• 03.06.14 | For Professional System Building: Thorex & Ostrog.Q

    With the Ostrog and the Vostok Advanced series, Enermax already carries two successful chassis lines which are designed for professional system building: The manufacturer follows an elegant, clean design and relies on a sturdy and user-friendly structure. Now, Enermax introduces Ostrog.Q and Thorex, two new compact midi towers which support standard ATX mainboards as well as the smaller micro-ATX form factor models.

    Ostrog.Q: Functional Structure with High Cooling Capacity
    In comparison with the remaining models of the Ostrog series, the new Ostrog.Q chassis is more compact. To overcome the space limitation, Enermax has adjusted the cooling concept of the new case: A large mesh front with two 12cm fan mounting slots increases the fresh air supply. Filters behind the mesh protect the system from dust. Ostrog.Q comes with one 12cm rear fan pre-installed which dissipates the warm air from the system. Apart from that, the chassis accommodates two side and one top fan optionally.

    Screwless mounting systems facilitate and speed up the installation of 5.25" optical disk drives and 3.5" hard disk drives. The hard disk bay is composed from two sections, one for 3.5" and one for 2.5" HDDs or SSDs. The top 2.5" cage can be removed in order to integrate longer graphics cards or improve the air circulation inside the system. In this particular case, Enermax provides another slot for one 2.5" disk at the bottom of the bottom cage. Punched side panels allow for a comfortable hidden cable routing behind the mainboard tray and the installation of tall tower coolers with max. 174mm of heights.

    Thorex: Compact Case with Prominent Front Design
    , the second newcomer tower from Enermax, is designed for basic gaming rigs. While the internal structure and functionality of this case is almost identically equal to the Ostrog.Q, the style of the two models varies significantly. Thorex has a clear-cut shape with a striking front air inlet which is particularly suitable for bright LED fans like the T.B.Vegas Single series from Enermax. If you illuminate the system properly, the tinted acrylic side window reveals the installed hardware.

    Prices & Availability
    Ostrog.Q (model: ECA3351B-BT(U3)) and Thorex (model: ECA3321A-BT(2U3)) are available on sales soon. MSRP incl. VAT: 39.90 Euro for the Ostrog.Q and 41.90 Euro for the Thorex.

    More Technical Details:
    >> Ostrog.Q
    >> Thorex

  • 26.03.14 | ETS-N30: Little Vigorous Cooler

    At CeBIT, Enermax has introduced the new ETS-N30 CPU cooler series. Now, the two models, ETS-N30-HE and ETS-N30-TAA, will be available for sale in Europe. For professional system integrators, the compact tower cooler from Enermax is an interesting cooling solution. It is designed for small form factor chassis (mini-ITX or micro-ATX), for multimedia centers as well as for entry-level PCs.

    Innovative Air Flow Techniques
    The heat sink measures just 92 x 50 x 134mm (W x D x H). But due to Enermax' smart air stream conduction, the cooler achieves an exceptional high performance capability. In the center of the fins, the manufacturer has integrated vents that improve the warm air transfer. While the heat escapes through the openings, fresh air is pulled in by the emerging pressure gradient. Enermax calls this technique "Stack Effect Flow". The patented innovation was applied on the ETS-T40 cooler series for the first time. Another approved solution is the so-called "Vacuum Effect Flow". It is based on the differences in pressure between the heat sink and the ambient air. The side of the cooler is not closed completely, so that cool air can be sucked in. The ETS-N30 comes with one durable 9cm fan. It is equipped with an automatic PWM speed control and allows for a very flexible adjustment of the cooling performance due to its extraordinary wide RPM range (800 – 2,800 RPM). Enermax offers two models, the ETS-N30-TAA with a blue illuminated T.B.Apollish Advance LED fan and the ETS-N30-HE with a simple black 9cm fan.

    Intel® Haswell™ Support
    The three 6mm heat pipes rest directly on the CPU (patented Heat Pipe Direct Touch Technology), so that the heat can be dissipated quickly and efficiently without additional resistance. Enermax relies on a user-friendly and well-thought installation system which provides the optimal contact force and a secure cooler mounting. Latter fact will be essential for system integrators as it will protect the system from damages during transport. ETS-N30 supports all current CPU platforms from Intel® and AMD® (LGA 775/1150/1155/1156/1366 & AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+) including the new Haswell™ generation.

    >> More technical information and photos


  • 26.03.14 | Impressions from CeBIT 2014

    We are looking back on a successful CeBIT 2014. Many business partners, journalists and end user took the chance to have an exclusive look on our forthcoming news. The Digifanless power supply attracted the largest interest. It powered a dual-GPU gaming rig. Thanks to the new ZDPM (Zero Delay Power Monitoring) software, you are able to control the most essential values such as voltage, power, efficiency or temperature. During the whole CeBIT period, the PSU kept rock stable. We have collected some impressions from this year's CeBIT in our >> photo gallery and on >> Facebook. Watch our booth tour at >> YouTube.

  • 07.03.14 | Welcome to CeBIT!

    We would like to invite you to visit the Enermax booth at CeBIT in hall 15, D03. Like in previous years, we are going to show a huge number of new products and technologies. The highlight will be definitely the passively cooled Digifanless power supply with digital monitoring function. Apart from that, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of our cooling section: "10 Years Cooling by Enermax". At >> Facebook and at the >> official CeBIT page you can find more details about our CeBIT presence. The CeBIT starts on Monday, 10th of March, and ends on Friday, 14th of March 2014. The Enermax booth is located in hall 15, D03. We are looking forward to meeting with you!

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