• 08.01.15 | Liqmax II: A New Ice Age

    With Liqmax II, Enermax introduces two new entry-level models for an effective CPU liquid cooling. Apart from Liqmax II 120, the space-saving cooling solution with compact 120mm radiator, the manufacturer provides a version with dual 240mm radiator as well. Liqmax II 240 is designed for high-performance workstations and gaming rigs with heavy-duty multi-core CPUs. Enermax engineers have optimized the concept of Liqmax series in several aspects.

    New Design & Proved Technology
    Optically, the Liqmax II series is almost unrecognizable: The black-grey colour scheme with the white LED light at the top of the water block creates a plain and elegant appearance which is suitable for most system configurations. Flexible rubber tubes simplify the installation and the dense aluminium radiator allows for an excellent heat dissipation. Like all liquid coolers from Enermax, also the cold plate of Liqmax II is based on the patented Shunt Channel Technology: A wide channel inside the micro-fin structure ensures a quick and efficient cooling of heavy loaded and overclocked processors.

    Higher Pressure with Double Batwing Fan Blades
    Another novelty of the Liqmax II coolers are the "Double Batwing Blade" fans. The refined shape of the blades generates a higher static pressure at lower fan speed. At 1200 RPM, the Double Batwing Blade fan achieves a static pressure of 1.3mm-H2O while the Cluster Advance (UCCLA12P) with the classic Batwing blades does not exceed 1.037mm-H2O at 1200 RPM. It means the new blade design provides more than 20% more performance and a significantly lower noise generation.

    Flexible Fan Speed Control
    The Liqmax II models come with two Double Batwing Blade fans. The speed can be controlled automatically via the 4P PWM interface of the mainboard. Apart from that, the intelligent APS ("Adjustable Peak Speed") function allows for an individual RPM setting corresponding to the particular system requirements. Enermax integrated an easy accessible switch at the fan frame which enables three speed modes: Silent (500 – 1200 RPM) Performance (500 – 1600 RPM) and Overclock (500 – 2000 RPM) mode. Rubber pads avoid the fan from vibrations and annoying side noises.

    Full Support of most Current Processors
    Liqmax II
    supports all latest Intel® and AMD® platforms (Intel® LGA 775/1150/1155/1156/1366/2011 and AMD® AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+).

    Prices & Availability
    The two models of the Liqmax II series are now available on sale. MSRP incl. VAT: 59.90 Euro for the Liqmax II 120 (ELC-LMR120S-BS) and 77.90 Euro for the Liqmax II 240 (ELC-LMR240-BS).

    >> More technical details and product photos

  • 18.11.14 | Twister Storm hits Europe with 3,500 RPM

    With Twister Storm, Enermax extends the latest series of high-performance fans for professional applications. After the recently launched Twister Pressure, the ultra high-speed 12cm fan is already the second model of the new product section. Twister Storm achieves a peak speed of 3,500 RPM generating an air flow rate of up to 262.55m3/h. It is therefore one of the strongest case fans on the market, and the most powerful 12cm fan worldwide that is based on a barometric-magnetic bearing. Twister Storm has been designed for extreme system environments such as for servers, industrial applications or heavy-duty mining and gaming rigs. To guarantee maximum durability, Enermax engineers improved the structure of the Twister Technology and extended the lifetime of the patented bearing to 160,000 hours.

    Special Storm Flow Blades & Sturdy Structure

    Another innovation of Enermax engineers are the so-called Storm Flow Blades. Their special shape provides the perfect angle for an efficient air intake and a high-pressure air outlet. The manufacturer applies high-quality materials and relies on a sturdy construction, so that the fan does not start vibrating at high RPM. Additionally, Enermax delivers the fan with four anti-vibration rubber mounting screws. Another smart function of the Twister Storm: To avoid a loss in performance because of dust, the patented Twister bearing provides a useful feature called Click Mechanism: Users can detach the blades by pushing them from the back side out of the frame and clean them thoroughly.

    SSC Function for Optimizing the Cooling Performance
    Enermax equips the Twister Storm with the latest Shift Speed Control (SSC). This function is not just a simple RPM regulation by voltage variation: It enables three different peak speed modes: Performance (1,500 RPM), Overclock (2,500 RPM) and Turbo Mode (3,500 RPM). Within the particular mode, users can still individually control the fan speed by lowering down the voltage, so that Twister Storm grants much more flexibility than an ordinary case fan with fixed 12V speed.

    Availability and Price
    The Twister Storm 12cm fan from Enermax is now available on sale and costs 14.99 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT).

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  • 14.11.14 | Thormax Giant: The Supernatural Gaming Tower

    With the “Ahead of the Game” product line, Enermax offers a range of products which have been designed for performance-capable gaming PCs. The new Thormax Giant tower is the new flagship chassis within the “Ahead of the Game” series. Its vigorous appearance is not an idle boast. The new case from Enermax provides a solid construction, excellent quality and a huge capacity for high-end hardware.

    Infinite Space
    With a volume of 80 liters, the Thormax Giant offers a lot of space for the most powerful gaming weapons: It accommodates up to four graphics cards as well as performance-capable E-ATX mainboards. The upper HDD cage can be removed so that users can integrate heavy-duty graphics cards with up to 490mm length and improve the fresh air supply from the front fan. Depending on the individual configuration, the flexible data storage management allows for the installation of overall twelve 2.5”/3.5” hard disk and solid state drives. For most comfortable system assembly, Enermax has integrated solid mounting mechanisms and plenty of room for a hidden cable routing behind the mainboard tray.

    Divine Cooling
    The large mesh areas at the top and the front of the case are designed for best possible air circulation and come with filters to keep dust away from the system. With two pre-installed 180mm fans (side & front), Thormax Giant is well prepared to cool down high-end gaming rigs with minimum noise generation. At the back, you can find another fan: The new Enerflo 12cm fan has been exclusively designed for Enermax chassis and is based on the patented Twister bearing with 100,000 hours MTBF. You can find additional three 120mm fan slots – or alternatively two 140mm fan slots or one 180/200mm fan slot – at the top which can be used to enhance the air outtake or to install 240/280/360mm radiators. Last but not least, the bottom of the case accommodates two optional 12cm fans or a second 240mm radiator.

    Extraordinary Accessory
    The patented circular LED light of the two 180mm fans creates astonishing effects and bathes the installed hardware in cool blue. With a button at the top, users can choose from four different LED modes – from sparkling to flashing light. The I/O panel at the upper side of the chassis further includes a fan speed control which is designed to support up to four fans, as well as two USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0 ports. As the Thormax Giant is dedicated to passionate gamers, Enermax has integrated a smart solution for one of the most essential gaming devices: With a magnetic bracket you can keep your headphones in a safe place directly at the chassis.

    Price & Availability
    The Thormax Giant is now available on sale in Europe. MSRP incl. VAT: 149.90 Euro.

    >> Product Video
    >> More technical information and product photos

  • 14.11.14 | iVektor.Q: Smaller & Smarter

    The Enermax iVektor series has won high praise from passionate gamers. Due to its unique and elegant design, the high manufacturing quality as well as the outstanding functionality, the midi tower contrasts strongly with the mass of gaming chassis at the market. The new iVektor.Q continues the successful series, but has been designed for entry-level gaming systems. According to that, the case is more compact than the original, and therefore also supports the smaller micro-ATX mainboards. Apart from that, the new Enermax midi tower provides several interesting bonus features.

    Comfortable Monitoring & Controlling of the Cooling System
    Enermax gave up the elaborate soft-grip coating of the original iVektor series, but still follows its exceptional shape and style. The patented LED ring of the integrated front fan creates an eye-catching and intensive blue lightning. The USB interfaces (1x USB 3.0 & 1x USB 2.0) and audio ports are located directly at the front. Apart from that, Enermax has integrated a LED display to monitor the system temperature. An internal thermal sensor can be mounted flexibly inside the system. But you can not only check the cooling performance, you can also adjust it with a RPM control switch in three steps. It is connected with the two pre-installed 12cm fans (front/rear).

    Smart Layout
    Considering the more compact size in comparison with the original iVektor chassis, Enermax has well arranged the layout of the new budget midi tower, so that you can still integrate strong gaming components. You can for example remove the frame of the upper hard disk cage, so that you gain space for longer graphics cards. The punched side panels allow for the installation of higher CPU coolers and a clean hidden cable routing behind the mainboard tray. At least two, maximum three, graphics cards, overall seven hard disk and solid state drives (2,5" or 3,5") as well as three 5.25" optical disk drives fit into the iVektor.Q.

    Price & Availability
    The iVektor.Q (ECA3371A-BT-BL(U3)) is now available on sale at a MSRP of 49.90 Euro incl. VAT.

    >> More technical information and products photos

  • 25.08.14 | Smart Solutions for an Efficient Data Management

    One week ago, Enermax has launched the Mighty Charger series with two card readers for 3.5” and 5.25” bays. They have been the first models of a new line of data management solutions from Enermax. Even if cloud computing has been a major trend to handle the huge amount of data, many people prefer to keep physical drives for security reasons. The average user owns two and more data storage devices. Smart solutions are necessary to manage and link them. Many PC systems and chassis are not designed to accommodate numerous hard disk or solid state drives. But you can easily expand the capability of your system by integrating mobile racks. Enermax now introduces the EMR series, a complete line of 11 mobile racks for different mounting slots (3.5”, 5.25” & PCI slots) and disk formats (2.5” & 3.5” HDDs/SSDs).

    Sturdy Structure & Durable Design
    Enermax’ mobile racks are designed for durable operation. The manufacturer applies quality materials and relies on patented non-scratch SATA connectors which offer an extraordinary high number of 50,000 plugging and unplugging cycles. To protect sensitive data carriers from unauthorized access, Enermax has equipped the hard drive caddies with a security key lock. And if you want to setup a raid backup system, the EMK3203 with two 2.5” disk slots is the best choice for you.

    Utmost Usability & Flexibility
    The wide range of different models helps users to select the right product according to the individual system requirements. With smart solutions and convenient designs, Enermax increases the usability and flexibility of the particular data management system. Steel SATA clips avoid accidental disconnections and the hot-swap system allows for changing disks without shutting down the PC. The manufacturer provides overall four models for 5.25” bays and six models for 3.5” bays. In case that these bays are occupied already, the EMK3105 can be installed at the PCI extension slot, so that you can include an additional 2.5” HDD or SSD into your system.

    Photos & Technical Data
    More information and product photos of the new data management solutions from Enermax can be found at:
    »EMK 3.5” Series (3.5" hard drive caddies)
    »EMK 5.25“ Series (5.25" hard drive caddies)
    »Mighty Charger Series (multifunctional front panels)

    Prices & Availability
    The mobile rack product range will be now available for sale at a MSRP starting from 16.90 Euro incl. VAT.

  • 22.08.14 | Upgrade Your Desktop PC to a Multimedia Station

    Considering the huge variety of mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, cameras, MP3 players etc.) and the growing volumes of data (photos, videos, music etc.), the PC has become a platform which connects different devices and formats. Thereofore, it is annoying if the initial configuration of your computer does not fulfill all requirements: No memory card slots, an insufficient number or hard-to-reach USB ports complicate a regular and frequent data transfer. Luckily, there are ways to upgrade your PC without investing a lot of time and money. As an experienced case manufacturer, Enermax knows about the problems and wishes of his customers. With the Mighty Charger series, the company presents a solution to upgrade a desktop PC to a modern multimedia station. The two new multifunctional front panels will enter the European market in coming week.

    Mighty Charger 5.25“ (ECR501): Convenient 2-in-1 Solution for External and Internal Data Storage Devices
    The ECR501 multifunctional front panel is designed for 5.25” bays. As many systems of today get along with just one DVD or Bluray drive, the other 5.25” mounting slots remain vacant. Therefore, the ECR501 from Enermax can be integrated into most PC chassis. And apart from the external interfaces and memory card slots on the front, it provides another smart feature: The new model offers three internal mounting bays for one 3.5” drive and two 2.5” disks (HDD/SSD). Considering the fact that many older cases lack of internal 2.5” bays, you can upgrade your system with the ECR501 in two respects: It not only enhances the options for the external data transfer, but it also creates new space to extend the system’s data volume.

    Various Options for Memory Cards and External Data Carriers
    ECR501 comes with one eSATA port and overall seven USB interfaces: One USB socket complies with the latest high-speed USB 3.0 standard achieving a data transfer rate of up to 5 Gbit/s. Another one is designed as charging station for smartphones, tablets etc. The so-called “Super Speed Charger” port can be used to recharge the batteries of mobile devices with up to 2.4A. It complies with the latest USB Battery Charging v1.2 specification. The integrated card reader of the Mighty Charger 5.25” supports all current memory card formats with slots for MS, CF, SD, Extreme Digital, Micro-SD and M2 cards.
    The Mighty Charger 5.25“ (ECR501) costs 31.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT) and will be available for sale next week.

    Mighty Charger 3.5“ (ECR301): Many Options for External Data Transfer
    The ECR301 is a well-thought multifunctional front panel for 3.5” bays. Due to the more compact size, the 3.5” model offers less USB and memory card slots than the 5.25” version. But for most desktop PC, the Mighty Charger 3.5” (ECR301) is a perfectly good solution. The product provides three USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 and – like the ECR501 – one „Super Speed Charger“ port for mobile devices. With five slots for MS, CF, SD, Micro-SD and M2 memory cards, the ECR301 supports almost all common formats.

    The Mighty Charger 3.5” (ECR301) costs 29.90 Euro (MSRP incl. VAT) and will be available for sale next week as well.

    More technical data and photos of the new multifunctional front panels from Enermax can be found »here.

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