hand, Revolution87+ profits by the technological progress of Enermax engineering. Partially, the new power supplies already follow the path-breaking technology of the Enermax flagship series Platimax ensuring an extremely high efficiency and rock stable voltages.

    Golden Efficiency
    Enermax engineers have refined the proved Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology of the Modu87+ series and come out with fabulous 87 to 93 percent efficiency at 20 to 100 percent load – beating even some Platinum models in the market. Revolution87+ has been tested by the international 80 PLUS® organisation and gained the 80 PLUS® Gold certificate. The new Enermax PSU also supports the most current ErP Lot 6 standard for computer systems with less than 0.5W power consumption in standby mode (PSU only).

    Golden Silence
    Like the Modu87+ power supplies, Revolution87+ is equipped with a durable 13.9cm Twister Bearing fan. The patented bearing technology guarantees a smooth and silent rotation with up to 100,000 hours MTBF lifetime. Enermax further relies on a smart RPM control that ensures an optimal balance between cooling performance and noise generation. With 300 or 500 RPM at low loads* and 1,000 or 1,200 RPM maximum*, Revolution87+ is an almost inaudible power source.
    * depending on the model

    Golden Stability
    is based on a Multi-Rail design with up to four massive 12V rails. Each of them is equipped with a separated over-current protection (OCP). Enermax successfully improved its DC-to-DC technology to reach the best possible output voltage regulation and an extremely low ripple and noise. No doubt, Revolution87+ is the first choice to power advanced system configurations and latest gaming rigs, ensuring an ultra efficient, extremely silent and rock stable operation.

    >> More technical information and product photos

  • 02.12.11 | Good Buy. Great Flexibility.

    Enermax introduces Briskie, an elegant and robust wireless keyboard and mouse combo with excellent price-performance ratio. The powerful 2.4 GHz RF technology offers an operating range of up to 10 meters, so that Briskie is an excellent solution for mobile usage such as for HTPC and multimedia centers. Also Notebook users, who prefer a more comfortable typing and a better mouse control, will hardly get around the new Enermax product. It comes along with a tiny little nano receiver that supports an automatic wireless synchronization (Plug and Play). To save batteries' energy, Briskie provides an effective power saving management.

    Briskie Keyboard: Robust and Comfortable
    The Briskie keyboard is equipped with a durable membrane key stroke technology with up to 10 million key strokes lifetime. It ensures a smooth and comfortable typing experience – even over a longer period of time. The height can be adjusted in two steps to match users' needs. To avoid damages caused by accidental liquid spills and to ease the keyboard cleaning, Enermax further applied a spill-resistant structure.

    Briskie Mouse: Under Control
    The Briskie mouse is designed for prolonged, ambidextrous use. The ergonomic shape offers an excellent grip and best possible control. As a special feature, the mouse provides four adjustable resolutions (800/1000/1200/1600 dpi), that allows users to customize it. For easy portability, the wireless receiver can be snapped into the bottom of the mouse.

    Free Gift: 3-in-1 Mouse Pad
    Celebrating the launch of the first keyboard and mouse combo from Enermax, Briskie includes a "3-in-1" mouse pad. Apart from normal use, it can be applied as cleaning cloth and as a screen protection for notebooks. It is made from a cleanable anti-bacterial microfiber material with a slip-proof natural rubber base.

    >> Technical information and product photos

  • 28.11.11 | Enermax completes award-winning Platimax series

    After the introduction of the first models with 750, 850 and 1200W in October, Enermax now launches the remaining power supplies of the new royal class. The manufacturer adds two 80 PLUS® Platinum certified models for the most popular wattage range between 500 and 600W. In contrast, the Platimax 1000W OC Edition and the Platimax 1500W are designed for extreme hardware configurations and professional applications.

    The Future Power Supply
    continues the row of path-breaking power supplies from Enermax. It is based on the proved, high-performance technologies of predecessor power supply series, the so-called Dynamic Hybrid Transformer (DHT) Topology and Full-Zone Magnetic Quadrant Transformer (FMQ) Design. Enermax engineers successfully improved the cooling performance by applying innovative solutions and equipped the PSU with hand-picked, premium-quality components. That way, Platimax breaks down the barriers of the highest efficiency class, 80 PLUS® Platinum. With 89 to 94 per cent efficiency between 20 and 100 per cent load, Enermax shows the way into the future of power supply. Due to its first-class components, the flexible modular or full-modular cable management and numerous connectors, the new series is designed for long-during and reliable operation. According to that, the manufacturer grants 5 years warranty on all Platimax PSU.   

    Platinum Power for Overclockers
    For the first time, Enermax introduces a power supply that is dedicated to users of overclocked computer systems. In contrast to the other models of the series, the Platimax 1000W OC Edition is based on a single-rail design. According to that, the most important system components like CPU, mainboard and graphic card are supplied by a single 12V rail. It has the capability to deliver up to 83A (996W), so more than enough power to ensure a stable operation of overclocked CPU and graphic cards.

    The New Royal Class

    Even now, Platimax has gained the most important awards of leading hardware magazines around the globe and has established as a new reference in PSU market. The experts' tests prove that Enermax has made again a big breakthrough:
    (UK): "A phenomenal PSU that will power any enthusiast system while maintaining fantastic efficiency"
    (UK): "One of the highest quality power supplies we have seen in recent years"
    (Netherlands): "And really, the Platimax is the best of the best products we have tested to date"
    (USA): "A top-notch power supply"

    >> Technical details and product photos

  • 23.11.11 | Fulmo/Fulmo GT: The New Dimension

    Enermax sets new standards in case segment: The Midi Tower series Fulmo and the Jumbo Tower Fulmo GT impress with their spacious interiors, their extremely powerful cooling systems and the various flexible functions for a user-friendly hardware installation and most comfortable system operation. In terms of design, Enermax relies on a clear, timeless appearance and a massive construction with high-quality mesh elements. The three new models are now available.

    Fulmo GT - Giant Tower for High-Performance Hardware
    The new Enermax Jumbo Tower enters a new case dimension – not only in view of the giant dimensions of 674 x 235 x 640mm, but also in regard to the functionality: Five pre-installed fans, hot-swap dock for HDD and SSD, four USB 3.0 ports with internal 19-pin connector, screwless quick release fasteners for optical drives, most flexible cable management and much more. Fulmo GT easily accommodates over-sized HPTX server mainboards, four extra-long graphics cards, ten hard disk drives and up to four optical drives. Apart from hard-core gaming rigs, the new giant Enermax tower can be applied for server systems as well. Therefore, Fulmo GT also supports a redundant power management with two power supplies.

    The cooling system is geared up to the needs of a high-performance hardware configuration: The manufacturer equips the voluminous tower with three 18cm Vegas fans that can be regulated by the help of a seamless RPM control. For the first time, Enermax successfully implemented its leading LED technology in a big-size case fan. The patented circular LED light can create up to six different light modes that can be changed with the integrated light button on the top. If necessary, the light can be also switched off.

    >> Technical details and product photos

    Fulmo - Cool Midi-Size Giant
    With Fulmo, Enermax overcomes the Midi Tower format limitations that are set in terms of space and performance. With an innovative HDD mounting system, the manufacturer gains space for over-sized graphics cards. The disks are installed vertically on the brackets that can be pulled out to ease the mounting of maximum six 2.5" or four 3.5" disks. Based on the successful concept of the award-winning Hoplite Tower, Enermax further integrated a hot-swap dock for 2.5" or 3.5" HDD and SSD on the case top. Fulmo supports the most current ultra high-speed USB 3.0 standard. Unlike most available cases, the USB 3.0 interface can be connected with an internal 19-pin connector. That way, the inconvenient and unpleasant cable routing through the back of the case can be avoided.

    With in sum eight screwless extension card slots, Fulmo supports high-end systems with up to four graphic cards. Depending on the model, three or five pre-installed fans provide the appropriate cooling performance. The advanced version ECA892AG-BL is additionally equipped with a seamless RPM control for up to three fans. Screwless quick release fasteners for the mounting of extension cards and optical disk drives, a well-thought and efficient cable-management and many other functions assure a quick and convenient system assembling. Enermax Fulmo is the perfect choice for all hardware enthusiasts who love to modify and fine-tune their systems.

    The Midi Tower Fulmo is now available in two versions: the basis model (ECA892BG-BL) and the advanced version (ECA892AG-BL) with integrated Vegas fans and a seamless speed control.

    >> Technical details and product photos

  • 26.10.11 | Precious Aluminium Design for Office Use

    The perfect design and first-class quality of Enermax peripheral products make them an ideal choice for office use. In the last years, the manufacturer successfully established the Aluminium keyboard series Aurora as well as the compact and solid Brick HDD enclosures. With immediate effect, Enermax extends both product lines with new models: The Aurora Lite Wireless and the Brick 3.5" enclosures with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 are now available.

    Aurora Lite Wireless: Comfortable keyboard with powerful RF technology
    The Aurora Lite Wireless is a pure design product to satisfy highest customer demands in terms of quality and workmanship. The brushed aluminium case with diamond-cut edges appears timeless and elegant. Like all Enermax keyboards, the Aurora Lite Wireless is equipped with the precise and durable Scissors Key Stroke Technology. Writing maniacs and users, who prefer a classic key layout, will love the slim aluminium keyboard. Due to the powerful 2.4GHz RF technology, the Aurora Lite Wireless is particularly suitable for all mobile applications, as an input device for conference rooms or home media centres. It offers an operating range of up to 10 meters.

    >> More technical information and photos

    Brick 3.5": Secure and Solid Aluminium Data Safe
    Also the 3.5" HDD enclosure Brick is made from brushed aluminium. The solid data safe accommodates all 3.5" HDD with SATA interface and a maximum height of 26.10mm. Brick 3.5" is delivered with a convenient desktop stand, so that it can be applied for often used external hard disks (eg. for daily data recovery) without wasting space on the desktop. To save power, the HDD can be shut off with the integrated on/off button on the side of the case. Apart from the standard version with a USB 2.0 interface (EB308S-B), Brick 3.5" is also available with the most current high-speed USB 3.0 standard (EB308U3-B), that is able to reach a data transfer rate of up to 5 Gb/s. The thermally conductive material of the case and the front air vents provide an excellent heat dissipation and effective HDD cooling.

    >> More technical information and photos

  • 20.10.11 | ETD-T60: The Coolovation Part 2

    After the succesful market introduction of the ETS-T40 series, Enermax now presents the first down-flow CPU cooler, ETD-T60. Once again, the performance is reaching an extremely high level with a thermal resistance of only 0.12°C/W based on the smart innovations VEF, VGF and the new Crossed Heat Pipe Design. Enermax delivers the cooler with a 12cm PWM fan of the T.B.Silence series (ETD-T60-TB) or the eye-catching T.B.Vegas Duo series (ETD-T60-VD). Both models are now available.

    Vortex Generator Flow & Vacuum Effect Flow
    With clever ideas and technical novelties, Enermax brings a breath of fresh air into the CPU cooler market – in the true sense of the word, because the innovative construction of the Enermax CPU coolers significantly enhances the air stream conduction and heat dissipation. The manufacturer integrated small spoilers, the so-called Vortex Generators, on the fins of the new ETD-T60 cooler to lead the air stream closely along the heat pipes and to avoid the development of hot spots in the back of the heat pipes (so-called Vortex Generator Flow/VGF). By utilizing the difference in pressure between the warm air inside the heat sink and the colder air outside, Enermax further improved the air supply: The CPU cooler sides are not fully closed, so that additional fresh air can be sucked into the heat sink (so-called Vacuum Effect Flow/VEF). Both effects, VGF and VEF, have been proved successfully with the side-flow series ETS-T40.

    High Performance Capability with Powerful Twister Fan
    Another striking feature of the ETD-T60 is the special arrangement of the six 6mm heat pipes. Enermax leads two heat pipes to the one side of the heat sink and four to the other side. Due to this Crossed Heat Pipe Design, the cool and warm segments of the heat pipes are placed next to each other, so that the heat can be spread and dissipated more efficiently. The attached 12cm PWM fan with the smooth running Twister bearing provides the adequate cooling performance with an air flow rate of up to 147.30 m3/h. ETD-T60 is available in two versions, with the popular T.B.Silence fan (ETD-T60-TB) or with the LED fan T.B.Vegas Duo (ETD-T60-VD). Latter is based on the patented Enermax LED technology offering two different colours, blue and red, and eleven outstanding light effects. Vortex Generator Flow, Vacuum Effect Flow, Crossed Heat Pipe Design and a powerful Twister fan – combining these innovations and technologies improves the cooling performance significantly. The thermal resistance of the ETD-T60, one of the most important indicators to evaluate the performance of a CPU cooler, reaches a level of exceptional 0.12°C/W.

    Patented and Easy Mounting System
    The installation of the ETD-T60 is similar to the side-flow cooler ETS-T40 easy and comfortable. It supports all common Intel® and AMD® sockets (LGA 775/1155/1156/1366 und AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1). Furthermore, Enermax develops a useful mechanism to achieve the perfect contact force. The so-called "Auto-Adjustable Pressure Design" (AAP) is composed of a screw sleeve with an integrated spring that builds up or releases the pressure to ensure a firm and secure connection between cooler and CPU.

    >> Technical details and product photos

  • 17.10.11 | The Power Supply of the Royal Class

    Enermax crowns its product range with the high-efficient Platimax series. The new power supplies reach a fabulous efficiency of 90 to 94% at a load of 20 to 100%. Therewith, Enermax is the world's first manufacturer to present a 80 PLUS® Platinum certified PSU series covering the complete range starting from 500W up to 1500W. The first models with 750, 850 and 1200W are now available.

    The Hunt for Precious Metal
    The introduction of the international energy saving certification 80 PLUS® for desktop power supplies in 2004 has significantly changed the PSU market. Efficiency has turned into the guiding theme of the following years. PSU manufacturers quickly stepped forward and developed new technologies to achieve higher and higher efficiency rates. Accordingly, the 80 PLUS® organisation extended the certification system with Bronze, Silver, Gold in 2008 and finally Platinum at the end of last year. With its own R&D team and its own PSU production, Enermax plays a leading role in the development and market introduction of energy saving PSU technologies. Series like Modu82+, Revolution85+ or Modu87+ have won the most influential international awards and set new standards in terms of performance, quality and design. Also the latest Enermax creation, the high-performance MaxRevo series, continues the success story of its predecessors.   

    Platimax: The King of Enermax Power Supplies
    With the Platimax series, Enermax now enters a new PSU generation. Platimax already possesses the highest 80 PLUS® Platinum certification. The manufacturer successfully refined the technologies of the previous PSU series and increased the efficiency to a level of over 90% between 20 and 100% load. While the Platimax models below 1kW are based on an improved version of the "Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology" (DHT) that has been applied in the Modu87+ series for the first time, Platimax 1200W and 1500W make use of the powerful "Full-Zone Magnetic Quadrant Transformer Design" (FMQ) of the MaxRevo series. Enermax optimized especially the cooling system, applying high-quality and performance-capable heat sinks and installing a well-arranged and well-thought layout to avoid unnecessary energy losses. Like Modu87+ series, Platimax comes with a patented RPM control that limits the fan speed at low load to 300, 600 or 900 RPM depending on the model. Combined with the smooth running Twister bearing, the power supply offers a virtually silent operation.

    Powerful but Energy-Saving
    All Platimax models support the latest EU regulation for PC systems, ErP Lot 6. According to that, they consume less than 0.5W in standby mode. Furthermore, the so-called "Zero Load Design" insures a stable system operation at loads below 1W. Thanks to that, users can take full advantage of the energy-saving modes of latest CPU and graphics cards (C6 State / Hybrid Mode). As usual, Enermax uses a Multi-Rail Design with three to six 12V rails depending on the model. Each rail is equipped with a separated over current protection (OCP). For systems with overclocked graphics cards or processors, Enermax will introduce the Platimax 1000W OC Edition with One-Rail Design. It provides up to 83A (996W) on one 12V rail to reach best possible clock rates and get the most power out of the hardware.

    >> Technical details and photos

  • 16.09.11 | Contest results: Explore U.R.Vegas!

    On the occasion of the market launch of the U.R.Vegas fan, Enermax initiated a contest with high-value prizes.Due to the universally usable USB connection and the magnetic rubber frame, you can apply U.R.Vegas outside the PC case. There a thousands of possible areas, where the new Enermax fan can support the standard cooling system. In which way you would use the new USB fan? A lot of creative users sent in their creative ideas. Participants could win prizes with an overall value of over 500 Euro.

    The most creative ideas and useful hints have been selected by Enermax. The winners are already informed.

    1st Prize: PSU Modu87+ 700W goes to Andre Fisser from Germany
    2nd Prize: ATX Midi Tower Hoplite goes to Еvgeniy S. from Russia
    3rd Prize: 2x LED fans T.B.Vegas Trio 12см go to Simon Gerson from UK
    4th-10th Prize: jweils 1х U.R.Vegas 12см go to Sergeev Daniil from Russia, Frenk from Netherlands, Johannes Huebler from Germany, Svetlana Schalneva from Russia, Е.Schroeder from Germany, Szymon Klatka from Poland, Оkushok from Russia.

  • 18.08.11 | Smart Technology for Cool CPU

    The time has come to start the sale of the first Enermax CPU cooler series ETS-T40. Three models are available from today. The coolers offer an excellent price-performance ratio and are equipped with a durable and silent 12cm Twister fan.

    Best Cooling Performance
    ETS-T40 is a simple name for a promising product. It took two years of development to come out with the new product range. In close cooperation with the Taiwan University of Science and Technology, the Enermax engineers have created a high-performance product. They focused especially on the optimisation of the air stream conduction inside the heat sink to reach a more efficient heat dissipation. The result is a combination of three smart innovations that successfully reduce the thermal resistance of the ETS-T40 to sensational low 0.09°C/W – a new milestone in CPU cooler industry. Stack Effect Flow, Vortex Generator Flow and Vacuum Effect Flow are the names of the three path-breaking innovations that breathe new life into the CPU cooler market and ensure the outstanding cooling performance of the Enermax CPU coolers. All three are based on known physical phenomena.

    >> More background information about the Enermax CPU coolers

    Functional Design and Bright Colours
    As is usual, Enermax comes out with a product that provides highest quality materials and workmanship. The design is clear and functional. The manufacturer decided to waive all creative elements that may have negative influence on the cooling performance. Users can choose out of three different models either with antioxidant coating (ETS-T40-TB/-VD) or with nickel-plated heat sink (ETS-T40-TA). The attached 12cm PWM fan is certainly equipped with the durable and silent Twister bearing. While ETS-T40-TB comes with a classic black T.B.Silence fan, the other two models are delivered with an eye-catching LED fan, ETS-T40-TA with a blue T.B.Apollish fan and ETS-T40-VD with a two-colour (blue/red) T.B.Vegas Duo fan. The patented circular LED light consists of up to 36 diodes, so that the Enermax LED fans shine many times brighter than ordinary LED fans. T.B.Vegas Duo is further equipped with a microchip to create eleven striking light effects.

    Availability and Prices
    The ETS-T40 series is now available for sale in the EU. Enermax introduces three models, starting at a MSRP of 34.90 Euro incl. VAT for the ETS-T40-TB with a T.B.Silence fan. The ETS-T40-VD with a two-colour (blue/red) T.B.Vegas Duo fan and the nickel-plated ETS-T40-TA with a blue T.B.Apollish fan will cost 39.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT).

    >> Technical details about ETS-T40 and product photos

  • 25.07.11 | Premiere: Highly Flexible, USB Powered Fan

    Enermax breaks fresh grounds with its most recent fan product, U.R.Vegas. It rests upon a complete new concept: The fan is powered by USB and, in this way, enters areas of application that are not accessible for ordinary case fans so far. There are thousands of possibilities how to make use of the new Enermax fan: from an entertainment or multimedia centre cooling solution to a portable ventilator. Because of these varying fields of application, the manufacturer developed a smart and easy installation system: U.R.Vegas is delivered with a rubber frame that contains small magnets. So the fan sticks to all magnetic surfaces. Another important advantage of the rubber frame: It effectively reduces vibrations. A meshed fan guard further protects against injuries caused by the rotating blades as well as from small objects that might get trapped in the fan.

    Durable Bearing – Exceptional Light Effects
    Like the successful Enermax case fan series, U.R.Vegas is based on the established and smooth running Twister bearing. The patented technology ensures not only an exceptional quiet run, but also allows for the detachment and cleaning of the fan blades. Equipped with powerful turbine blades, U.R.Vegas reaches an air flow rate of up to 89.21 m3/h at a speed of 1,250 RPM. Another unique feature of the Enermax fans is the patented circular LED light. It consists of 18 red diodes that can be controlled by a microchip. That way, U.R.Vegas creates seven spectacular LED modes. The fan is equipped with a light button, so that users can comfortably choose their favourite effect or when necessary simply switch off the light.

    The 12cm U.R.Vegas fan (UCUR12-R) is now available at a MSRP of 18.99 Euro incl. VAT.

    >> Technical information and product photos

  • 25.07.11 | Contest: Explore U.R.Vegas!

    On the occasion of the market launch of the U.R.Vegas fan, Enermax initiates an ideas contest with high-value prizes:

    Due to the universally usable USB connection and the magnetic rubber frame, you can apply U.R.Vegas outside the PC case. There a thousands of possible areas, where the new Enermax fan can support the standard cooling system.

    In which way would you use the new USB fan?

    Send us your ideas and proposals. The most creative ideas and useful hints will be selected by Enermax and published at You can win prizes with an overall value of over 500 Euro:

    1st Prize: Modu87+ 700W power supply
    2nd Prize: ATX Midi Tower Hoplite
    3rd Prize: 2x T.B.Vegas Trio 12cm fans
    4th-10th Prize: 1x U.R.Vegas 12cm fan

    Deadline for participation: 31st of August 2011. Good luck!

    The contest is closed for participation. We will announce the winners in short.

    Conditions for Participation & Privacy Policy

    1. Participation: This contest is open exclusively to residents of the following countries: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and United Kingdom.
    2. Participants must be 18 years of age or older. Persons under 18 years can take part in this contest only upon the condition that they obtain written consent from their legal representative.
    3. Employees of Enermax and their families or household members are excluded from participation.
    4. Only one entry per person will be permitted, multiple entries will be void.
    5. Manipulation: In case of manipulation or other illegal influence, Enermax will exclude the concerned person from further participation of the contest.
    6. Winners & Prizes: Amongst all entries, the Enermax jury will choose the most creative and interesting ideas. Winners will be notified via e-mail. The winners’ names will be published on Under no circumstances will the prizes refunded or exchanged for cash. Please make sure that the personal information provided is correct and current. The failure to respond to notification within a stated period means automatic forfeit of prize.
    7. The organiser: Enermax as organiser of this contest reserves the right to modify the conditions for participation or cancel the contest without any notice at anytime with or without notification and without assigning any reason. Decisions of Enermax will be final and binding regarding this contest. No queries, challenges or appeals may be made or entertained.
    8. Your personal information is collected when you take part in this contest. Enermax will keep your personal information confidential and use them only for the period of the contest from 25.07.2011 until 15.09.2011. Enermax will not sell, rent, lease or share your personal information to third parties.
    9. Deadline for participation: 31st of August 2011, 23:59.
    10. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

  • 19.07.11 | Brick: Sturdy Aluminium Enclosure with USB 3.0

    Enermax sells the handy 2.5" hard disk enclosure Brick with USB 2.0 interface since two years already. The timeless and durable case is made from brushed aluminium and is therefore a perfect choice for mobile storage media. As Brick still enjoys great popularity, the manufacturer decided to extend the series with one model to support new high speed standard USB 3.0. The new Brick EB208U3-B is therefore able to reach a data transfer rate of up to 5 Gb/sec. It accommodates both hard disk drives and solid state drives. For easy and quick disk assembly, Enermax attached a small screwdriver. After loosening two screws, the case can be slid open and the HDD or SSD can be plugged in. Air intakes in the front of the case ensure a continuous fresh air supply and a good cooling of the installed storage medium. A decent black, leather-look carry bag protects the enclosure during transport.

    Brick 2.5" with USB 3.0 (EB208U3-B) is available from now on. >> More technical details and product photos

  • 22.06.11 | Modu87+ and Pro87+: ErP Lot 6 ready!

    The successful gold-series Modu87+ and Pro87+ ran through an optical and technical update. Due to the high efficient 5V standby circuit both series can profit from reduced power consumption in standby mode. With this feature they meet the EU regulation ErP Lot6 for PC systems (< 1W in standby mode). Both series achieve the “80 Plus® Gold certification” with an efficiency of 87-93%. The established features “Dynamic-Hybrid Transformer Topology”, “Multi Rail Design” and “SpeedGuard” are included as well.

    The PSU housing comes now in a scratch-proof powder coating. The 13.9 cm fan with the proven “Twister Bearing Technology” provides extreme silent cooling behind a golden frame with black fan grid. Modu87+ serves the mid-range class with 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900W. Pro87+ proceeds as normal with 500 and 600W. 5 years warranty makes these series to a reliable and faithful power supplier of your components. The price for both series remains the same as before the optical and technical update.

    Technical details and photos: /gold .

  • 22.06.11 | New flagship PSU series MaxRevo

    Enermax extends it’s PSU portfolio with the new heavy-hitting high-performance series MaxRevo with 1.350 and 1.500W. The new series fulfils not only the requirements of the directive „SSI Power Supply Design Guide“ for servers, but it is designed especially for Multi-GPU systems and industrial PCs, as well as high-performance workstations. Equipped with six stable and highly efficient 12V rails this power supply delivers more than enough power for all modern server and high-end systems. A full modular cable management and further technological innovations top this high-end power supply off. For instance the „Copper-Bridge Array“ transmission technology replaces the traditional wires and pass the signal straight and with lower resistance. The result is: up to three percentage increase of the voltage regulation and higher efficiency for clean and stable DC output.

    Enermax has optimized the topology of the successful Modu87+ and Pro87+ series and could reduce further energy losses by this way. The patented high magnetic power density transformer replaces the Multiple-Transformer-Design (two and more transformers), which was up to now necessary in these wattage classes, and ensures more space inside the power supply. As a result it comes up much better air circulation. Together with the higher efficiency and the reliable Enermax Twister bearing fan it guarantees silent cooling. The new FMQ-Design (Full-Zone Magnetic Quadrant Transformer Design ensures usage of four quadrants of the transformer – instead of until now only one) makes a peak efficiency of up to 94 percentage (80 PLUS® Gold) possible.

    MaxRevo 1350W is now available at a MSRP of 344,90€ and the 1500W for 379,90€ incl. VAT. Enclosed to every MaxRevo delivery is one free 12cm T.B.Vegas Duo fan (MSRP incl VAT 18,99€).

  • 06.04.11 | Pure Design - Enermax keyboards with UK layout

    With products like the Aurora or the Acrylux Series, Enermax focuses on the most essential functions of a keyboard: comfortable typing experience, smooth and robust key stroke technology as well as a timeless and elegant appearance. The Enermax keyboards are made from finest materials like aluminium or acryl and are designed for longstanding office use. By introducing the Aurora Micro Wireless keyboard to the market, the manufacturer now offers its full keyboard range with UK key layout.

    Aurora Micro Wireless: The Multi-(media)-Talent
    In the shape of the Home Theatre PC (HTPC), computers are entering the living room, combining all functions from television to internet to gaming. An appropriate keyboard should be broadly equipped to fulfil the various requirements of HTPC control. In this regard, the Aurora Micro Wireless (KB008W-B) offers the perfect combination of functionality and design. The keyboard is equipped with a powerful 2.4Ghz RF technology, several hot keys and all mouse functions (two buttons, scroll wheel and laser trackball). Last but not least, the Aurora Micro Wireless has won the international “red dot design award 2009”.

    >> More details and product photos

    Acrylux: Black at its Finest
    Again, Enermax makes use of a robust and sophisticated material. The reinforced acrylic case (7H hardness grade) not only creates an elegant piano finish, but also forms a scratch-resistant surface. Red illuminated status indicators and Enermax logo complete the brilliant appearance of the Acrylux keyboard (KB009U-B). The slim profile and the smooth “Scissors” key stroke technology ensure quiet and comfortable typing. USB devices like mouses or headsets can be connected directly to one of the two side USB ports.

    >> More details and product photos

    Aurora Lite: A Touch of Luxury
    With the Aurora series, Enermax built up a great reputation in keyboard market. The precious aluminium design with diamond-cut edges has won prestigious international design awards like the “red dot design award 2007”. The ultra slim Aurora Lite (KB010U-B) seamlessly continues the success of its predecessor models. Like all Enermax keyboards, it is based on the durable, patented “Scissors” key stroke technology (up to 10 million key strokes lifetime) and comes with two additional USB ports.

    >> More details and product photos

  • 31.03.11 | Jazzmate 3.5": Convenient Design. Cool Performance.

    The Jazzmate series is designed for maximum usability and comfort: Users just have to push the slide switch to unlock the case and install the hard disk drive. That is a big advantage for all those who are used to work with several external HDD for different purposes. So the inconvenient loosening of tiny screws is no longer required for HDD installation. Jazzmate 3.5” supports SATA HDD with a maximum height of 26mm and offers a data transfer rate of up to 3 Gb/sec (EB311ES-B) – depending on the model and the interface.   

    Improved Fresh Air Supply and Lower Power Consumption
    The open and at the same time stable mesh design supports the fresh air supply and in this way improves the cooling of the installed HDD. Enermax further includes an acrylic stand in the delivery to erect the case for regular desktop use. Jazzmate 3.5” is equipped with several energy saving functions. If the HDD is not used, it can be shut off by an on/off switch at the side of the case. Apart from that, Jazzmate possesses an automatic power saving mode: If the system switches into standby or hibernation mode, the HDD will be shut off automatically and reactivated as soon as the computer wakes up again.

    Jazzmate 3.5“ is now available. The USB 2.0 version is priced at 24.90 Euro incl. VAT (MSRP), the eSATA version will cost 29.90 Euro incl. VAT (MSRP).

    >> Technical details and photos

  • 25.03.11 | Enermax nominated as PSU manufacturer of the year

    The Personal Computer Magazine PCM, one of the leading computer magazines in the Netherlands, has started the public voting for the manufacturers and brands of the year 2010. Enermax is nominated in power supply category and invites all customers to take part in the voting. All participants of the PCM voting have the chance to win attractive prizes such as a digital camera from Canon or a high-end Philips monitor. Good luck!

    >> Enter the PCM Voting

  • 21.03.11 | NAXN: Budget-friendly and Reliable Power Supplies

    NAXN represents the entry-level class of the Enermax power supply range. The manufacturer offers in sum eight different models, starting from three non-modular versions with 350W, 450W and 550W (ENP350AGT/ENP450AGT/ENP550AWT) which are directed to professional systems integrators as well as to price sensitive end users. All of these budget PSU are equipped with two safe and stable 12V rails and provide an advanced protection circuit. Users can rely on an extended 3 year manufacturer warranty.

    Power Supply to Enter the Mainstream Class
    The next three models, ENP450AWT, ENP500AWT and ENP600AWT, are expected to be the most popular within the NAXN series. With a MSRP starting from 67.90 Euro (incl. VAT), they will be a potent competitor in the mainstream market. Enermax designed them according to the needs of the majority of users: good efficiency with up to 85 per cent (80 PLUS® certified), stable performance and first-class cooling due to an intelligent fan control. Additionally these NAXN PSU provide the after-shutdown cooling function HeatGuard, which has been adopted from the high-end Enermax PSU series.

    Affordable and Powerful Gaming PSU
    Gamers will be enthusiastic about the most powerful NAXN PSU with 750 and 850W (ENM750AWT and ENM850AWT). They not only achieve an excellent efficiency with up to 88 per cent (80 PLUS® Bronze certified), they also provide a rich and flexible cable management to support high-performance multi-GPU gaming systems. Like the lower wattage models, NAXN 750W and 850W come with a silent 12cm fan which is regulated by an advanced fan RPM control to keep the PSU cool at all loads.

    All NAXN PSU are ErP Lot 6 ready!

    The EU regulation “ErP Lot 6” controls the standby power waste of PC systems. System builders have to take care that the mainboard and the power supply fulfil the strict requirements of this new norm to keep the system's power consumption during standby mode below 1W (from 2013: below 0.5W). All models of the NAXN series are based on an improved 5V standby circuit (+5Vsb) that reduces the energy loss about 20 per cent and thereby support ErP Lot 6.

    The NAXN power supplies are now available. They come with an entry level price of 44,90 Euro incl. VAT (ENP350AGT). The most powerful 850W version (ENM850EWT) will cost 154.90 Euro incl. VAT (MSRP).

    >> More technical details and product photos

  • 18.03.11 | New Silent Fans: Get under Control

    On CeBIT, Enermax presented the new T.B.Silence series with PWM and manual speed control for the first time. The smoothly running and silent fans are addressed to a wide range of customers. In comparison with the basic model, the new T.B.Silence PWM and Manual provide much more flexibility for the adjustment of speed and cooling performance to the system’s requirements.

    With the launch of T.B.Silence in 2010, Enermax successfully established a silent entry-level fan series. Today, T.B.Silence belongs to the bestselling case fans in many European countries. The basis of the great popularity are the smoothly running and longduring Twister bearing as well as the powerful Batwing fan blades. The tests of many hardware magazines approved that T.B.Silence offers currently the best price-performance ratio in the market. Now, Enermax extends its case fan range with two further silent series. They are the best choice for users, who like to adjust the cooling performance according to their systems’ needs. Therefore, the new T.B.Silence series can be regulated by the mainboard pulse width modulation (PWM) (T.B.Silence PWM) or seamlessly with the help of a manual fan control knob (T.B.Silence Manual).

    The new Enermax fan series are now available.

  • 24.02.11 | CeBIT Preview III: The Power Supply of the High-End Class

    Enermax will extend its PSU portfolio with the new MaxRevo, a heavy-hitting high-performance series that will be shown for the first time during CeBIT. In continuing its commitment to leading the industry with innovative and high-quality power supplies, Enermax will also reveal its prototype EXX900, which has already achieved the coveted 80 PLUS® Platinum certification. Another topic of this year's CeBIT will be the new EU norm ErP Lot 6.

    MaxRevo: The New Giant Among Power Supplies
    Enermax enters the heavyweight class with its new MaxRevo. As a leading innovator in PSU industry, Enermax developed yet another high-performance series, which is specially designed for multi-GPU systems, industrial PC, workstations and servers. It complies with the strictest standards for server PSU, and is equipped with six powerful 12V rails for a safe and stable supply of power to today’s high-end systems. Enermax has advanced the topology of its successful Modu87+ and Pro87+ series to further reduce energy losses, so that MaxRevo reaches up to 94 per cent peak efficiency (80 PLUS® Gold standard). It will be available in powerful 1,200, 1,350 and 1,500W models.

    A Vision of the Future: Enermax Reveals Prototype EXX900
    CeBIT visitors will have the chance to take an exclusive look into the future of power supplies. Enermax presents its revolutionary prototype, the EXX900, that already complies with the requirements of the 80 PLUS® Platinum certification. Its technical design is the basis for the development of forthcoming Enermax PSU generations. The outstanding efficiency and performance of the EXX900 has been already approved by the ECOS organisation.

    » The ECOS test report

    Less Standby Power Waste with Enermax PSU
    The new EU norm ErP Lot 6 regulates the power consumption of computers in standby mode, setting a limit of 1W (from 2013 on: 0.5W). To comply with this regulation, it is not only necessary to use an ErP Lot 6 ready mainboard, but also a power supply with a highly-efficient 5V standby rail (+5Vsb). As one of the first manufacturers, Enermax has incrementally adapted its PSU series to the new EU norm and equipped them with an improved 5V standby circuit. The conversion of all models will be finished by the end of the second quarter 2011. The first ErP Lot 6 ready Enermax power supplies are already available – this includes amongst others, the recently launched eco-class series ErPro80+. Over the course of the update process, the manufacturer will also significantly change the appearance of its Modu87+ and Pro87+ series. These new styles will be shown during CeBIT for the first time.

    For more details about the new Enermax products, please visit us at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. We are looking forward to meeting you:

    Enermax @ CeBIT 2011
    1st – 5th of March 2011
    Hall 17, Booth G24

  • 17.02.11 | CeBIT Preview II: Give Your CPU Cooling a Twist

    The Enermax fans with the patented Twister bearing are already more than an insiders’ tip. In fact, the best-value T.B.Silence series belongs currently to the most wanted case fans. The successful series will get two new models that will be shown on CeBIT for the first time. On top of that, the trade fair will be the platform for Enermax to reveal its new CPU cooler range.

    World Premiere: CPU Cooling by Enermax
    The long-during experience and successful innovations in the case fan segment have been the basis for the development of cutting-edge CPU cooling products. Enermax takes advantage of a patented air stream technology, called “Vortex Generator Flow”, and combines it with its durable and high-quality Twister fans. The result is a CPU cooler that not only offers a high level of performance but also ensures a silent operation as well. More technical details will be released on CeBIT. The CPU cooler range includes six different models with and without LED lightning.

    Get Under Control: T.B.Silence with PWM and manual speed regulation
    is currently one of the best selling fan series on the market. It stands out among others due to its quiet and robust Twister bearing, and the powerful Batwing Blades that push more air with less speed. The editors of a renowned German hardware magazine have measured a sensational low noise level of just 0.2 sone (PC Games Hardware 09/2011, pp. 90-94).

    Enermax now extends its T.B.Silence series with two new models including 4P PWM or manual speed control, so that users can individually and precisely adjust the cooling performance according to the system’s requirements. On CeBIT, visitors will have the chance to take a first look on the new Enermax fans. They will be available soon after the show.

    For more details about the new Enermax products, please visit us at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. We are looking forward to meeting you:

    Enermax @ CeBIT 2011
    1st – 5th of March 2011
    Hall 17, Booth G24

  • 17.02.11 | Enermax will extend T.B.Silence Fan Series

    Enermax will extend the ultra silent T.B.Silence series by two adjustable versions: The speed of the new fans can be adjusted with the help of a control knob or by the mainboard pulse width modulation (PWM), so that users can choose the cooling performance according to the system’s requirements. T.B.Silence VR and T.B.Silence PWM will be available shortly after the CeBIT in two different sizes of 80mm and 120mm.

    The most important technical data:

    T.B.Silence PWM



    Speed (RPM)



    Air Flow (m3/h)



    Min. Noise (dB(A))



    T.B.Silence VR



    Speed (RPM)



    Air Flow (m3/h)



    Min. Noise (dB(A))



  • 10.02.11 | CeBIT Preview I: The New Case Generation

    In January, Enermax introduced its new flagship midi tower for gamers, Hoplite. However this is just the beginning of the new generation of Enermax cases, which will be presented on CeBIT in Hannover for the first time.

    Hoplite: Excellent Cooling and First-class Data Management
    Its strong, steel mesh front shield is the most striking feature of the high-end case Hoplite, which stands out among other midi towers thanks to its powerful cooling system and range of functions that make it suitable for today’s high-performance components. Furthermore, Hoplite is designed for an efficient data management. It is equipped with two easy accessible 3.5” hot-swap hard disk bays in the front base, a 2.5”/3.5” hot-swap hard disk dock and two high-speed USB 3.0 interfaces at the top.

    >> Technical details and photos

    Premiere: The New Case Generation from Enermax
    During CeBIT, Enermax will reveal two new high-end cases, now only referred to as ECA5020 and ECA3230. They are designed with passion for real hardware enthusiasts, offering much more space for powerful components, an advanced cooling system and maximum flexibility for future extensions. With dimensions of 620 x 234 x 568mm (D x W x H), the new Full Tower ECA 5020 is a giant. It accommodates up to 20 case fans, four graphics cards and 14 optical and hard disk drives. Even the oversized EATX or HPTX server mainboards can be fitted into this new Enermax tower. The ECA3230 however is a new midi tower with a robust structure and helpful mechanisms for a quick and comfortable system build as well as a flexible, high-performance cooling system.

    For more details about the new Enermax products, please visit us at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. We are looking forward to meeting you:

    Enermax @ CeBIT 2011

    1st – 5th of March 2011
    Hall 17, Booth G24

  • 02.02.11 | Aeolus Premium: Premium Cooling for Overheated Notebooks

    Between older, overloaded notebooks, notebooks with blocked air vents and the many new models that come with more and more performance in progressively slimmer cases, the result is often overheating. Areas on the base can get uncomfortably hot and the integrated fans run noisily at full speed to try and compensate. The new Aeolus Premium from Enermax provides an elegant and efficient answer to the problems of notebook cooling. Depending on the personal requirements, the user can seamlessly adjust the fan speed of the cooling pad. As the bottom of the notebook cooler is open, it guarantees a continual fresh air supply.

    Perfect in Form and Maximum Comfort
    As usual, Enermax focuses on efficient performance as well as on the development of a stylish, high-quality and reliable product: The brushed aluminium finish is available in both black and titanium grey, so the cooling pad can perfectly match the elegance of latest designer notebooks. A ring of 15 blue LEDs gently bathes the laptop providing a cool glow from underneath, and of course if required, the light can be easily switched off. With its slightly tilted angle and the full-size wrist rest, Aeolus Premium is designed to give a more comfortable typing experience, even after prolonged use. In addition, the cooling pad is equipped with an additional USB port for keyboards or mouses.

    Aeolus Premium can be obtained from the beginning of February. It is available in two colours: Black or titanium grey.

    Technical details and photos

  • 20.01.11 | Hoplite & Clipeus: Especially Designed for Today's High-Performance PC

    The new Enermax ATX Midi Towers, Hoplite and Clipeus, are the perfect partners for today's latest PC systems. These two cases have been designed for optimal cooling performance and first-class usability.

    Hoplite: The High-end Midi-Tower for Enthusiasts
    Hoplite is the new flagship ATX Midi Tower from Enermax. Its high-performance cooling system can accommodate up to six fans, and the product designers put an emphasis on every single detail to create a perfect housing for the latest PC systems. The useful front doors allow for a quick and convenient access to the 12cm front fan and to the hot-swap bays at the bottom of the front. The internal arrangement is designed for best possible usability, with screwless, quick release fasteners for optical and hard drives, as well as the excellent cable management system that includes space behind the extruded right side panel for a flexible cable routing behind the mainboard tray. On the top, users can find a hot-swap docking station for 2.5“ or 3.5“ HDD/SSD as well as two super-speed USB 3.0 ports. Fans of the renowned Enermax LED technology will be pleased to hear about the pre-installed 12cm Vegas front fan. It can combine two different colours (blue and red) with eleven unique light effects.

    >> Technical details and photos

    Clipeus: Striking Entry-level Case for PC Gamers

    With either its diamond-shaped acrylic (ECA3210-A) or steel meshed (ECA3210-M) front shield, the Clipeus heralds some of the most outstanding characteristics of any PC gaming chassis on the market. It comes pre-installed with a spectacular blue and white (ECA3210-A) or blue and red (ECA3210-M) LED light show, thanks to the 12cm Vegas front fan. The user can switch between eleven different light modes or simply turn off the LED light by pushing a button on the front panel. To isolate vibration and improve the air circulation underside the case, Clipeus is equipped with 20mm rubber stands – an invaluable advantage when the base mounted PSU is installed upside down. The interior provides many features to make system assembling and modification easier – such as quick release fasteners for optical and hard drives or thumb screws for the side panels. Cut-outs and mountings throughout the case ensure a clean and hidden cable routing for improved airflow and system neatness.

    >> Technical details and photos

  • 12.01.11 | ErPro80+: The New Eco-Class

    Enermax extends its product portfolio with an economical PSU for basic applications. The new ErPro80+ is the adequate answer to the most current hardware requirements and gives much space for future extensions and advancements. Even the innovative solutions and technologies of high-end Enermax PSU have influenced the new series: The result is an up-to-date PSU design with first-class and durable components. All ErPro80+ models are equipped with PCI-E connectors (6+2 pin) as a tribute to passionate gamers and users of powerful graphics cards. And also silent PC enthusiasts will benefit from new PSU series: The fan is based on the trusted Twister bearing, which already brought the Modu87+ and Pro87+ series several awards. Magnets inside the rotor and a bearing sleeve made from a self-lubricating nano material ensure a frictionless and smooth rotation. The noise level tests of a leading German hardware magazine already approved the outstanding performance of ErPro80+: The editors measured sensational 0.1 to 0.4 sone during normal operation (PC Games Hardware 02/2011, pp. 80-84).   

    ErPro80+: New Design for minimum standby power consumption
    Since the introduction of the 80 PLUS® certification, the power losses of modern PC power supply have been reduced significantly. Under this regard ErPro80+ makes no exception with up to 86 per cent efficiency at 230V. The new EU regulation “ErP Lot 6” shall therefore control the standby power consumption of PC systems. It brings mainly two components into focus: mainboard and power supply. In the middle of 2010, mainboard manufacturers already presented the first ErP Lot 6 ready products. As one of the first power supply manufacturers, Enermax now launches with ErPro80+ a PSU series which supports the strict EU targets. It is based on an improved 5V standby circuit (+5Vsb) and reduces the power consumption in standby mode about 20 per cent. Until the end of the first quarter 2011, Enermax will update all other current PSU series to support the new EU regulation.

    >> Read more about the guidelines of EU regulation (pdf)

    From next week on, ErPro80+ will be available. The series includes three models with 350, 400 and 500W.

    >> Technical details and photos

  • 15.12.10 | Aurora Lite: Timeless Elegance

    The Aurora keyboard series have been existing since 2006. Its elegant aluminium design has gained many followers worldwide and has won the prestigious “red dot design award”. With Aurora Lite, Enermax now presents the new generation of the successful keyboard series. It distinguishes from the predecessor models by its delicate and ultra thin silhouette. Apart from that, the Aurora Lite seamlessly continues with the timeless appearance of the previous keyboards: The cover is made from precious brushed aluminium with diamond-cut edges and turns the keyboard into a jewel for desktop use.

    A Touch of Luxury for Your Office
    The Aurora Lite is the ideal office keyboard – not only because of its precious appearance: It is specially designed for the needs and requirements of typing maniacs. Enermax integrated its patented and durable key stroke technology “Scissors” (10 Millions key strokes lifetime) which offers a silent and exact key stroke similar to notebook keyboards. The massive case and the rubber pads at the bottom side provide a firm stand and prevent the keyboards from sliding on slippery surfaces. Its slim profile and the zero-degree angle allow for quick and comfortable typing. For often-used USB devices like mouses or portable storage media, Aurora Lite is equipped with two additional USB ports on each side.

    From next week on the Aurora Lite will be available at a MSRP of 59.90 Euro/£49.90 incl. VAT. During the first quarter 2011, Enermax will introduce a wireless version of the Aurora Lite.

    >> More technical details and photos

  • 30.11.10 | Elegant Travelling with High Speed

    With the Jazz series, Enermax build up a reputation as manufacturer of high-quality and elegant external hard disk cases and has won international awards like the famous “IF product design award”. The successor series Jazzmate follows this line: decent appearance with user-friendly functions. Jazzmate is designed for 2.5” Hard Disk Drives (HDD) or 2.5“ Solid State Drives (SSD) with SATA interface and a maximum height of 9.5mm. Users can choose between three different models: Apart from the versions with an external USB 2.0 or eSATA interface, Enermax presents also a model with the new high-speed standard USB 3.0, which strikingly increases the data transfer rate. In the future, it is able to reach up to 5 Gigabit per Second. Already since a couple of months, PCs and notebooks are available with USB 3.0 ports. Especially users, who regularly work with external hard disks to for example backup data or to maintain huge video or photo collections, will profit from changing to the new standard. Additionally, USB 3.0 also supports its predecessor USB 2.0.

    Comfortable and Cool Data Transport
    Well protected against vibrations by a removable silicon sleeve, Jazzmate is the ideal enclosure for travellers. Thanks to its compact size (134 x 78 x 16mm) the enclosure even fits into user’s pocket. The assembling and replacement of HDD or SSD is simple: The user has to unlock the case by the aid of a slide switch and can install the hard disk – a great advantage for all who use several HDD or SSD. The robust double-sided steel mesh ensures an excellent air circulation. In this way, the installed hard disk is effectively cooled from both sides and hot spots can be eliminated.

    Jazzmate 2.5” is now available. The MSRP of the USB 2.0 version (EB211S-B) is 15.90 Euro incl. VAT. The model with eSATA (EB211ES-B) comes with a MSRP of 19.90 Euro incl. VAT and the USB 3.0 version (EB211U3-B) will cost 29.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT). >> More

  • 18.11.10 | Evolution of LED Fan

    Last year, the Enermax Apollish series revolutionized the LED fan segment. Its patented circular LED light with 15 diodes provides bright and intense colours and reaches a level never seen before. Apollish has become a synonym for brilliant and stylish case cooling. The curved light reflection is the most outstanding characteristic of the Enermax fans. It occurs in transaction with the high-glossy coating, which is applied by the co-called sputter deposition method. This costly technique is used in car industry to refine rims or mirrors. Now, Enermax’ engineers successfully developed an alternative solution: The new Focus Blades with light reflex strips make the Enermax LED fans affordable for a wider range of customers, providing the same effects and intensity like Apollish.

    T.B.Apollish: LED Fan for Everyone
    The new T.B.Apollish series is based on a mass-suitable concept: It combines the unique appearance of the Apollish series with the excellent price-performance ratio of the T.B.Silence fans. Therewith, Enermax offers finally a low-budget LED fan at a very attractive entry level price of 6.99 Euro (T.B.Apollish 8cm, MSRP incl. VAT). The patented circular LED light includes 9 to 15 diodes and easily surpasses all ordinary LED fans. Furthermore, users benefit from the excellent cooling performance of the new T.B.Apollish series. The patented Twister bearing ensures smooth and efficient operation. T.B.Apollish works at a constant speed of 1,600, 900 or 750 RPM, depending on the fan size.

    T.B.Apollish is available in three sizes with 8cm, 12cm and 14cm, and in two different colours, blue and red (only 12cm and 14cm). MSRP incl. VAT: 6.99 Euro for the 8cm model, 9.99 Euro for the 12cm version and 14.99 Euro for the T.B.Apollish 14cm. >> More

    T.B.Vegas Duo and Trio: Gorgeous Effects
    The new ATX Midi Tower Luxuray has been a foretaste of the new multi-colour LED fan series T.B.Vegas Duo and T.B.Vegas Trio. They are based on the patented circular LED light, which is already applied in other Enermax fan series. Indeed, instead of 18 diodes, the manufacturer uses two or three times more diodes. According to that, T.B. Vegas Trio is equipped with in sum 54 diodes – 18 blue, 18 red and 18 green diodes. An integrated circuit allows for up to 14 different and gorgeous effects. Apart from the colour combination, the main difference between both T.B.Vegas series is the RPM control: While T.B.Vegas Duo provides a variable, manual fan speed controller, T.B.Vegas Trio can be regulated by the mainboard pulse width modulation (PWM). Both fan series further profit from the durable Twister bearing, ensuring smooth and quiet operation.

    T.B.Vegas Duo (blue-red) is available in following sizes: 8cm (MSRP incl. VAT: 11.90 Euro), 12cm (MSRP incl. VAT: 18.90 Euro) and 14cm (MSRP incl. VAT: 23.90 Euro). T.B.Vegas Trio (blue-red-green) comes out with 12cm (MSRP incl. VAT: 24.90 Euro). >>More

    The New Enermax LED Fans at a Glance


    T.B.Vegas Duo

    T.B.Vegas Trio


    Blue or Red>



    Available Sizes

    8cm (only blue) /
    12cm / 14cm

    8cm / 12cm / 14cm


    Speed Control

    fixed RPM


    4P PWM

    Here you can find a detailed overview of the different Enermax LED fan series.

  • 29.10.10 | ATX Midi Tower de Luxe – Premium Design and First-class Cooling

    Recently, Enermax introduced the ATX Midi Tower Volcanus. Its characteristic flame design and high-performance cooling system is dedicated to passionate gamers. The new ATX Midi Tower Luxuray goes in another direction: It is completely black coated – inside as well as outside – matching with a high-glossy front made from black-transparent acryl which shows the light effects of the pre-installed Vegas fan to its best advantage. The patented circular LED technology with 36 diodes is equipped with an integrated circuit which enables to create three different colours (blue/red/green) and overall 14 light modes. In combination with the black transparent acryl front, the three-colour fan brings about a sensational effect: It reveals a kind of 3-dimensional view into the case – a successful optical illusion and a foretaste of the new Enermax LED fan generation, which will be launched until the end of this year.

    Brilliant Cooling Performance
    In searching for the adequate case to build a new PC system, the cooling performance plays an important role. As a manufacturer of high-quality fans, Enermax puts much effort in the development of an effective cooling concept. Luxuray is delivered with two pre-installed fans: While the Vegas front fan takes in fresh air through the vents on the bottom and side of the front panel, the integrated 12cm rear fan blows out the heat. Depending on the system requirements, the case cooling can be upgraded up to five fans. The installation of two side fans supports the fresh air supply; one top fan can additionally dissipate the rising warm air. According to that, the PSU is mounted at the case bottom and can be also installed with fan downwards. A micro filter prevents dust particles from entering into the power supply.

    Easy System Assembling
    Luxuray provides a variety of useful functions and mechanisms which simplify the installation of the system components. Thanks to quick release fasteners and thumb screws, the optical drives and expansion cards can be fixed without using additional tools. The 90-degree-rotated HDD cage helps to install or exchange hard disc drives comfortably. Furthermore, below the HDD cage users can find a retained space for 2.5” SSD drives. Tangled cables can not only disturb the air circulation inside the case, but also destroy the clean and perfect overall impression of every case. Luxuray is equipped with cut-outs to run the cables hidden behind the mainboard tray.

    >> More

  • 20.08.10 | Revolution85+ 920/1020W: The Power Supply

    Revolution85+ is the power supply of the premium class to own, and with good reason: Very few high-end power supplies have ever sold as successfully as the Revolution85+. It is not often that experts’ reactions to a product are unanimously positive. As the first PSU to win two of the most famous product design awards (“red dot design award 2009” and “IF product design award 2010”), Enermax has continued its commitment to the successful range with the addition of two new models. The leading PSU manufacturer again refined and improved the design, and has invented a more powerful and reliable topology that requires even less space. At just 175mm deep, the housing is exceptional compact for this PSU class. It accommodates four incredibly stable 12V rails where each rail is equipped with an over current protection (OCP) and delivers up to 35 Amps. The combined power of all 12V rails offers 99 per cent 12V output capability. As high-performance graphics cards and processors draw their power predominantly from the 12V rails, the Revolution85+ is the first choice power supply for high-end performance and gaming systems.   

    Forward-looking Design

    Further areas of application of the premium Enermax PSU are workstations (multi-CPU socket compatible) and servers. The Revolution85+ complies with the most current standard available for server power supplies, following the official “Server System Infrastructure PSU Design Guide 2008” (SSI PSDG 2008) rev. 1.2. As in the consumer space, with these applications, the efficiency plays a major role. Most current processors and graphics cards come with effective energy saving functions. But these modes may cause a compatibility issues with power supplies, because the PSU has to ensure stable operation, even below 1W load. Therefore Revolution85+ is equipped with the “Zero Load Design” and anticipates forthcoming revisions of the SSI PSU design guides. Furthermore, due to the implementation of the new internal PSU topology, Enermax has reduced the energy losses at normal and low load by several percentage points: Revolution85+ now reaches a peak efficiency of 92 per cent (80PLUS® Silver certified).

    Twister Bearing
    Like its other current PSU series, Enermax has equipped the new Revolution85+ models with its Twister fan. The patented bearing technology not only ensures a quiet and smooth rotation, but is, in comparison to other ball bearing fans, designed to be much more robust and durable, offering up to 100,000 hours MTBF.

    Price Advantage
    The MSRP of Revolution85+ 920W is just 259.90 Euro incl. VAT, reduced from 295 Euro for the Revolution85+ 950W. The Revolution85+ 1020W will cost just 299.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT), down from 319 Euro for the Revolution85+ 1050W.

    More technical details

  • 06.08.10 | ATX Midi Tower Volcanus: Play with Fire

    After PhoenixNeo, Enermax presents another promising gaming case. The new ATX Midi Tower Volcanus stands out with its design concept, which will not only meet the taste of gaming enthusiasts, but also find many other devotees. Deep black flames stretch from the front to the side panels. A fire of 18 LEDs blazes behind the robust, honeycombed steel mesh and sets striking colour accents. The user can switch between red or blue LED lightning. Furthermore, the pre-installed 14cm Vegas fan offers eleven different LED modes, which can be selected by pushing the light button on the front panel.

    Hot Design, Cool Performance
    The hot appearance of the case is accompanied by a cool interior conception. Volcanus accommodates up to five case fans. While the warm air is directed towards the back and top, the front and side panel fans blow cool air into the case. Following this concept, the power supply is mounted at the bottom to allow for an unrestricted rise and dissipation of warm air streams. The large-meshed front panel provides an excellent air circulation and effective cooling of installed hard disc drives.

    Quick and Comfortable System Assembling
    Sturdy, screwless quick-release fastener for hard disc and optical drives as well as for the expansion slots already belong to the standard tools of Enermax cases. Apart from that, Volcanus offers several other mechanisms, which simplify the installation of system components and enable a clean cable routing.

    The ATX Midi Tower Volcanus is now available at a MSRP of 87.90 Euro incl. VAT.

    Further technical information you can find here...

  • 19.07.10 | Air Cooling 4U – The Lucky Winners

    The big Enermax fan survey is over. Several thousand hardware enthusiasts took part. Their opinion will influence the development of future case fan products from Enermax.

    Today, amongst all participants, Enermax has drawn the winners of three high-class product bundles.

    1st Prize: Enermax “High-End“ Product Bundle - Aashish Arora (Germany)
    2nd Prize: Enermax “Gaming“ Product Bundle - Vlad Krivosheev (Russia)
    3rd Prize: Enermax “Office“ Product Bundle - Łukasz Kirkis (Poland)

    Finally, seven participants will enjoy the spectacular LED light effects of new case fan series Apollish Vegas:

    Simon Quirin (Germany)
    Matti Järvinen (Finland)
    Jacek Czarnecki (Poland)
    Jevgenij Žerenkov (Russia)
    Aleksandr Gruzdev (Russia)
    Adam Brewka (Poland)
    Sabine Albrecht (Germany)

    Enermax congratulates all winners!

  • 12.07.10 | Enermax Acrylux series: Black at its Finest

    Premium material, high-class workmanship, elegant appearance – after aluminium keyboard series Aurora Enermax presents a further keyboard series designed according to highest design and quality requirements. Acrylux provides a precious piano finish, scratch-resistant surface and comfortable handling. The keyboard series is available in black colour as USB cable and wireless version.

    Elegant Piano Finish
    Again, Enermax makes use of a robust and elegant material. The reinforced acryl not only creates an elegant piano finish, but also forms an extremely robust and scratch-resistant surface. It reaches a hardness grade of 7H. From design point of view, the USB version distinguishes from the wireless keyboard by red illuminated status indicators and Enermax logo. It further comes with a built-in USB hub. The two USB ports are located on both sides of the keyboard.

    Excellent Typing Comfort and Wireless Freedom
    Enermax presents an ultra thin keyboard, which is designed for best usability and highest comfort. The flat key caps and the approved key stroke technology make it easy to type quickly and accurately. The so-called “Scissors” technology has been already applied in Aurora keyboard series and offers a smooth and silent key stroke, similar to notebooks. The Acrylux Wireless is equipped with a strong 2.4GHz radio frequency technology. It reaches up to 10 meters operating range and thus provides an excellent mobility. During transport of mobile computers, the little nano receiver can be left plugged in without damaging the USB port.

    The Acrylux keyboard series is now available at a MSRP of 64,90 Euro for the USB cable version (KB009U-B) and 74,90 Euro for the Wireless version (KB009W-B).

    » more about Acrylux
    » more about Acrylux Wireless

  • 02.07.10 | Aeolus N14: Effective Netbook Cooling

    The air circulation and heat dissipation of netbooks is often restricted by the limited space in and around the small casing. Therefore, many manufactures develop active or passive cooling systems, which, under normal conditions, offer an acceptable cooling performance. Since summer is here and the ambient temperature is rapidly rising, though even the best cooling systems can reach their limits. As a consequence, essential components like CPU or graphics card have to struggle at unusual high temperatures.

    Aeolus N14: Large-Area Cooling with in-built Silent Fan

    Netbook temperatures can be significantly reduced by the use of a specially designed cooling pad. While there are many notebook coolers currently available on the market, most cannot be easily adapted for small-size notebooks or compact netbooks. With its Aeolus N14, Enermax has developed a cooling pad, which is specially designed for these small-size mobile computers. The virtually silent integrated 14cm fan ensures a steady stream of fresh air. The wide-area steel mesh offers not only an excellent thermal conduction, but also an unrestricted air circulation and well-balanced cooling performance. Visually, Aeolus N14 follows the elegant appearance of larger Aeolus. Four blue LEDs, elegantly integrated into the design, create a harmonious and delicate light. Due to its compact size and low weight, Aeolus N14 can be easily carried along with your netbook for cooling anywhere. It even provides one additional USB port to directly connect a mouse or keyboard.

    Aeolus N14 is available now, starting from just 21.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT).


  • 23.06.10 | Freedom and Efficiency

    The modular Liberty-series has been a global power supply bestseller for the last 5 years. On the 20th anniversary of the Enermax brand, the recently updated LibertyECO II has carried this success forward, and now Enermax expands its range to include a new 720-Watt-model specifically designed for gamers and hardware-enthusiasts who demand high-performance. LibertyECO II 720W is available from today at your local retailer.
    All PSU’s in the LibertyECO II series will include a special add-on: a 12cm Twister fan, just as Modu82+ II and Pro82+ II series also included.

    “Liberty” means freedom, which the modular cable management provides users. “ECO” stands for economy and indicates that this power supply includes not only a high efficiency (80PLUS® certified) but attractive price as well: that's twice the saving passed onto our customers. Considering that the consumption of modern PC-systems is growing due to high-performance graphic cards for gamers, Enermax has accordingly decided to expand its LibertyECO II series towards more powerful models.

    The LibertyECO II 720W is now available with a MSRP of £139,90 (incl. VAT).

    » more information

  • 15.06.10 | New Flagship LED Fan: Viva Las Vegas

    The patented circular LED light is the most striking feature of the Apollish fan series. In interaction with the high-resistant glossy coating, it provides bright colours and unique light effects. The Apollish Vegas series goes one step further: An integrated circuit is able to control each of the 18 diodes separately and to create seven different light effects. They can be selected by an external control unit, which can be mounted outside the case. It further includes a knob for a comfortable manual RPM control. Apollish Vegas offers an excellent cooling performance with an airflow rate of maximum 143m3/h. The patented Twister Bearing Technology ensures smooth and quiet fan operation – even at maximum speed.

    The new Enermax flagship fan series Apollish Vegas is now available in two sizes (12cm and 14cm) starting from 23.90 Euro (12cm model, MSRP incl. VAT). The fan series comes in four different colours: Blue, Red, Green (only 12cm version) and Silver (only 12cm version).

    More information ...

  • 15.06.10 | Air Cooling 4U: Big Fan Survey with Premium Prizes

    Join the big Enermax fan survey and influence the future product development. All participants have the chance to win one of three unique product bundles:

    1st prize: Enermax High-end bundle (440 Euro worth)
    2nd prize: Enermax Gaming bundle (360 Euro worth)
    3rd prize: Enermax Office bundle (250 Euro worth)

    Closed for participation. The lucky winners will be announced soon.


  • 27.05.10 | New Fan Series T.B.Silence: Power through Silence

    The perception of the noise level may be subjective, but it is – besides performance – one of the most discussed topics in international hardware forums. With T.B.Silence, Enermax has developed a product which exactly meets the desires of PC enthusiasts: a powerful and reliable fan (with a minimum 100,000 hours MTBF), which works stably, silently and at the same time, cost effectively.

    On Silent (Bat)Wings
    adopts the distinctive batwings style blades of other Twister fan series. The special shape increases the airflow rate by 20 per cent without an audible difference. Another Enermax patented innovation is the three-piece frame. The aluminium reinforced structure not only reduces the vibration, but also improves the cooling performance due to the punched air intakes at the side. They provide an additional fresh air supply. At a constant speed of just 900RPM, the 12cm version reaches a considerable air flow rate of 71.54m³/h. During the development of the 14cm model, Enermax product managers drew inspiration from a completely different field of application: at an even lower speed of 750RPM, the powerful turbine blades achieve optimal cooling performance, while retaining their silent operation.

    Twister Bearing Technology: The Brilliant Idea behind “Air Cooling by Enermax“
    The Twister bearing is Enermax’s main ingredient in its recipe for success in the fan market. The smart technology not only ensures smooth fan rotation and long lifetime, but also reduces the noise level significantly. A small metal ball inside the rotor becomes magnetised and holds the fan blades in place on the shaft. That way, Enermax keeps the contact area and friction to a minimum. Furthermore, the bearing sleeve is made from a self-lubricating nano material, which prevents the loss of lubricant and guarantees a long lifetime of at least 100,000 hours MTBF. The other positive side effect of the patented Twister Bearing Technology is that the blades are detachable and can very easily be cleaned of dust.

    T.B.Silence is available from now on and includes all popular sizes including 8cm, 9cm, 12cm and 14cm.

    More information

  • 19.05.10 | Enermax @ Computex 2010

    Since 20 years, the Enermax brand stands for high quality, outstanding performance and smart innovations. By the beginning of the anniversary year 2010, Enermax has launched its new PSU generation: The Modu87+ and Pro87+ PSU series set new standards in terms of efficiency, performance and silent cooling – approved by many independent tests worldwide.

    Premiere of High-end Enermax PSU
    In view of forthcoming high-performance graphics cards, the demand for powerful and at the same time efficient PSU is still growing. For that reason, Enermax decided to extend the 80PLUS® Gold certified Modu87+ series up to 900W. On Computex, visitors will have the chance to take a first look on the powder coated versions of Modu87+ with 800W and 900W.

    Furthermore, the Revolution85+ PSU series would have two more new models with 920W and 1020W, which will be available in the late third quarter. Enermax managed to create one of the most compact high-end PSU with 175mm depth. It accommodates four powerful 12V rails and a high-efficient state-of-the-art DC-to-DC topology. New Revolution85+ will be compatible with smaller chassis and affordable for a larger number of users.

    Hot Cases, Silent Cooling
    Also in other segments Enermax will show several ambitious products, which are about to be launched in short: Gamers will be enthusiastic about Volcanus, the new gaming case with its hot flame design and advanced cooling system accommodating up to five fans. Therefore, Midi Tower Luxuray is directed to design devotees. The high-glossy acrylic front and black-coated interior gives it a unique and elegant appearance, completed by the bright colours and outstanding light effects of integrated three-colour Apollish front fan. The LED light can be switched among blue, red and green colour – according to user’s own taste.

    Enermax brings further good news for those, who are searching for simple, effective and quiet case fans: New T.B.Silence fan series is – like all Enermax Twister fans – based on patented, long-lasting and smooth Twister Bearing providing optimal performance and noiseless cooling. Completing the high-quality office and design product lines, Enermax will also show some new peripherals like HDD enclosures, keyboards and notebook cooling pads.

    More details about all new Enermax products, you will come to know at Computex in Taipei. We are looking forward to meeting you:

    Enermax @ Computex 2010
    1st – 5th of June 2010
    Nangang Hall, booth I 818

  • 14.05.10 | Lucky Draw „20 Years Enermax” – The Winners

    As a prelude to its 20th anniversary, Enermax invited hardware enthusiasts from 20 European countries to participate in an exclusive lucky draw. The response has been enormous: Over 10.000 users took part and searched for the answer to the question:

    "Which two Enermax PSU series have been the world’s first full PSU series with 80PLUS® Bronze certification?"

    The correct answer: Modu82+ and Pro82+. Did you know? From all correct entries, Enermax has drawn the winners at random.

    These are the lucky winners of the anniversary lucky draw:


    1st prize:

    PSU Modu82+ II 625W

    Pavel Sykora (Czech)

    2nd prize:

    PSU Pro82+ II 525W

    Johannes Jokisch (Germany)

    3rd prize:

    PSU LibertyECO II 500W

    Marcin Koszowski (Poland)

    4th prize:

    ATX Midi Tower PhoenixNeo

    Carsten Baumhögger (Germany)

    5th prize:

    ATX Midi Tower Staray

    Gregory Goldston (Great Britain)

    6th prize:

    ATX Midi Tower Vostok

    Michail Smirnov (Russia)

    7th prize:

    Notebook Cooling Pad Aeolus

    Matthias Nitschke (Germany)

    8th prize:

    2x 12cm Fan Apollish

    Peter Gerhardt (Germany)

    9th prize:

    2x 12cm Fan Cluster

    Tom Ekestubbe (Finland)

    10th prize:

    2x 12cm Fan Everest

    Bernhard Neuhofer (Austria)

    11th prize:

    2x 12cm Fan Magma

    Marius Schenzle (Germany)

    12th prize:

    External 2,5“ HDD Case Jazz

    Karsten Strotmann (Germany)

    13th prize:

    External 2,5“ HDD Case Jazz

    Mariusz Zielinski (Poland)

    14th prize:

    External 2,5“ HDD Case Brick

    Tomi Koivisto (Finland)

    15th prize:

    External 2,5“ HDD Case Brick

    Pirmin Braun (Germany)

    16th prize:

    8cm Fan Apollish

    Dennis Holzberg (Germany)

    17th prize:

    8cm Fan Apollish

    Stuart Bushell (Great Britain)

    18th prize:

    8cm Fan Apollish

    Branislav Soral (Slovakia)

    19th prize:

    8cm Fan Apollish

    Tomáš Kubinec (Slovakia)

    20th prize:

    8cm Fan Apollish

    Dave Edwards (Great Britain)

    Enermax congratulates all winners!

  • 15.04.10 | Lucky Draw: 20 Years Enermax – Win 20 prizes!

    Enermax celebrates 20 years of Power, Innovation and Design. In the year 1990, a group of hardware enthusiasts laid the foundation for a power supply engineering company that eventually become the Enermax success story. During the years that followed, the small startup company evolved into one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of high-end PC components. In order to start the anniversary celebrations, we invite you to participate in our exclusive lucky draw. Take part and win exciting prizes. The question to be answered is as follows:

    "Which two Enermax PSU series have been the world’s first full PSU series with 80PLUS® Bronze certification?"

    The 20 winners will then be drawn at random from all the correct entries. According to its 20th anniversary, Enermax provides 20 fantastic prizes, including:

    1st prize:
    PSU Enermax Modu82+ II 625W

    2nd prize:
    PSU Enermax Pro82+ II 525W

    3rd prize:
    PSU Enermax LibertyECO II 500W

    4th prize:

    Case - ATX Mid Tower PhoenixNeo

    5th prize:

    Case - ATX Mid Tower Staray

    6th prize:

    Case - ATX Mid Tower Vostok

    7th prize:

    Peripheral - Notebook Cooling Pad Aeolus

    8th prize:

    Fan - 2x 12cm Apollish

    9th prize:

    Fan - 2x 12cm Cluster

    10th prize:

    Fan - 2x 12cm Everest

    11th prize:

    Fan - 2x 12cm Magma

    12th - 13th prize:

    Peripheral - 2.5" HDD Case Jazz

    14th - 15th prize:

    Peripheral - 2.5" HDD Case Brick

    16th - 20th prize:

    Fan - 8cm Apollish


    Closed for participation. The lucky winners will be announced soon.

  • 15.04.10 | Anniversary Edition PSU with Free Twister Fan

    The long-standing loyalty and customer trust have been essential elements of the success of the Enermax brand. As a thank you, Enermax presents an anniversary edition of the Revolution85+, Modu82+ II, Pro82+ II and LibertyECO II PSU series. All PSU within these four series will be delivered with a free 12cm Enermax Twister fan. The anniversary fans work at a constant speed of 1,200RPM and are based on the patented Twister Bearing Technology, which guarantees an effective and silent cooling performance for every PC system. The special anniversary edition power supplies will be available for a limited period of six month.

  • 15.03.10 | Enermax @ CeBIT 2010: Power. Innovation. Design.

    "Power. Innovation. Design." These keywords are inextricably linked with the Enermax brand and they also paraphrase this year’s CeBIT appearance. The premium manufacturer presented several new products, so there was a great crowd at the Enermax booth.

    Golden Power

    The new ultra silent Modu87+ and Pro87+ PSU series occupied the centre stage. On five columns in the middle of the booth, Enermax presented the new gold standard for the most demanded 500 to 800 wattage range. Many users got in touch with Enermax to learn more about the new AC technology, the so-called “Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology”. It makes possible a peak efficiency of up to 93 per cent. Apart from that, Modu87+ and Pro87+ are equipped with a new advanced fan speed control, which slows down the rotation speed to just 330RPM to maximum 1,000RPM at full load. That’s practically inaudible!

    Innovative Technology

    Already on last year’s CeBIT, the Apollish fan series attracted many visitors. The patented circular LED light with up to 15 diodes and the high-resistant, glossy surface provide bright colours and great light effects. With new Apollish Vegas series, Enermax goes one step further: Users can switch between seven spectacular light effects. Apart from that, Enermax improved the luminous power of the circular LED light. The 12cm and 14cm models possess in sum 18 diodes.

    At the first glance, the second new fan series appears virtually normal. Far from it. In fact T.B.Silence impresses by its extremely low noise level of 11dB(A) (12cm model) and excellent cooling. Like successful Everest and Cluster series, T.B. Silence is equipped with batwing blades and a HALO frame with punched air intakes, which improve the air flow performance. Finally, the patented Twister Bearing Technology guarantees not only a long lifetime of up to 100,000 hours MTBF, but also smooth and frictionless operation. That is why T.B.Silence will be also an optimal choice for all silent enthusiasts.

    Apollish Vegas and T.B.Silence will be available in third quarter 2010.

    Unique Design

    CeBIT visitors have been witness to the premier of three Enermax case premieres: The main focus of attention has been the new big tower ECA5010. Its clear-cut design with honeycomb mesh front and with adjustable air vents on the top ensures best possible cooling performance. Apart from integrated 25cm side fan and two 14cm front fans, ECA5010 additionally accommodates two top fans and one rear fan. Beside this new flagship case, Enermax introduced two entry-level midi towers. Each of them appeals to a completely different target group: While the Luxuray with its elegant acrylic glass front is dedicated to admirers of stylish design products, Volcanus intends to be the new ultimate Enermax gaming case.

    The new Enermax cases will be available in third quarter 2010.

    Last but not least, Enermax presented some new peripheral products: The new ultra slim aluminium design keyboard Aurora Lite will be the legal successor of Enermax’ bestselling keyboard Aurora Premium. Notebooks are getting more and more compact, but often at the cost of worse cooling performance. That is the reason, why users are asking for appropriate notebook coolers. Enermax developed the elegant cooling pad Aeolus N14, an ideal cooling solution for ultra compact notebooks and netbooks.

    Liquid Nitrogen and a Robot

    On the Asus stage, right beside the Enermax booth, the Awardfabrik overclockers hunted new top scores. Thanks to the most stable and reliable power of the Enermax Revolution1250W, “Stummerwinter”, currently no. 7 in worldwide overclocking ranking at, finally set two new world records. More…

    At the end, many visitors took a souvenir photo with the most striking individual of the Enermax booth: a 1.50m tall, 60kg robot, made of 133 Apollish Vegas fans.

    More photos from CeBIT 2010...

  • 25.02.10 | Enermax @ CeBIT 2010: 87+ Series Occupy Centre Stage

    The new Modu87+ and Pro87+ PSU series set new standards in the popular 500 to 800W wattage range. They offer up to 93 per cent efficiency as well as virtually silent cooling and will certainly occupy the centre stage of the Enermax booth on this year’s CeBIT in Germany. Building on its industry renowned reliability and quality, Enermax will also introduce its latest development: redundant PSU’s for industrial PC’s and servers. CeBIT visitors will have an exclusive look at seven new redundant PSU systems.

    Solid Gold Power

    The new Enermax PSU series Modu87+ and Pro87+ have already gained many awards from renowned international hardware magazines. The editors are not only convinced by the outstanding efficiency of up to 93 per cent (80PLUS® Gold certified), but also by the virtually silent cooling: Due to the innovative fan control, the rotation speed of integrated Enermax Twister fan slows down to just 330 RPM at low load, and 1,000 RPM at full load. For this reason, the Modu87+ and Pro87+ PSU’s are the best choice not only for cost-conscious energy-saving systems, but also for ultra-quiet PC’s. Three 12V rails ensure reliable and stable power supply.

    The PSU Upgrade for the Demands of 2010 PC’s
    Recently, Enermax announced the upgrade of its popular PSU series Modu82+, Pro82+ and LibertyECO. Users can identify the upgraded PSU’s by looking for the “II” name suffix at the end of the name. What has been changed exactly? All PSU’s from 400W upwards now possess at least two 6+2-pin (8-pin) PCI-E connectors, which will be required for the new generation of high-performance DirectX11 graphics cards. The CPU 12V power cable has been extended to 60cm and, in addition, Enermax has integrated two new features: “HeatGuard” for cooling and the patented “CordGuard”. Apart from that, the LibertyECO II series will be available with one additional higher wattage model at 720W, which will have its exclusive premiere also on the Enermax CeBIT booth.

    Redundant PSU: Enermax Broadens the Scope of Business

    Enermax’ PSU’s continually set industry standards for stable power, reliability and safety – optimal preconditions for the ambitious power supply for industrial PC’s or servers. Furthermore, Enermax has already built an excellent worldwide sales and service network, which is essential for flexible and quick response to customers’ demand. At the introduction of this new product segment, Enermax exclusively presents seven redundant PSU systems at CeBIT.

    More details about the redundant PSU’s and other new Enermax products, you will come to know at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. We are looking forward to meeting you:

    Enermax @ CeBIT 2010
    2nd – 6th of March 2010
    Hall 17, Booth G22


  • 19.02.10 | Enermax @ CeBIT 2010: Preview of Outstanding PC Case Premieres

    Enermax cases are real eye-catchers. Sometimes they impress with their clear-cut and prominent design, sometimes with their pure elegance. But something all Enermax cases have in common: high quality, maximum usability and a well-conceived cooling system. The new cases, which Enermax will present on this year’s CeBIT, continue with this line.

    The monotonous and boring cases, which bore the name “PC” a couple of years ago, have served their time. In our days, the design of PC cases plays an important role. Who wants to put a grey plastic case into his living-room or even take it to a LAN party? One puts emphasis on simple elegance, the other one is searching for a spectacular gaming case. On the Enermax booth at this year’s CeBIT, both will find their ideal PC case. Enermax presents two completely different Midi Towers and one high-end Big Tower:

    Volcanus: Hot Design – Cool Case
    Many CeBIT visitors will be enthusiastic about the new Midi Tower Volcanus. The exceptional flame design on the front and side panels is dedicated to gamers and all people who like eye-catching cases. Enermax delivers its new Midi Tower with an integrated Apollish Vegas fan. By pushing a button on the front panel, Users can switch between seven special light effects. Apart from that, Volcanus offers a great cooling performance. It accommodates up to five fans and ensures a steady air circulation due to the meshed front panel.

    ECA3190: Luxury Midi Tower
    The high-glossy front of new Midi Tower ECA3190 is made of charcoal black acryl. Even behind this only partially light-permeable surface (10% light transparency), the pre-installed Apollish Vegas fan generates intense colours and extraordinary light effects. The luxurious outer design meets a comfortably equipped interior: Enermax integrated various useful tools, which ensure quick and easy installation of system components.

    ECA5010: The New Flagship
    Many are waiting with bated breath for the premiere of the new Enermax Big Tower. The high-end gaming case ECA5010 appears with an innovative and high-performance cooling concept, which can be adjusted flexibly according to the system requirements. The solid and clear-cut design leaves no doubt: The ECA5010 will be the new Enermax flagship case.

    More details about the ECA5010 and other new Enermax products, you will come to know at CeBIT. We are looking forward to meeting you:

    Enermax @ CeBIT 2010
    2nd – 6th of March 2010
    Hall 17, Booth G22


  • 11.02.10 | Czech: Time for a PSU Change – Price Reduction for High-Quality PSU

    Every year, readers of Czech hardware magazine choose the manufacturer of the year in different categories. Enermax won already for the second time in a row the title in the PSU category. In sum, 12 PSU brands were nominated. 27 per cent of all readers voted for the manufacturer of most demanded Modu82+ and Pro82+ PSU series.

    The results of this year’s voting at a glance

    TNTrade Special Promotion: 20% Discount on all Modu82+ 425W
    Enermax’ partner TNTrade celebrates the occasion with a special promotion. The big reseller and distributor offers 20 per cent discount on all Enermax Modu82+ 425W PSU – a unique opportunity for all users, who are currently looking for a reliable, powerful and at the same time efficient power supply. The Modu82+ 425W is 80PLUS® Bronze certified and reaches up to 88 per cent efficiency at 230V. Three massive 12V rails provide extremely stable voltage for most current graphics cards and processors. Apart from that, Modu82+ 425W offers a flexible modular cable management which assures best possible compatibility and connectivity with system components. The integrated 12cm fan with patented fuzzy logic speed control guarantees quiet and optimal cooling of PSU.

    With immediate effect, TNTrade offers Enermax Modu82+ 425W at an unbeatable price of 1.799 CZK incl. VAT.

    Links to TNTrade online shop:
    for Czech users

    for Slovakian users

  • 11.02.10 | Enermax @ CeBIT 2010: Air Cooling for Every Taste

    The huge "FAN" logo made of 107 Apollish fans has been one of the most popular photo scenes on last year's CeBIT. Also this year, Enermax will show several attractions: Amongst other things, two new fan series will have its premiere.

    With the launch of patented Twister Bearing Technology in 2008, the Enermax fan segment made the final breakthrough. Since then, "Air Cooling by Enermax" became increasingly popular. Enermax already offers a broad range of quiet and high-performance case fans for various customer needs. On this year's CeBIT, visitors are looking forward to the premiere of two new outstanding Enermax fan series:

    Apollish Vegas: The Entertainer
    In the mid of last year, Enermax revolutionised the case fan market with its fan series Apollish: The patented circular LED light with up to 15 diodes made all previous LED fans seem insignificant. On this year's CeBIT, Enermax will already introduce the successor series Apollish Vegas. The new LED case fans will be available in five colours and create up to seven different, spectacular light effects. Users may comfortably choose their favourite light effect by the use of an external control unit. Apollish Vegas turns case cooling into an event, while not losing the sight of the most essential aspects: high cooling performance and low noise level.

    T.B.Silence: The Inaudible
    The second fan premiere will be of great interest to all silence enthusiasts. Compared with Apollish Vegas, the new entry-level series T.B. Silence appears virtually normal. Far from it. In fact T.B.Silence impresses not only by an extremely low noise level of 11 dB(A), but also by its level of performance: It reaches an air-flow of up to 71m3/h, which is more than adequate for efficient case cooling. With the high-resistant Twister Bearing and its reinforced frame, T.B.Silence is designed for durable operation (up to 100.000 hours MTBF) - a fan you can trust on.

    More information about the new Enermax products, you will come to know on CeBIT. We are looking forward to meeting you:

    Enermax @ CeBIT 2010
    2nd – 6th of March 2010
    Hall 17, Booth G22


  • 01.02.10 | For the Demands of 2010: Upgrade of Modu82+, Pro82+ and LibertyECO PSU Series

    Modu82+, Pro82+ and LibertyECO belong currently to the most famous and popular PSU series on the market. With the PC demands of 2010, Enermax has now upgraded these three series with several new and attractive features:

    DXXI Ready!
    In the face of the inevitable upgrade of many PC systems, gamers wanting high-performance DirectX11 graphics cards, require new demands of power. Enermax changed every single 6-pin PCI-Express connector to the upgraded 6+2-pin (8-pin) instead. All Enermax PSUs from 400W upwards possess at least two 6+2-pin (8-pin) PCI-Express connectors, which will be required for the new generation of DirectX11 graphics cards, coming on the market in 2010.

    As a feature of high-end series Revolution85+, Enermax introduced the “HeatGuard” cooling function. By keeping the PSU fan running for 30 to 60 seconds after shut down of the PC, it dissipates the remaining heat left over. HeatGuard offers an additional protection of system components and helps to prolong system’s lifetime.

    Everyone knows this possible situation, especially on LAN events or in crowded rooms: while sitting at the computer, someone stumbles over the AC power cord and your PC shuts off suddenly. Enermax has a remedy for this problem: a small, patented metal clip. By clamping the AC cord tightly to the PSU case, it avoids accidental shutdowns of the PC.

    Extented CPU 12V Power Cable

    In more and more PC cases, the power supply is installed at the bottom. As a consequence, the distance between PSU and CPU socket becomes longer, causing the 12V power cable to stretch. Therefore, Enermax has updated its PSUs by equipping all new series with 60cm CPU 12V cables. This gives users more flexibility in assembling their PC systems.

    Enermax 20 Years Anniversary: Free Twister Case Fan
    20 years ago, a group of skilled IT specialists founded the Enermax Technology Corporation. In this new company, they had a vision: High-quality, high-performance and durable PC components for ambitious and high-tech oriented customers. Within a short time, Enermax had emerged into a leading manufacturer of power supplies, cases, fans and peripherals. The company possesses its own research and development centre, as well as two factories – an important basis for global success of the Enermax brand. This way, Enermax is able to ensure high quality, regular advancement and unique design of its products. As a thank you for the long-standing loyalty and customer trust, Enermax presents a Limited Edition of its new PSU series, Modu82+ II, Pro82+ II and LibertyECO II. From these three series, all power supplies will be delivered with a free 12cm case fan that features the patented Twister Bearing Technology.

    The new Modu82+ II (625W), Pro82+ II (425W/525W/625W) and LibertyECO II (500W/620W) power supply series are available immediately. Upgrades of the remaining watt models will be available soon.

    More information about the upgrade

  • 26.01.10 | 8.2 GHz - New overclocking world record in system with Revolution85+ 1250W

    Ilya "TiN" Tsemenko from the team has already gained international fame for his unique overclocking skills. Now he managed to set a new CPU clock-speed world record. By the usage of liquid nitrogen, TiN pushed an Intel Celeron D 347 to 8.20GHz – more than 2.5 times higher than official CPU frequency of 3.06GHz! To reach such an outstanding score, TiN removed the CPU heatspreader, which allowed him to lower the temperature up to -186°C. Not all PSU are able to handle such extreme conditions, but the Enermax Revolution85+ 1250W can. TiN: “The Enermax Revolution85+ provides extremely stable voltage – an essential condition to compete for new records with world’s best overclockers.”


    Forum source with authors thread

  • 12.01.10 | Modu87+ & Pro87+: Solid Gold

    Enermax sets new standards for most demanded PSU wattage range between 500 and 800W: Thanks to its new high-performance AC technology, the Modu87+ and Pro87+ PSU series reach an incredible peak efficiency of up to 93 per cent at 230V. Record-breaking results Enermax achieves as well with the patented cooling technology of new PSU. The path-breaking fan control guarantees optimal and silent running due to unmatched 330 RPM at low load and a maximum of 1,000 RPM at full load.

    The Race for Highest PSU Efficiency
    During the AC-to-DC conversion inside a computer power supply, a part of the power input naturally gets lost. The demand for the minimal loss allowing the most economical consumption of energy and resources has led to the introduction of the 80PLUS® certificate in 2005. Since then, PSU manufacturers have successfully reduced the power loss due to refinements in the latter DC stage of electrical transfer. One example is the frequently adopted high-performance AHD2 topology of the Enermax Revolution85+. All current options for further improvements of the DC stage have been exhausted. For this reason, PSU engineers began to focus on the development of more efficient AC technologies. While a difficult task to undertake, manufacturers have struggled with high production costs or poor DC regulation.

    Modu87+ & Pro87+ - The Clue

    With new PSU series Modu87+ and Pro87+ Enermax’ engineers made the breakthrough: The Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology, a combination of three forward-looking innovations, significantly reduces energy loss on the first AC stage. It is based on a “resonant” topology, which is similarly already used in LCD monitors. But until now, this technology was entirely static and unstable to be translated into PC power supplies. Enermax worked to eliminate the static nature thanks to a unique, dynamic chain of capacitors and transformers. The groundbreaking, flexible AC technology is an optimal solution for the varying power consumption of PC components. Given this breakthrough technology, the Modu87+ and Pro87+ reach a peak efficiency of up to 93 per cent at 230V (80PLUS® Gold certified).

    Background information about the Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology

    Sensational Low Fan Speed

    „Air Cooling by Enermax“ has built an excellent reputation. The Enermax case fans with patented Twister Bearing Technology are renowned for powerful yet silent cooling. No wonder, that the innovations of the Enermax cooling segment find a more and more frequent use in PSU too. The Modu87+ and Pro87+ series are no exception. The integrated gold-coloured Enermax fan guarantees smooth and silent operation. Moreover, Enermax developed a new patented fan control, which slows down the rotation speed to just 330 RPM at low load – that’s practically inaudible. Even at full load, the integrated 13,9cm fan does not exceed 1.000 RPM. Yet again, the Modu87+ and Pro87+ set new gold standards in performance and noise control for the ultimate PC power solution.

    The modular PSU series Netzteilserie Modu87+ is available with 500, 600, 700 and 800W (MSRP: starting from 135.90 Euro / £115.90 incl. VAT). Non-modular PSU of Pro87+ series come in 500 and 600W (MSRP: starting from 119.90 Euro / £99.90 incl. VAT). The new Enermax PSU will be for sale from the end of January on.

    More information about Pro87+ and Modu87+ series

  • 23.12.09 | 5 Years Warranty for Revolution85+

    Highest quality standards and the products’ durability are some of the major reasons for the strength and popularity of the Enermax brand. Furthermore, customers highly appreciate the comfortable and professional Enermax support. The manufacturer offers a broad range of services like the recently launched international support forum as well as direct and comfortable warranty procedures. Enermax now even improves the warranty terms for its high-end series Revolution85+. With immediate effect, the manufacturer warranty period will be extended for all Revolution85+ PSU from 3 to 5 years. That is also a good news for all users, who already bought one of the high-efficient Enermax PSU: The warranty extension applies for all sold Revolution85+ as well.

    Revolution85+: Leading PSU Technology
    Since product launch at the end of 2008, Revolution85+ plays a leading role on the PSU market. It achieved not only highest recommendations from most prestigious hardware magazines all over the world, but also renowned international product design awards: Revolution85+ is the winner of “red dot design award 2009” and “IF Product Design Award 2010” – as first PSU series in the world! No wonder thus, that the high-performance Enermax PSU’s enjoy enormous popularity in hardware enthusiastic communities. Recently Russian overclocking teams and set up a new frequency world record for AMD CPU with liquid nitrogen. They reached an outstanding score of 7040.69 MHz – powered by a high-performance and extremely stable Revolution85+ 1250W.

    More information about Enermax Revolution85+

  • 16.12.09 | Enermax PSU Calculator: How many watts do I need?

    Before buying a new power supply many users must face the question, how many watts they need for their PC system. The specifications of PC components are often not exact enough to calculate the power consumption of the whole system. Therefore users decide true to the motto “Better too much than too little”. As a result, users buy oversized PSU for their systems. These PSU reach maximum 20 percent of their capacity. Indeed, the most recent and high efficient PSU like the Enermax Revolution85+ with up to 91 percent efficiency, achieve such peaks at around 50 percent load.

    PSU Calculator Saves Time and Money

    The new Enermax PSU Calculator helps users to count the power consumption of their systems – reliably and exactly. It is based on a large and constantly updated database with all possible and available system components from CPU to graphics cards to case fans. Thus users do not have to waste their time to look up the power consumption of each system component. In addition they save money, because for most usual office and gaming PC systems 400 to 600 Watt are enough.

    Go to the Enermax PSU Calculator ...

    Professional Enermax Support
    One month ago Enermax announced the start of the international support forum. At users obtain quick and direct assistance for all technical problems as well as answers to all questions about Enermax products. Furthermore, the new forum provides a platform for hardware enthusiasts from all over the world. There, they can share experiences, hints and tricks. Enermax product managers and engineers maintain the support forum. This provides a great chance to get in contact with these people, who are in charge of the development of most recent Enermax products.

  • 27.11.09 | Revolution85+: Second International Award for Groundbreaking PSU Design

    At the beginning of this year Enermax already received the prestigious “red dot design award 2009” for its PSU series Revolution85+. On Monday the high-end PSU series has been honoured once again: The International Design Forum in Hannover announced the IF Product Design Award 2010 for Enermax Revolution85+.

    A Glimpse into the Future of Power Supply
    At the end of the year 2008 Enermax launched the high-performance and extremely efficient PSU series Revolution85+. It signifies the beginning of a new PSU generation. The Revolution85+ combines forward-looking technology with unique design which demonstrates that today’s power supplies do not have to hide in PC cases.

    The powder-coated and robust housing with its individual red framed cooling grid visually communicates the power and dynamic inside the Revolution85+ PSU: Up to 91 percent efficiency (80PLUS® Silver certified), six massive 12V rails, DC-to-DC topology, octuple protection circuitry against all possible malfunctions and much else. No doubt, Revolution85+ offers a glimpse into the future of power supply. The jury of International Forum Design in Hannover honoured the outstanding Enermax PSU with IF Product Design Award 2010. More information about PSU series Revolution85+.

    Excellent Enermax Design
    Since 1990 the Enermax brand is widely known for high-quality and high-performance PC components and peripherals. The company possesses its own research and design teams who take care of consistent further development of product range – particularly with regard to energy-efficient technologies and solutions. Their innovative ideas and the unique design of Enermax products continuously breathe life into the market. Thus it is no wonder that Enermax won over the last few years several product awards:

    2007: “red dot design award“ for keyboard Aurora Premium
    2008: “IF Product Design Award“ for HDD enclosure Jazz
    2009: “red dot design award“ for Multimedia keyboard Aurora Micro Wireless and PSU series Revolution85+
    2010: “IF Product Design Award“ for PSU series Revolution85+

    About the IF Product Design Award
    The IF Product Design Award has been founded in 1953. It became a globally renowned logo for individual and creative product design. Every year, a jury of international experts evaluates all entries according to criteria like manufacturing quality, material, innovative strength, environmental sustainability, functionality or safety.
    More information about IF Product Design Award.

  • 02.11.09 | Keyboard, Mouse, Zapper – Multi-(media)-Talent

    Currently everyone is talking about HTPC, the Multimedia centre which combines everything from television to internet to video games. The requirements for components or peripherals are totally different from these for a standard PC. The control of the HTPC should be as comfortable as possible and the design should apply to the living room environment. In this regard the Enermax Aurora Micro Wireless meets all requirements: an ideal combination of functionality and design, flexibility and high quality.

    Unique Product Design: Winner of „red dot design award 2009“
    The robust and high-quality brushed aluminium case with diamond-cut edges gives the Aurora Wireless an elegant and unique look. Therefore Enermax once again received the prestigious international “red dot design award” like two years ago with the first Aurora series. To offer most comfortable and firm handling, Aurora Micro Wireless is provided with ergonomic grips at the back side. Apart from that, the 2,4GHz wireless technology enables an operation range of up to 10 meters.

    Multimedia All-rounder

    The Aurora Micro Wireless obviates the need for an additional mouse and includes as first keyboard on the world all mouse functions. Integrated laser trackball, two mouse buttons, scroll wheel and seven additional hot keys make browsing and navigating much easier and more comfortable than before. Enermax even thought about the growing number of Windows Media Centre users: The function keys can be used for additional assignments to make a quick and direct access to the most important functions of the Windows Media Centre possible. Like all previous Aurora keyboards, Aurora Micro Wireless is equipped with patented “Scissors” key stroke technology, which guarantees smooth and silent typing.

    The Aurora Micro Wireless is available from now on at a MSRP of 75 Euro (incl. VAT).

    More information

  • 28.10.09 | Help! My computer does not boot anymore!

    Enermax is well-known for first-class customer service. The manufacturer of premium PSU, fans, cases and peripherals extends its online services and launches an international support forum. It offers customers from all over the world quick help to solve technical problems and answers to all questions about Enermax products.

    Enermax product managers and engineers maintain the forum and take care of users’ questions. That provides a great chance to get in contact with the persons, who are in charge of the development and market introduction of the most recent Enermax products. They do not only help to solve hardware conflicts, but they also share experiences and tricks for the optimal configuration of PC systems.

    Community of Hardware Enthusiasts from all over the World
    The new forum focuses on the technical support and customer service. Apart from that, Enermax creates a knowledge base and platform for users from all over the world, where they can share experiences, hints and tricks. Furthermore the members of the new Enermax community will be always up to date about all events and news.

    Link to international Enermax technical support forum:

  • 23.09.09 | Win popular Enermax products on!

    Enermax is happy to announce a competition in cooperation with and Tntrade. Answer three simple questions to take part and take the chance to win one of attractive Enermax products. Do not hesitate and vote right now! The winners will be chosen randomly!

    The contest started on 19.09.2009 and will last until 11.10.2009 on the website of known Czech hardware magazine Please be aware that the competition is open only to Czech and Slovakian residents!

    To see the prizes and participate please click here.

  • 24.08.09 | Brick: Pocket-sized Lightweight for Secure Data Transport

    In the face of growing amounts of data, external hard disk drives are essential devices for backup and transport of data. At the end of 2007, the 2.5" Jazz series established Enermax as a manufacturer of high-quality and elegant HDD cases. Moreover, Jazz achieved renowned international “IF Product Design Award” in 2008. The new 2.5’’ aluminium enclosure Brick continues the precious and timeless design of Enermax HDD cases. Due to its ultra-compact and handy size (113 x 76 x 17mm) and its low weight (only 65g), Brick is the perfect solution for portable HDD, which are designed for the transfer and backup of laptop data, videos, photos or presentations. An elegant, leather-look carry bag protects the enclosure and the HDD during transportation. Brick is available in two colour versions: black or silver.

    Comfortable Data Transfer and User-friendly Handling
    Brick is compatible with 2.5'' SATA hard disk drives (SATA I and II) with up to 7.200 RPM and supports also the energy-saving and shock-proved 2,5'' solid state drives (SSD). The USB 2.0 interface ensures not only power supply of HDD, but also quick and comfortable data transfer to nearly all computers – without additional driver software. Brick makes the installation of HDD easy and user-friendly (“One Screw Design”): Release only one screw, slide open the case and plug in the hard disk drive. A screw driver is already included. Best possible cooling of installed HDD is guaranteed by the air vents in the front. Furthermore, the aluminium case provides excellent heat dissipation.

    Brick is available in black or silver at a MSRP of 14,90 Euro incl. VAT (UK: RRP £8,59 without VAT).

    More informations ...

  • 22.07.09 | Staray: Smart Case with Brilliant Cooling

    After the bestseller Chakra and the ultimate gaming case Phoenix Neo Enermax brings a stylish and solid entry-level case onto the market: Staray combines successfully the consequent user-friendliness and the first-class cooling concept of predecessor series. In matter of design Staray is the rising star on the case market: The integrated Apollish front fan acts like magic behind the elegant meshed front panel: The patented circular LED light with 15 diodes guarantees intense colours and shines four times brighter than ordinary LED fans. Moreover, an innovative, high-glossy coating assures spectacular light reflexes. One difference in comparison to regular Apollish series: Users can choose between two fascinating light effects: By pushing a button on the front panel, the curved, shiny Apollish light turns into an energetic, rotating light flash. The mirror finish front frame and the red or blue illuminated power and reset buttons complete the eye-catching appearance of the Staray case.

    Excellent Air Circulation
    The well-thought construction of Staray optimizes the air circulation inside the case and assures the best possible cooling of the system components. Apart from the high air flow of the preinstalled Apollish front fan, Staray provides mountings for two 12cm or 14cm side and one 12cm rear fan. The air-permeable front and side meshes improve the passive cooling performance of the Enermax mid tower. Furthermore, water cooling enthusiasts can make use of two backside openings which are proposed for the water inlet and outlet.

    User-friendly Design and Convenient Operation
    Staray is designed for a comfortable installation of system components: The side panels are fixed by thumb screws and can be removed without using any additional tool. Quick release fasteners make the installation of expansion cards and drives as easy as possible. Furthermore, for a quick and direct access to the frequently used interfaces Enermax integrated the HD audio and two USB ports on the front of the case.

    The Enermax ATX mid tower Staray is available with red or blue illuminated Apollish front fan for a MSRP of 49,90 Euro incl. VAT (UK: 32£ excl. VAT).

    More ...

  • 20.07.09 | And the Enermax System goes to ...

    Enermax has drawn the winner for the competition to win an overclocked Enermax System, an Revolution85+ power supplay, AMD Phenom II X4 940, ATI Radeon HD4870 1GB, 4GB memory ans 1 1TB hard drive, all squeezed into an Enermax PhoenixNeo chassis!

    Congratulations to Fernando César Barros Horta, the lucky winner for this first prize.

    The other five prizes go to:

    2nd Prize: Paul Jackson - who wins a Revolution85+ 1050W power supply

    3rd Prize: Peter Gordon - who wins a LibertyECO 500W power supply

    4th Prize: Chakib Hantabli - who wins an Aurora Premium Keyboard

    5th Prize: Paul Gallagher - who wins two Enermax 12cm Cluster Fans

    6th Prize: Philip Lane - who wins two clear 12cm Everest Fans

    Enermax team says thanks to all participants!

    More pictures of the Enermax System...

  • 06.07.09 | Enermax and bit-tech Lucky Draw: The prize winners

    The feed back on our Lucky Draw on the occasion of our new website launch was really impressive. At this point we would like to give thanks to all participants!

    The random generator made its job and picked the winners .The main prize, the powerful "Enermax System" with Enermax Revolution85+ inside goes to its lucky winner Fernando Horta. This system was spec'd, built and tested by experts of Bit tech in London exclusively for this Lucky Draw The second prize, Revolution85+ 1050 Watt, has won Paul Jackson. He gets this powerful high end power supply with outstanding efficiency from 85 till 91%.

    The winners on overview:

    1. Prize: Enermax System
    Value: £ 1.000
    Winner: Fernando Horta

    2. Prize: Revolution85+ 1050W
    Value: £ 222
    Winner: Paul Jackson

    3. Prize: Liberty Eco 500W
    Value: £ 86,94
    Winner: Peter Gordon

    4. Prize: Aurora Premium Keyboard
    Value: £ 48,16
    Winner: Chakib Hantabli

    5. Prize: 2 Cluster Fans 12cm
    Value: £ 21,12
    Winner: Paul Gallagher

    6. Prize: 2 Everest Fans 12cm
    Value: £ 18,78
    Winner: Philip Lane

    The Enermax team congratulates all winners! The prizes will reach the lucky winners during the next days!

  • 26.06.09 | Revolution85+ - “The very best the PSU industry has to offer”

    Already two month ago Revolution85+ 1050W gained prestigious “Custom PC Premium Grade Award” with an outstanding overall score of 92% (Custom PC issue 06/09). The popular British hardware magazine now published a big roundup test entitled “Monster Power Supplies on test”. 24 PSU had to pass through the highly specialized test lab of Custom PC. The Enermax Revolution85+ 1050W demonstrated again that it is currently the most powerful and advanced PSU on the market: “This is the very best the PSU industry has to offer.” Based on six massive 12V rails and the innovative DC-to-DC topology the Revolution85+ guarantees not only stable power supply of most recent high-end components but also an excellent efficiency up to 91 percent at 230V (80PLUS® Silver certified). And due to the patented AirGuard and big 13,5cm fan inside the Enermax PSU keeps cool even at full load. No doubt, the Enermax product developer did a great job: further “Custom PC Premium Grade Award” for the Revolution85+ 1050W.

    “Monster Power Supplies on test” was published in Custom PC issue 08/09.

  • 11.06.09 | Gold and Silver for Enermax PSU

    Outstanding results achieved Enermax with its modular PSU series Modu82+ and LibertyECO in big roundup test of Dutch magazine. 75 PSU of different manufacturers with between 350 and 750W have been tested.

    As the best PSU for a basic PC the editors of recommended LibertyECO 400W. It reached 87,3% efficiency at 200W – which is an usual power consumption of ordinary PC systems. 44A, allocated on two 12V rails, assure stable operation of all connected components. The performance of LibertyECO 400W even surpassed some tested 500W models. rewarded it with “Gold Award”.

    No tested PSU was more silent than the Modu82+ 525W – a recommendation for all fans of low-noise PC systems. The modular cable management does not only bring order into PC cases but also guarantees the compatibility with current and coming high-performance components due to one forward-looking 12-pin socket and three PCI-E 2.0 sockets. Modu82+ 525W in addition possesses three massive 12V rails and achieves up to 88% efficiency at 230V. No surprise, that Modu82+ belongs currently to the most popular PSU series in Europe. The 525W version gained the “ Silver Award” in the mid-range PC category.

    The roundup test was published in issue 2/09.

  • 10.06.09 | GOOC 2009: Team USA New Overclocking Champion

    This year’s Computex was not only the platform for spectacular product innovations, but also the stage for the final of worldwide Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship (GOOC) 2009. On the 3rd of June six teams from Belgium, Sweden, China, Australia and the USA competed for the worldwide overclocking crown. They qualified through last year’s edition of GOOC or through the preliminary rounds in 26 countries around the world. Enermax is sponsor of the GOOC and provides with its high-performance PSU Revolution85+ 1050W the basis for outstanding clock rates.

    From European point of view the worldwide final of GOOC began promisingly: The two teams from Europe dominated SuperPI 32M session. Belgian team “Pt1t&Massman” took the lead with 6:40:187 min. The GOOC 2008 champions from Sweden “Elmor&Sf3d” came in second place. In the following 3DMark session the score board turned upside down: US team “Fugger&Vapor” and “x800pro&emolok” from China outperformed all. With 28.093 points “Fugger&Vapor” set a new 3DMark world record for GTX260 Dual Card SLI (PhysX disabled). Europe’s overclockers came in forth and fifth place and were finally beaten in 3DMark session even by “Dinos22&Deanzo” from Australia, who reached 26.977 points. Especially “Pt1t&Massman” had hoped for more after the outstanding performance in European final in Prague (see also the interview with “Massman”).

    So after an exciting contest “Fugger&Vapor” can call themselves new overclocking champion. They are looking forward to a cheque for 5.000 dollar and are just qualified for the GOOC final 2010.

    Overview over the results of GOOC worldwide final 2009

    SuperPI 32M
    1 | „Pt1t&Massman“ (Belgium) 6:40:187 min – 12 points
    2 | „Elmor&Sf3d“ (Sweden) 6:44:125 min – 10 points
    3 | „Fugger&Vapor“ (USA) 6:48:688 min – 8 points
    4 | „x800pro&emolok“ (China) 6:52:984 min – 6 points
    5 | „Dinos22&Deanzo“ (Australia) 6:53:672 min – 4 points
    6 | „Miahallen&sno.Icn“ (USA) 7:14:078 min – 0 points

    3DMark graphics
    1 | „Fugger&Vapor“ (USA) 27.642 points – 6 points
    2 | „x800pro&emolok“ (China) 26.179 points – 5 points
    3 | „Dinos22&Deanzo“ (Australia) 26.088 points – 4 points
    4 | „Elmor&Sf3d“ (Sweden) 25.432 points – 3 points
    5 | „Pt1t&Massman“ (Belgium) 24.752 points – 2 points
    6 | „Miahallen&sno.Icn“ (USA) 0 points – 0 points

    3Mark overall
    1 | „Fugger&Vapor“ (USA) 28.093 points – 10 points
    2 | „x800pro&emolok“ (China) 27.171 points – 8 points
    3 | „Dinos22&Deanzo“ (Australia) 26.977 points – 6 points
    4 | „Elmor&Sf3d“ (Sweden) 26.799 points – 4 points
    5 | „Pt1t&Massman“ (Belgium) 26.065 points – 2 points
    6 | „Miahallen&sno.Icn“ (USA) 0 points – 0 points

    Overall results
    1 | „Fugger&Vapor“ (USA) 24 points
    2 | „x800pro&emolok“ (China) 19 points
    3 | „Elmor&Sf3d“ (Sweden) 17 points
    4 | „Pt1t&Massman“ (Belgium) 16 points
    5 | „Dinos22&Deanzo“ (Australia) 14 points
    6 | „Miahallen&sno.Icn“ (USA) 0 points

    More about GOOC 2009

  • 29.05.09 | Before the final of GOOC 2009: Interview with Massman, Europe’s hope in Taiwan

    Who are the world’s best overclockers? This question will be answered on the 3rd of June during Computex in Taipeh, where the worldwide finals of the Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship (GOOC) 2009 will take place. Europe sets its hope on “Pt1t&Massman” from Belgium, who prevailed in European final of GOOC in Prague over famous overclockers like “Hipro5” from Greece. Before his departure to Taipei “Massman” took the time for an exclusive Interview with Enermax. We asked him what he would recommend overclocking beginners.

    To the interview

  • 27.05.09 | World Premiere on Computex: New Enermax PSU Series

    Computex 2009 opens its doors in Taipei on the 2nd of June. It is next to the CeBIT in Germany the second largest IT trade fair in the world and a symbol of the dynamic development of Taiwanese computer industry in the last decades. Products and technologies from Taiwan belong to the top of the world. Some of the most popular and successful export goods are the innovative and first-class products under the Enermax brand.

    At the Enermax booth on this year’s Computex visitors will be witnesses of a world premiere: Enermax presents its new PSU series, which will revolutionize the PSU market due to its entirely redesigned topology. By the use of the so-called “Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Design” Enermax achieves an outstanding efficiency and guarantees at the same time stable and high performance. The path-breaking PSU series is further developed for ultra silent operation. The improved SpeedGuard even surpasses the renowned for silence Modu82+ and Pro82+ series.

    But also in other product fields Enermax introduces interesting innovations: from the new fans series with patented LED lights to the exclusive gaming ATX midi tower to the precious and extremely thin mirror finished acryl keyboard.

    Visit Enermax at Computex! We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth!

    Enermax @ Computex
    2nd – 6th of June 2009
    Nangang Hall, Booth I 418
    Taipei (Taiwan)

  • 04.05.09 | Win a bit-tech built “Enermax System”

    The new Enermax website is online and you will see that a lot has changed. We've got a brand new design and improved the navigation – from now on you can get all the information you need about Enermax products much faster. We've also improved the support and service area to respond to your questions and problems far quicker as well.

    Together with our partner Bit tech we offer to you an exclusive Lucky Draw with very attractive prizes introducing our new online presence. All you need is to let us know your opinion about our new website and our brand. The first prize will be an “Enermax System” in value of £ 1.000. This system is not available on the market and was spec'd, built and tested by Experts of Bit tech in London exclusively for this Lucky Draw.

    ... expired ...

  • 28.04.09 | GOOC 2009: “PT1T & Massman” from Belgium – Europe’s Number One Overclockers

    The preliminary round of Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship (GOOC) 2009 took place in several European countries – from Russia to Spain and from Sweden to Greece. 14 overlocking team qualified for European Final in Prague. Amongst others such famous overclockers like “Hipro5” from Greece took part. On the 24th floor of Corinthia Towers Hotel with a superb view over Prague organiser Gigabyte and the sponsors of GOOC 2009 Enermax, Nvidia and Kingston welcomed Europe’s overclocking élite.

    Arctic Temperatures
    As usual all teams started with identical components. Enermax powered participants with its high performance and high efficient power supply Revolution85+ 1050W. Apart from the optimal system configuration cooling of components plays a major role in contest. Improvisation and careful preparations of motherboard and graphics card for the extreme overclocking conditions are required. Due to the usage of liquid nitrogen the temperature near the CPU socket falls below -100°C. The contest began with benchmark session SuperPI 8M. With 1:29:203 min Belgian team “PT1T & Massman” took the lead closely followed by “Crotale & ME4ME” from Sweden, “Matose & Monstru” from Romania and Polish team “Ryba & Chaos”. By contrast favourite “Hipro5” and his companion “GPR Hellas” missed the chance to compete for the European championship title. The 8th place in SuperPI 8M was a bitter disappointment for the Greek overclocking veterans. Even the scores of “Midland Computer” from UK were not enough for a top position. Philip Brown and Peter Jones reached 1:36:281 min and finished in 10th place.

    Two world records and a sure champion
    After a short break the visitors of GOOC 2009 were witnesses of a thrilling 3DMark06 session. “PT1T & Massman” set a fantastic benchmark: 31.258 points – a new world record. That seemed to be the final decision of European championship. But Polish team stroke back. “Ryba & Chaos” bate the Belgian world record and reached a score of 31.326 points. But as the overclockers from Poland finished SuperPI 8M in 4th place the outstanding 3DMark06 result was not enough for overall victory. “PT1T & Massman” stayed in front with at last 25 points overall, “Ryba & Chaos” came second with 19 points, followed by Swedish team (16 points). The Belgians will represent Europe in world final, which will take place on 3rd June 2009 within Computex in Taipei. Furthermore “PT1T & Massman” look forward to a cheque for 2.000 Dollars. Although British “Midland Computer” could not keep in title race they did well in 3DMark06 session and picked up an excellent 5th place.

    The 14 best European overclockers met in continental final in Prague.
    Source: Enermax

    Bright and shining colour effects in European final of GOOC 2009 due to new fan series from Enermax which will be launched in third quarter.
    Source: Enermax

    With six stable 12V rails Enermax Revolution85+ is well prepared for extreme overclocking conditions
    Source: Enermax

    „PT1T & Massman“ from Belgium will represent Europe in world finals in Taiwan.
    Source: Gigabyte

    Short overview over the results of GOOC 2009

    SuperPI 8M
    1. | PT1T & Massman (Belgium): 1:29:203 min – 12 points
    2. | Crotale & ME4ME (Sweden): 1:30:328 min – 10 points
    3. | Matose & Monstru (Romania): 1:31:375 min – 8 points
    4. | Ryba & Chaos (Poland): 1:31:453 min – 6 points
    5. | Nikolas61 & Perica_barii (Serbia): 1:31:703 min – 4 points

    3DMark06 HDR/SM3
    1. | Crotale & ME4ME (Sweden): 15.553 points – 6 points
    2. | PT1T & Massman (Belgium): 15.394 points – 5 points
    3. | Hipro5 & GPRHellas (Greece): 15.078 points – 4 points
    4. | Ryba & Chaos (Poland): 14.922 points – 3 points
    5. | Matose & Monstru (Romania): 14.865 points – 2 points

    3DMark06 Total
    1. | Ryba & Chaos (Poland): 31.326 points – 10 points (World record)
    2. | PT1T & Massman (Belgium): 31.258 points – 8 points
    3. | Hipro5 & GPRHellas (Greece): 30.992 points – 6 points
    4. | Nikolas61 & Perica_barii (Serbia): 30.759 points – 4 points
    5. | Midland Computer (UK): 30.419 points – 2 points

    Overall Results
    1. | PT1T & Massman (Belgium) – 25 points
    2. | Ryba & Chaos (Poland) – 19 points
    3. | Crotale & ME4ME (Sweden) – 16 points
    4. | Hipro5 & GPRHellas (Greece) – 10 points
    5. | Matose & Monstru (Romania) – 10 points

    The full score board:


  • 21.04.09 | Revolution85+ strikes again: Award from CustomPC

    “Editor’s Choice Gold Award” from, “Heavenly Gold Award” from, “Editor’s Choice Award” from – since product launch at the end of 2008 Enermax high-end PSU Revolution85+ just gained a couple of awards from worldwide renowned hardware magazines. Britain’s hardware magazine CustomPC was the next in line to review Revolution85+. The Enermax PSU made again an outstanding score of overall 92 percent. Test performance of Revolution85+ 1050W was excellent: stable voltage and high efficiency even in one-hour stress test at full load. CustomPC editor James Gorbold concluded: “With its rock-solid stability, quiet fan and high efficiency, we have no hesitation in recommending the Revolution85+ for a high-end PC.”

    The “Premium Grade Award” from Custom PC is a further recompense for the great efforts of Enermax’s product development and design groups in creating high-performance, top-quality and trend-setting products. After the successful previous 1kW PSU series from Enermax, which was the first 1kW PSU series on the market, Revolution85+ set the course for a new generation of high-tech and high-efficient power supplies.

    CustomPC published the review of Revolution85+ in the current edition 06/09.

  • 06.04.09 | Enermax Everest: Gold Award amongst 122 fans, most important Hardware magazine in the Netherlands, arranged a large roundup test of 122 case fans. At the end only three gained prestigious Gold Award – including 12 cm fan of Enermax Everest series.

    “De stilste”
    Temperature controlled Everest fan received outstanding noise level results: With 20,1 dB(A) at minimum and 20,9 dB(A) at maximum rotation speed 12cm model achieved top position amongst all tested fans – slightly more silent than 9 and 8cm models of Everest series. These successful results depend on the innovative bearing technology of Enermax fans. The so-called Twister Bearing Technology is patented and applies to a simple principle: A metal ball inside the bearing is the only point of contact between rotor and shaft. That reduces friction, increases life time (up to 100.000 hours) and guarantees a smooth operation. The bearing is made of a self-lubricating nano material which provides an additional abrasion protection. The blades are detachable and therefore easy to clean – a unique feature amongst the large number of case fans.

  • 02.04.09 | LUCKY DRAW: Buy an Enermax product and have a chance at being a winner!

    Buy any Enermax product from Scan and you are automatically entered into the Lucky Draw to win additional high-performance PC components from Enermax. Make sure you keep your invoice. The purchase date must be between 11th March and 12th April. You can take part only one time with one invoice.

    [ Link to Enermax & Scan lucky draw ]

    Entry deadline for lucky draw: 30/04/09

    The prize:
    1st prize: Free choice of Enermax product
    Do you need a new high-performance PSU or a functional and unique PC case? Your high-end PC system longs for cooling or your HDD for a stylish enclosure? Take an Enermax product of your choice.

    2nd prize: PC case Enermax Phoenix Neo
    Energetic curved aluminium brushed front and red or blue illuminated ventilation shafts are a real credit to the mythical firebird, which gave its name to Enermax PhoenixNeo. The user-orientated design is another advantage: screwless quick release for expansion cards, removable front panel and easy cleanable micro dust filter - that way do-it-yourself PC building is really fun.

    3rd prize: Keyboard Enermax Aurora Premium

    The brushed Aluminium design gives Aurora Premium USB keyboard a unique and noble look. No surprise, that Aurora gained the "red dot design award 2007". The "Scissors" key switch technology affords a quiet and flexible key stroke during work. You might know that feeling from notebook keyboards.

    4th prize: 2 x 12cm cooling fan Enermax Cluster
    The white cooling fan series Cluster is designed for the PWM usage of your mainboard. Rotation speed could be adjusted and varied between 500 and1200 RPM. The patented Twister Bearing Technology allows an almost frictionless operation, suspended by magnetic force. This will effectively reduce noise and enhance the life expectancy up to 100,000 hours.

    5th prize: 2 x 12cm cooling fan Enermax Everest
    Everest series provides temperature-sensitive control of rotation speed. It achieves between 500 RPM at a temperature of about 25°C and 1000 RPM at 45°C. The patented Twister Bearing Technology allows an almost frictionless operation, suspended by magnetic force. This will effectively reduce noise and enhance the life expectancy up to 100,000 hours.un. hours.


  • 24.03.09 | Planet3DNow!: Editor’s Choice Award for Revolution85+

    It is probably the most extensive review about Revolution85+: German hardware website Planet3DNow! analysed Enermax’ flagship in every detail, right up to the smallest diode. Result: Editor’s Choice Award for Revolution85+ 1050 W. A distinction of high importance since Planet3DNow! awards only really outstanding and innovative products.

    Numerous photos and explanations about interior life of Revolution85+ give proof of extraordinary technical skill of Planet3DNow! PSU tester. Above all he commends innovative, well-thought technology and high-quality components. A single chapter dedicates Planet3DNow! flexible DC-to-DC technology of Revolution85+: Main transformer primarily supplies most essential and high-performance +12V rails. As weaker voltages of +3,3V and +5V in real operation become less important DC-to-DC technology enables direct voltage conversion from +12V rails to lower voltage rails. That makes impressive efficiency results over 90 percent possible – like Enermax demonstrates with its Revolution85+ (80PLUS® Silver). Planet3DNow! measured even at 20 percent load up to 88 percent efficiency so that Revolution85+ is also an interesting alternative for lower PC systems.

    Planet3DNow! introduces review about Enermax’ high-end PSU with a painting from time of French Revolution. A metaphor editor “Soulpain” takes up again in his conclusion: “The positive result depends on exceptional high efficiency as well as on good equipped safety guard. The PSU just then seems to be a real revolution. For a good result like that there is no need to withdraw to St. Helena.”

    Read more

  • 19.03.09 | Gold, Performance, Silent, Technic Award: Four at a stroke

    In Austria Enermax PSU Revolution85+ 850 W gained four awards at once: Austrian Gaming website was impressed by outstanding performance and efficiency of Enermax’s high-end PSU. Furthermore, Testers highlighted exceptional silence of PSU fan. Even at high rotation speed noise level is with maximum 28dB extremely low. Basis for excellent results is patented AirGuard with aero-dynamical designed air inlet. It reduces air turbulences and therewith noise to a minimum. Enermax provides all PSU series with AirGuard as a standard feature. The PSU fans are temperature controlled. This guarantees optimal rotation speed, best possible cooling and constantly low PSU temperature.

    With four awards at once distinguished innovative and pathbreaking PSU series Revolution85+: Gold, Performance, Silent and Technic Award. “With Revolution85+ 850 W Enermax chose the right track: Fully developed technology, remarkable efficiency and exemplary manufacture quality.”

    Read more

  • 17.03.09 | The end of shapeless and grey PSU housings

    Yesterday red dot organisation officially announced results of this year’s „red dot design award“. This time even two Enermax products belong to laureates of renowned international design award: PSU series Revolution85+ and keyboard Aurora Micro Wireless were distinguished by their exceptional and innovative design. Wholly-owned design centre guarantees continuous improvement and development of Enermax products. Ideas and innovations of Enermax’s creative workshops set permanently new benchmarks on the market – from technical as well as from design point of view. “Winning continuously such major awards with true retail products and not with prototypes, which will never put into practice, shows the strength of our internal industrial design and marketing teams, their creative depth and devotion to develop cutting-edge products”, comments Steven Su, founder and chairman of Enermax corporation, the great success.

    Profile of Enermax’s laureates

    Revolution85+: Efficient high-end PSU of strong character
    At the turn of the year Enermax launched its high-performance and efficient power supply series Revolution85+. Outstanding efficiency rates between 87 and 91 percent at 230 volt (80PLUS® SILVER certificate) Enermax’s PSU flagship set new standards in the market. Numerous independent tests and reviews confirmed excellent performance results of Revolution85+: “Editor’s Choice Gold Award“ from, “Editor’s Choice Award“ from and “Heavenly Gold Award“ from Amongst other things many testers emphasize unique design of PSU series. Powder coated housing with red framed cooling grid is not only showing the strong structure but also a real eye catcher. From John Lee’s point of view, supervisor of PSU team, the design award is a recompense for the great efforts on the development of Revolution85+: “PSU are typically considered simple and ugly steel housings full of power. We have created a true innovation which underlines our leadership on PSU market.” Revolution85+ is the first power supply worldwide which gained a prestigious product design award.

    Aurora Micro Wireless: Compact dimensions, fantastic design
    Aurora Micro Wireless continues successful Aurora series which has already gained „red dot design award“ 2007. Enermax again developed a product which meets highest design and quality aspirations. The housing is made of brushed aluminium with diamond-cut edges. That creates a precious and timeless look. Patented “Scissors” key switch technology and ultra flat keys ensure comfortable and silent key stroke. Aurora Micro Wireless is the perfect keyboard for multimedia application: compact, robust and equipped with many extra features. Among others hotkeys provide direct access to Windows Media Center Edition (MCE). Aurora Micro Wireless will most likely come into the market in second quarter 2009.

    About „red dot design award”
    Already since 1955 „Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen“ is marking outstanding design products with prestigious “red dot design award”.  An international jury of high-ranking experts examines, tests and discusses nominated products in altogether 17 product categories. 2008 about 3.000 products from all over the world applied for “red dot design award.”

  • 16.03.09 | Team “Midland Computers” won British overclocking contest

    The British preliminary round of Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship (GOOC) in Milton Keynes came to an end: Team “Midland Computers” outperformed all and will take part in European final in Czech. Enermax powered contestants with high-end PSU series Revolution85+.

    Five overclocking teams competed for the next round in front of a live audience in Xscape Snow Dome in Milton Keynes. Visitors were witnesses of a thrilling contest. At the end “Midland Computers” prevailed with only one point advantage over their strongest competitor “Benchtec”. They presented an excellent adjusted system and achieved outstanding benchmark results – in SuperPI 8M as well as in 3DMark06.

    Impressive PSU performance
    Power supply was provided by Enermax: Participants were impressed by phenomenal performance of high-end PSU Revolution85+ 1050 W. The six massive 12V rails kept stable voltage even under extreme load – optimal condition for overclocking purposes.

    Winning team will represent Great Britain in European final round in Czech on 17th and 18th April. The prize for the best European teams: a trip to Asia to the world overclocking final. It will take place within Computex in Taipeh (Taiwan).

    Results of British live contest
    1. Midland Computers - 25 points
    2. BenchTec - 24 points
    3. Yoyo Tech - 17 points
    4. Darkcat Systems - 14 points
    5. Ben - 10 points

  • 11.03.09 | “The revolution is just around the corner”

    Well known Russian Fcenter test lab compared three PSU from different manufacturers. Enermax PSU Revolution85+ 850W outperformed all. The high-end PSU convinced not only by its innovative technology but also by its unique design. From technical point of view it is state-of-the-art and has everything what you can ever expect of a high-end PSU, Fcenter concluded: “Apart from the satisfaction in having the currently most perfect PSU, Enermax Revolution provides first-class quality, excellent performance, luxurious cable management and ultra silent operation over the full wattage range up to maximum output of 850W.”

    In the matter of efficiency Revolution85+ set new records in Fcenter test lab: “If you talk about PSU innovations you definitely will mention Enermax Revolution85+: It is the first PSU in our history which achieved over 90 percent efficiency.” Fcenter commended Enermax’s engineers for the big effort in developing this high-end PSU series: ”If you are interested in technical progress in PSU market Revolution85+ is therefore an excellent example.”

    Read more

  • 10.03.09 | CeBIT 2009: Enermax booth as main attraction

    107 cooling fans turned Enermax booth into the main attraction in hall 20. The huge glowing lettering “FAN” was probably one of the most popular photo scenes on this year’s CeBIT. Up to 15 LED and a frame with innovative metallic coating assure incomparable light reflections. The patented LED lightning will be available in four different colours: red, green, blue and white. Enermax expects to launch new cooling fan series in third quarter 2009. It is – like most Enermax fan series – equipped with ultra silent and extreme resistant Twister Bearing Technology (patented).

    Revolution85+ does not break sweat - even at 90°C
    Quite a lot visitors crowded around demo systems which showed high-end PSU Revolution85+ in action: Even at an ambient temperature of about 90°C Enermax PSU demonstrated stable voltage. Additional feature: outstanding efficiency. It possesses international energy saving certificate 80PLUS® SILVER. Enermax further presented world’s first modular 1 kW PSU with 80PLUS® GOLD certificate – demonstrating that there is still potential to do even better. During tests of 80PLUS® organisation the Enermax prototype EG1100 reached an extraordinary peak efficiency of 91,24 percent at 115 volt.

    Precious multimedia keyboard for home theatre
    Interesting news also in other product categories: Enermax presented the compact and portable successor of design keyboard Aurora Premium. The Aurora Micro Wireless is the perfect keyboard for multimedia applications: a transmission range of 10 meters, integrated laser trackball, massive and precious aluminium brushed housing as well as shortcuts for Windows Media Center Edition. It will be available in second quarter 2009.

    Impressions from Enermax booth

  • 09.03.09 | The Life of a Benchmarker

    The jury of 3D Mark Video Contest announced the winners of 10 year anniversary edition. Numerous overclocking enthusiasts sent in their video clips. Futuremark, organiser of video contest, recorded over 45.000 visitors on its website during contest between 15th December 2008 and 18th January 2009. Enermax supports competition by sponsoring its own video category. Video clip “The Life of a Benchmarker” was awarded as best film in Enermax category. The prize for the successful young filmmaker: High-performance PSU Revolution85+.

    The awarded video clips at a glance

  • 26.02.09 | Stable power for extreme clock rates

    Soldering sparks, liquid nitrogen vapour and fantastic performance results – Britain’s overclockers compete for the next round of the official overclocking world championships. Enermax sponsors world’s best overclockers with its PSU Revolution85+ 1050 W.

    Intensive cooling for overheated components
    To have the same preconditions, all teams use identical system components – from processor to graphic card to power supply. Modifications are allowed or rather are basis for an outstanding overclocking score. All teams make much effort to adjust their systems. Screw drivers and soldering irons are essential tools to prepare components for the contest. During competition cooling is the essential thing. Cooling by air or water is under extreme conditions like that not enough. That is why consumption of liquid nitrogen is really high. At a particular time jury proceed to action and measures clock rates. An increase up to 70 percent and more is quite possible.

    Stable Enermax power
    Overclocking is a hardness test for every power supply. The power consumption of components rises rigorously by increasing clock rates. As the PSU sponsor of GOOC Enermax provides overclocking teams with high-performance series Revolution85+. In many independent tests Revolution85+ demonstrated its outstanding position. It easily handles even extreme conditions. Six 12 V rails guaranty constant and stable voltage – with phenomenal efficiency rates from 87 to 91 percent at 240 V.

    The best overclockers of British live contest will take part in European final round in Czech on 17th and 18th of April. The prize for the winning team: a trip to Asia to the world overclocking final. It will take place within Computex in Taipei (Taiwan).

    Overview over GOOC events:

    Preliminary round Europe


    Nové Zámky (Slovakia)


    Xscape Snow Dome, Milton Keynes (UK)


    Campus IT University, Kista (Sweden)


    Commercial center “Gorbushkin Dvor”, Moscow (Russia)


    Evoluon, Eindhoven (Netherlands)

    European final


    Prague (Czech)

    World final

    3. June:

    Taipei (Taiwan)

  • 25.02.09 | Dawn of a Golden Age

    Enermax announces a breakthrough in the matter of efficiency: 80PLUS® organisation granted new PSU model EG1100 with 80PLUS® Gold certificate. Therewith Enermax again approves his role as leading innovator in PSU market. EG 1100 reaches fabulous 91.24 percent efficiency at 50 percent load. It is the world’s first modular 1 kW PSU which complies with the requirements of energy saving certificate 80PLUS® GOLD and with current EPS12V PSU Design Guide. Thus preproduction model EG1100 is able to power even high-performance servers.

    Results of 80PLUS® organisation regarding EG1100 (at 115 V):



    20 %

    87,90 %

    50 %

    91,24 %

    100 %

    88,26 %


    89,13 %

    More information:

    Have a look into golden future at CeBIT
    If you want to learn more about EG1100, please come and see GOLD PSU at CeBIT. You can meet Enermax in hall 20, booth C 52.

    Continuous advancement of PSU efficiency
    The environment-conscious and considerate usage of resources is one of the Enermax operating guidelines. The globally renowned PSU manufacturer supports 80PLUS® programme with continuous efforts on the development of energy saving products. Since 2008 all Enermax PSU series of current product range possess 80PLUS® certificate: From popular PSU series Modu82+ and Pro82+ with BRONZE certification to high-end series Revolution85+ with SILVER certification. Enermax further supports international Climate Savers Computing Initiative, a non-profit organisation of consumers, businesses and conservation groups. Its goal is to improve computers’ efficiency and energy consumption especially in inactive state.

    About 80PLUS®
    80PLUS® programme was founded in March 2004 on Market Transformation Symposium of the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE). Its purpose is to bring forward the assembly of energy saving power supplies into desktop PC and servers. Last year 80PLUS® organisation increased the requirements for efficient PSU by introducing BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD certificate based on the following criteria:




    80PLUS® GOLD



    20 %

    80 %

    82 %

    85 %

    87 %

    50 %

    80 %

    85 %

    88 %

    90 %

    100 %

    80 %

    82 %

    85 %

    87 %

  • 16.02.09 | Meet the future at Enermax booth on CeBIT 2009

    Powerful and high-efficient PSU, well-thought PC cases, chilly cooling technologies, elegant peripherals - Discover the manifold and exciting world of Enermax products. Take a look into the future and get informed about forthcoming product innovation. Meet the people behind the Enermax brand.

    Visit us at CeBIT: hall 20, booth C 52.

  • 15.02.09 | ECO and GOLD Award for Enermax PSU

    Last week a couple of German hardware websites published their reviews on Enermax PSU – with successful results:

    ECO Award for LibertyECO 400 Watt
    LibertyECO was on visit in test labs of and From editors of it received the “ECO Award”. They highlighted future-oriented modular cable management and excellent efficiency. Measured efficiency rate reached a maximum from about 84 to 88 percent: “It belongs to the upper third of current PSU series in market.” Most important plus factors for editors of low noise level, stable voltage and – again – the flexible modular cable management.


    Technology Award in Gold for Revolution85+ 850 W
    His outstanding position demonstrated once again Enermax power pack Revolution85+. It passed test at with distinction: Technology Award in Gold. “Enermax again launched a brilliant PSU, which without a doubt belongs to top products in high end PSU market”, stated German hardware magazine.

    Read more:

  • 11.02.09 | Enermax Design and Power for buffed-PC

    Editors of German online magazine present an exclusive PC system for online gaming fans. Equipped with reliable and powerful components the buffed-PC leaves nothing to be desired.

    Enermax provides it with PSU and PC case. Mid tower Phoenix Neo with its blue illuminated air vents is a real eye-catcher. But the 12cm front fan and the 25 cm monster fan on the side do not only look great but also come up with excellent cooling for high-performance system components. For an efficient and stable power input integrated Enermax PSU series Pro82+ 525 W. It possesses international energy saving certificate 80PLUS® Bronze and supports latest Intel standard for desktop PC PSU ATX12V v2.3.

    For all online gaming enthusiasts, who are searching for a fast and perfectly adjusted PC system and do not have time to build it themselves, the buffed-PC is a worthwhile alternative.

    Read more

  • 10.02.09 | Excellent product innovations by Enermax

    Enermax products a several times won international prizes. Last was famous “IF Product Design Award” 2008 for external HDD case Jazz. Now Enermax added another international prize to its gallery: Because of its innovative technology, outstanding design and phenomenal performance PSU series Modu82+ and Revolution85+ got Taiwan Excellence Award 2009.

    Read more

  • 02.02.09 | PCGH-High-End-PC powered by Enermax

    After presenting Phenom-II-PC a few weeks ago editors of German magazine PC Games Hardware announced the launch of the next high-performance and individual PC system. The so called PCGH-High-End-PC is equipped with Nvidia Geforce GTX 285, the currently fastest single GPU in the market. That turns it into an ideal PC system for gaming enthusiasts. Another big advantage of PCGH-High-End-PC is the silent and efficient work - amongst others ensured by the integrated Enermax PSU Pro82+ 625 W, which has even at full load enough power reserves for additional system components.

    Read more

  • 02.02.09 | HardwareLuxx: Pro82+ remains in top position

    Last year German hardware magazine HardwareLuxx organized a roundup test for PSU with a wattage range from 350 to 420 W. Enermax Pro82+ 385 W left all competitors behind. HardwareLuxx now arranged a new roundup test. Pro82+ once more prevailed over current product innovations of competitors and kept its top position - Excellent Hardware Award for Enermax Pro82+.

    Read more

  • 31.01.09 | 92 percent efficiency - Revolution85+ broke record

    High-performance PSU Revolution85+ achieved an unprecedented result in test lab of British hardware magazine 92 percent efficiency at 50 percent load. Even lowest efficiency rate of 87 percent outperformed comparable PSU series: "Most competitive products will have a hard time reaching the minimum efficiency the Revolution is able to deliver."

    Revolution85+ demonstrated his outstanding position in other categories as well: best cooled and most silent 1 kW PSU, first-class and high-quality components, reliable and stable voltage. No doubt: "Heavenly Hardware Gold Award" for Enermax Revolution85+.

    Read more

  • 22.01.09 | "Anbefales": recommends Modu82+

    In Norway Enermax is considered as one of the most reliable manufacturer of power supplies. So expectations were really high when Modu82+ arrived in test lab of Norwegian online magazine And the Enermax power supply met all demands. None of the last tested PSU stood out by such a stable voltage as Modu82+. Furthermore voltage fluctuations were impressive low. Excellent efficiency (80PLUS® Bronze certified) and forward-looking modular cable management completed phenomenal performance of Modu82+.

    The Enermax PSU is its price worth, stated Norwegian hardware site. Hard-earned result: Recommendation for Enermax Modu82+.

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  • 21.01.09 | LibertyECO: Enermax hits the bull's eye

    In December 2008 Enermax launched new PSU series LibertyECO. First detailed independent test showed promise. German hardware site stated not only excellent efficiency but also an extreme low noise level - only 24,7 dB(A) even at full load. That is the lowest noise level of all tested PSU with active cooling. A recommendation to buy, DirkVader concluded. LibertyECO "is currently one of the most interesting PSU in the market". Successor of famous Liberty series seems to be found.

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  • 19.01.09 | Enermax sponsor of 3DMark Video Contest

    On Sunday deadline for entries to 3DMark Video Contest expired. Motto of 10th edition was "Life of a Benchmarker". Numerous young and creative filmmakers from all over the world took part and sent in their video clips. Enermax supports 3DMark contest by sponsoring its own category. First price for the best video clip in Enermax’ category will be high-end power supply Revolution85+ 1250 W.

    Evaluation of posted videos by 3DMark is still in progress. We will announce results on

    More about 3DMark Video Contest

  • 08.01.09 | PCGH-Phenom-II-PC: Pro82+ supplies new AMD quad-core processor

    German magazine "PC Games Hardware" introduced a few days ago his new PC system. Heart of PCGH’s Phenom-II-PC is new quad-core processor AMD Phenom II X4 940. The PC system was built in cooperation with one of the leading German online IT resellers Alternate. The PCGH team set great value on high-class, powerful and reliable components. Stable operation of forward-looking high-performance quad-core processor assures Enermax’ power supply Pro82+ 525 W. In 3D mode Phenom-II-PC wastes according to PCGH maximum 239 W. That way remains enough space for upgrading system with additional high-performance components.

    By now all PCGH PC systems provided with Enermax PSU
    Past PCGH PC systems suffered from PSU breakdowns. Therefore PCGH and Alternate decided to replace previous power supplies. New generation of PCGH PC systems (Revision 2.0) trusts in Enermax. All PCGH PC will be by now provided with Enermax Pro82+.

    Read more…

  • 05.01.09 | China as growing market besides Europe

    After five subsidiaries in Europe, the USA and Japan Enermax established a new office in China. With a spectacular product presentation on 4th December Enermax’ CEO Yen-Wen Su inaugurated new subsidiary in Shanghai. It is a reaction to continuously growing IT market in China. Over the last years the demand in high-quality and high-performance hardware products increases. Therefore prospects of success for innovative Enermax products are excellent. Subsidiary in Shanghai coordinates development of distribution network and intensifies marketing activities.  Apart from high-efficient PSU series Enermax will sell peripherals like keyboards, HDD enclosures and notebook cooling pads in China.

  • 05.01.09 | Revolution85+ Top 100 Product of 2008

    Editors of online magazine elected the best 100 products of 2008 - from consumers electronic to PC components. Main criterion for Best of 2008 Award: a product innovation, which set new standards in its category. Among power supplies there is no way past new high-performance Enermax Revolution85+: excellent power efficiency (80PLUS® Silver certified), stable voltage even at full load, cool temperatures, outstanding build quality and innovative technology. No surprise that editors decided to award Revolution85+ as Top 100 Product of 2008.

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  • 19.12.08 | New LibertyECO PSU series - Both: Economic and Energy Efficient

    Hamburg, 19.12.2008. It is the crowning of a successful year: Enermax announced the launch of power supply series LibertyECO. Therewith the Taiwanese company completes its range of energy saving and high-efficient power supplies. At 230V LibertyECO reaches an efficiency from 82 up to 86 percent fulfilling international energy saving standard 80PLUS® ( Even from technical point of view LibertyECO is up-to-date. It supports latest power supply standard ATX12V v2.3 and is available in three power versions: 400, 500 and 620 watt. Depending on model a price range from 84,90 Euro to 149 Euro turns LibertyECO into an adequate and affordable power supply for all do-it-yourself PC builders and gamers.

    Flexible and forward looking
    After its launch in 2006 predecessor model Liberty became top-selling power supply with modular cable management in Europe. Modular adjustment of upgraded LibertyEco series is still an important advantage for potential customers. Unlike most ordinary power supplies only really necessary cables are attached so that user can adjust LibertyECO to his individual needs. This prevents cable tangle inside PC case. Furthermore new Enermax cable management standard with one 12 pin socket ensures compatibility with forthcoming system components.

    LibertyECO fulfils the high requirements of ambitious PC users: forward looking technology, high efficiency and performance at a fair price.

  • 18.12.08 | Russian Editor's Choice Award for Modu82+

    Test results left no doubts. "This PSU has no weak points", Russian hardware magazine concluded. No question that Modu82+ 525 Watt gained Editor’s Choice Award.

    Enermax’ all-round PSU is a real good investment: Innovative cable management ensures best possible compatibility and let enough space for future high-performance GPU and CPU. recognized not only forward-looking technology but also attractive design and high-quality manufacture of Modu82+.

    Read more

  • 17.12.08 | Enermax sponsors largest LAN party in Germany

    Like the years before Enermax supports Germany’s largest LAN party 2008. This year’s Nothern LAN Convention will take place in Neumünster near Hamburg from 18th to 21st December. Enermax is NorthCon gold sponsor. NorthCon organization board estimates up to 3.600 participants. Nevertheless a few places for spontaneous gaming enthusiasts are still left.

    More information about NorthCon 2008 under

  • 08.12.08 | Phoenix Neo: Solid case with excellent cooling

    German online magazine published a detailed review about ATX Midi tower Enermax Phoenix Neo. Especially unique and user-friendly design as well as high-efficient and nearly silent cooling found the approval of HardwareLabs.

    Energetic curved aluminium brushed front and red or blue illuminated ventilation shafts are a real credit to the mythical firebird, which gave its name to Enermax Phoenix Neo. Also the two powerful cooling fans apply to this: one 12 cm cooling fan in the front and one 25 cm monster cooling fan on the side. Rotation speed can be adjusted and reaches up to 900 RPM. Noise level is extremely low - even at high rotation speed. Furthermore user can regulate air flow direction of cooling fans. For water cooled systems cases backside provides two rubberised holes. Altogether Phoenix Neo fulfils all requirements to house a high-efficient gaming PC.

    Confirming that fact HardwareLabs concluded: "a Midi tower case with fascinating design, solid manufacture and a good cooling." Since July 2008 Phoenix Neo is available in specialist shops.

    Read more

  • 03.12.08 | Enermax Aeolus: Ambitious Cooling for Notebooks

    Notebooks’ HDD and CPU have to resist high heat. But cooling performance of integrated cooling fans does not suffice for high working load and high environmental temperature. Enermax’ notebook cooling pad Aeolus finds a remedy for this problem. Even at usual working load many notebook cooling fans are running in full speed. Protection of essential components like CPU, HDD or battery against heat accumulation is insufficient. Everyone, who once worked with notebook on his knees, knows that notebook bottom side becomes really hot. Accumulated heat reduces system component’s lifetime. An additional notebook cooling pad could work wonders.

    Comfortable silent, broad cooling
    Enermax gained long lasting experience in developing PC and PSU cooling systems, which are widely known for their high efficiency and ultra silent operation. Notebook cooling pad Aeolus combines all of these advantages. Most cooling pads are equipped with three or more small cooling fans. Enermax Aeolus in contrast provides one 25 cm monster cooling fan under an air-permeable surface. Its advantage: The bottom side of notebook gets a constant and broad cooling. Furthermore rotation speed of Aeolus cooling fan can be adjusted manually. Already at 650 RPM CPU temperature decrease reaches 20°C. And even at highest speed up to 850 RPM Aeolus cooling fan operates comfortable silent with about 20 dB(A).

    Eye-catching Design
    Notebooks are not only practical companions during business trips, but due to its often exceptional design also exclusive eye-catchers. Ordinary plastic cooling pads could destroy noble impression. Enermax put a lot of effort in developing a product, which matches highest demands in design and quality. Aeolus comes up with a high-class and robust brushed aluminium case. The switchable blue LED lightning of cooling fan completes cool and timeless appearance.

    Notebooks up to 17" wide screen fit with Aeolus (dimensions: D 295 x W 330 x H 45.5 mm). USB power supply supports portability of Aeolus.

    Detailed information

  • 27.11.08 | Enermax Power for Polish Gamers

    Bombastic effects, loud music and crowds of people around latest game editions and innovative hardware products - that was the fifth edition of Poznań Game Arena (PGA) 2008. 25.000 visitors surged through exhibitions halls - a new record! This year’s PGA kept what a large publicity campaign with cinema spots and large-scale posters in polish city centres previously promised.

    Enermax for the first time attended at PGA. At a booth in hall 34 Enermax presented - in corporation with his partners and - his latest product range from power supplies and PC cases to cooling fans and keyboards. Many gamers and IT enthusiasts took the chance to convince themselves of Enermax’ high quality and innovative technology.

    Greatest attention attracted the new high efficient and powerful PSU series Revolution85+, which was shown for the first time in polish public. Revolution85+ is one of the first PSU, which received the energy saving certificate 80PLUS® Silver with efficiency rates between 87 and 91 percent at 230 volt. Even the four gaming systems, well equipped in cooperation with AMD, G.Skill, Sapphire and Scythe, enjoyed great popularity. Under maximum load by playing Actionvision’s new action shooter "Call of Duty - World at War", Enermax Modu82+ and Pro82+ demonstrated why many experts call them optimal power supplies for gaming PC.

    Poznań Game Arena is the biggest trade fair for PC and video games in Poland. Here you can get some impressions from this year’s PGA.

  • 18.11.08 | Enermax Pro82+ - Part of a dream PC

    Tips for do-it-yourself PC builder

    Under the title "Make a wish" the German hardware magazine c’t presented tips for a fast, efficient and silent do-it-your-self PC. The hardware experts offer two building propositions - one for a gamer’s PC, one for an office PC.

    In both cases c’t power supply recommendation is: Enermax Pro82+ 385 Watt. Silence, excellent efficiency and enough power to supply a quad core CPU and a high-efficient graphic card make Pro82+ to a first-class PSU for your first self-made PC.

    The article was published in German c’t edition 24/2008.

  • 14.11.08 | Revolution85+ won "Editors Choice Gold Award"

    Last Monday Enermax announced the launch of the new power supply series Revolution85+ for December 2008. Before starting the worldwide sales the US hardware magazine took the opportunity to thoroughly prove the new Enermax flagship. And in his first independent test worldwide the Revolution85+ did a great job.

    Enermax’ developers spend much time to prepare Revoluton85+ for the future. A worthwhile investment - as AnandTechs’ tester concludes: "It’s entirely possible that if you purchase the 1050 W model, you could end up running the same PSU for the next couple of presidential elections - and you can do so knowing your PC will be as green as a hybrid SUV." Though not only by the excellent efficiency (80PLUS Silver Certificate) the Revolution85+ provides advanced innovation. Also the so-called "Zero Load Design", which assures the compatibility with future PCU and GPU, as well as the generous equipment including four 12p sockets (for PCI-Express and CPU) and six 5p sockets (for peripherals) extended Enermax’ lead over his competitors: "Compared to units from our 1000W roundup last year, the Enermax Revolution85+ outperforms all of them."

    Read more:

  • 13.08.08 | Cool concept - PhoenixNeo

    The new Enermax case PhoenixNeo underlines once again the experience of enermax as a case manufacturer. The new ATX Midi Tower case stands out due to its elegant and innovative design and combines all requirements in one case. PhoenixNeo has in the front 2 brushed aluminium-wings in curve design. The interface on top of the case offers an easy and quick access: 1x eSATA (up to 3 Gb/s), 4x USB 2.0, microfone and headphones (HD Audio I/O). Moreover PhoenixNeo has: 2 CD/DVD-ROM drive flip covers integrated, screwless quick release fastener for expansion cards, removable HDD-Cage and screwless quick release fastener for drive-bays.

    A 12cm fan in the front panel - which has an easy cleanable micro-dustfilter - and a 25cm 25cm fan on side panel assure a well cooled system. Both fans are highlighted by LEDs (depends on the model with red or blue colour), whereupon the big 25cm fan is continuously adjustable and switchable. Furthermore the airflow-direction can be regulated and the lighting can be switch off and on. The case is prepared for one back-fan (8/9/12cm). PhoenixNeo offers 2 openings for external water cooling on the back panel. The case is available in black with red LED and black-silver colour with blue LED.

  • 03.07.08 | Enermax Pro82+ 625W Power Supply Review on

    An excellent result for our Pro82+ Power Supply with 625 watts was achieved by the latest review from Hardware Canucks Canada.  Beside the magnificent performance and stability brilliant efficiency was certified by this review. Furthermore the Pro82+ is absolutely suitable for silent PCs and HTPCs due to the nearly noiseless and effective cooling. Based on an overall superb result and a very good price-performance ratio the Pro82+ 625 watt was rewarded with the "DAM GOOD Value Award" by Hardware Canucks.

    "Not once did the noise produced by the Pro82+ rise above a faint whisper so we can definitely see this unit or its modular brother being a favorite with both quiet PC aficionados and HTPC enthusiasts."

    Link to the review...

  • 20.06.08 | HardwareluXX "excellent hardware" Award for Modu82+ 625 W

    Eleven Power Supplies were on trial at HardwareluXX (05/2008). The Modu82+ as 625 watt version was put through its paces. Beside the compact 140mm chassis, especially the variety of connectivity was commended. Excellent performance was achieved by the Modu82+ due to the 80Plus bronze certification. The output voltage has been found as very stable and is in this comparison top class. The Modu82+ 625 watt offers the best comprehensive package overall and received the "excellent hardware" award.

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