• 26.03.14 | ETS-N30: Little Vigorous Cooler

    At CeBIT, Enermax has introduced the new ETS-N30 CPU cooler series. Now, the two models, ETS-N30-HE and ETS-N30-TAA, will be available for sale in Europe. For professional system integrators, the compact tower cooler from Enermax is an interesting cooling solution. It is designed for small form factor chassis (mini-ITX or micro-ATX), for multimedia centers as well as for entry-level PCs.

    Innovative Air Flow Techniques
    The heat sink measures just 92 x 50 x 134mm (W x D x H). But due to Enermax' smart air stream conduction, the cooler achieves an exceptional high performance capability. In the center of the fins, the manufacturer has integrated vents that improve the warm air transfer. While the heat escapes through the openings, fresh air is pulled in by the emerging pressure gradient. Enermax calls this technique "Stack Effect Flow". The patented innovation was applied on the ETS-T40 cooler series for the first time. Another approved solution is the so-called "Vacuum Effect Flow". It is based on the differences in pressure between the heat sink and the ambient air. The side of the cooler is not closed completely, so that cool air can be sucked in. The ETS-N30 comes with one durable 9cm fan. It is equipped with an automatic PWM speed control and allows for a very flexible adjustment of the cooling performance due to its extraordinary wide RPM range (800 – 2,800 RPM). Enermax offers two models, the ETS-N30-TAA with a blue illuminated T.B.Apollish Advance LED fan and the ETS-N30-HE with a simple black 9cm fan.

    Intel® Haswell™ Support
    The three 6mm heat pipes rest directly on the CPU (patented Heat Pipe Direct Touch Technology), so that the heat can be dissipated quickly and efficiently without additional resistance. Enermax relies on a user-friendly and well-thought installation system which provides the optimal contact force and a secure cooler mounting. Latter fact will be essential for system integrators as it will protect the system from damages during transport. ETS-N30 supports all current CPU platforms from Intel® and AMD® (LGA 775/1150/1155/1156/1366 & AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+) including the new Haswell™ generation.

    >> More technical information and photos


  • 26.03.14 | Impressions from CeBIT 2014

    We are looking back on a successful CeBIT 2014. Many business partners, journalists and end user took the chance to have an exclusive look on our forthcoming news. The Digifanless power supply attracted the largest interest. It powered a dual-GPU gaming rig. Thanks to the new ZDPM (Zero Delay Power Monitoring) software, you are able to control the most essential values such as voltage, power, efficiency or temperature. During the whole CeBIT period, the PSU kept rock stable. We have collected some impressions from this year's CeBIT in our >> photo gallery and on >> Facebook. Watch our booth tour at >> YouTube.

  • 07.03.14 | Welcome to CeBIT!

    We would like to invite you to visit the Enermax booth at CeBIT in hall 15, D03. Like in previous years, we are going to show a huge number of new products and technologies. The highlight will be definitely the passively cooled Digifanless power supply with digital monitoring function. Apart from that, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of our cooling section: "10 Years Cooling by Enermax". At >> Facebook and at the >> official CeBIT page you can find more details about our CeBIT presence. The CeBIT starts on Monday, 10th of March, and ends on Friday, 14th of March 2014. The Enermax booth is located in hall 15, D03. We are looking forward to meeting with you!

  • 13.02.14 | High Pressure for Maximum Cooling Performance

    To cool a PC chassis efficiently you need a fan which achieves a high air flow rate at a low speed. In contrast, coolers and radiators require a fan with the highest possible static pressure in order to push the air through the fins. With the new Twister Pressure, Enermax presents a fan that is specially designed for heat sinks and radiators. Together with the high-speed model Twister Storm, which will be introduced in the second quarter 2014, Twister Pressure completes the fan portfolio of the premium manufacturer.

    The Second Generation of the Patented Twister Bearing
    “We have spent two years to create the new high-performance fans that are based on our patented Twister bearing”, comments Benjamin Schäfer, Marketing/PR team leader of Enermax Europe. “Initially, we quickly achieved good results by applying a robust frame construction and performance-capable fan blades. But during the long-term tests, we recognized that we are reaching the limits of the Twister bearing if we run a fan with more than 3,000 RPM. Therefore, it was inevitable to optimize the Twister technology.” The result is impressive: The second generation of the Twister bearing offers 160,000 hours MTBF lifetime - 60 per cent more than the original version.

    What has been changed?
    The metal ball which formed the contact between shaft and rotor has disappeared. It has been replaced by a convex contact surface. Schäfer: “We have found out that the principle with the metal ball is not suitable for high-speed scenarios. Dust and microparticles will be accumulated around the ball and slowly lead to corrosion – especially if you do not make use of the possibility to detach the fan blades and clean them. At more than 3,000 RPM, we would not be able to keep the promise of 100,000 hours MTBF for our fans. We were faced with the decision to correct the lifetime statement for our new high-performance fans or to advance the bearing.” At the end, Enermax has opted for the redesign. While the basic functional principle remains unchanged, the bearing setup has been reverted: The magnet has been implemented into the base of the bearing and the shaft is fixed to the rotor. When you turn the fan on, the magnet is holding the shaft in position. With the convex surface of the base, Enermax reduces the frictional resistance and ensures a consistently silent and smooth fan rotation. The sleeve is made from a self-lubricating material and prevents the bearing from draining and corrosion. Another useful feature of the Twister fans is the so-called “Click Mechanism”: Over a longer usage period, a fan will be covered with dust which will significantly influence the performance and lifetime. Already with the first Twister fan generation in 2008, Enermax has introduced a smart innovation to overcome this problem: By pressing the rear side of the blades, you can detach the rotor and clean it from dust. Also the new optimized Twister bearing supports the “Click Mechanism”.

    Twister Pressure vs. Case Fan
    Visually, the vigorous Twister Pressure significantly varies from the other Enermax fans: The reinforced black frame and the nine performance-capable, black-transparent blades are made from heat-resistant, quality materials. Twister Pressure is designed for extreme environments with up to 85°C operation temperature. Also the test results of the new Enermax fan are impressive: Already at 1,200 RPM, the 120mm model achieves a static pressure of 1,709mm-H2O – while the most powerful case fan from Enermax, the Cluster Advance 120mm, requires 1,500 RPM to reach this value. At the same speed level, the Twister Pressure surpasses the static pressure of the case fan by up to 37 per cent. On the other hand, it is hardly surprising that the air flow rate is lower than the Cluster Advance as both models are designed for different fields of application.

    Click to enlarge

    Twister Pressure comes with the new APS function (“Adjustable Peak Speed”) which allows for an individual speed range setting in three steps: Ultra Silent Mode (500 – 1,200 RPM), Silent Mode (500 – 1,500 RPM) und Performance Mode (500 – 1,800 RPM).That way, users can flexibly adjust the cooling performance according to their system’s requirements. Within the selected operation mode, the fan is controlled automatically via PWM.

    Availability & Prices
    The Twister Pressure 120mm fan (UCTP12P) is now available for sale at a MSRP of 11.90 Euro / £8.99 incl. VAT.

  • 30.01.14 | Strong Colours for Cool Gaming PCs

    Already in autumn 2013, Enermax has launched the flagship model of the T.B.Vegas fan series. The T.B.Vegas Quad is equipped with 48 diodes in four colours: Blue, red, green and white. Now, also the remaining three one-colour models with blue, red or white LEDs will be on sale. The PWM controlled fans provide a wide RPM range which can be limited in three steps due to the new APS function. Last but not least, the patented Twister bearing ensures a smooth and persistent silent fan operation with 100,000 hours MTBF. The T.B.Vegas LED fan series is part of the Enermax gaming product line "Ahead fo the Game".

    The Enermax fans with the patented circular LED light belong to the most popular cooling solutions for gaming and modding systems. With up to 48 diodes (depending on the model), the Enermax fans have an impressive effect – even behind tinted acrylic windows or mesh panels. While reflex stripes on the blades create the characteristic curved rays of light, the single diodes can be controlled via an integrated micro chip to generate five fantastic LED effects. With a 50cm wire, the button to select the lightning mode can be attached comfortably inside or outside the chassis. The integrated chip further provides a memory function. It will store the light effect which has been selected before the system shut-down. Three colour versions of the T.B.Vegas Single are available: Blue, red or white.

    Wide RPM Range & Durable Twister Bearing
    The latest technological innovation from Enermax is the "Adjustable Peak Speed" (APS) function. A small switch on the fan hub enables users to change the RPM range in three steps. That way, the cooling performance can be adjusted easily according to the system configuration: If you want a silent PC, you can limit the speed to max. 1,000 RPM ("Ultra Silent Mode"). For systems that generate more heat, the cooling performance can be increased by choosing the "Performance Mode" with 500 to 1,800 RPM. Within the selected mode, the fan is controlled automatically via pulse width modulation (PWM). The patented Twister Bearing offers up to 100,000 hours MTBF. It is based on a simple, but effective principle: A metal ball inside the bearing gets magnetized and keeps the blades on the shaft. It is the only point of contact and therefore eliminates disturbing grinding or rattling noises. The sleeve is made from a self-lubricating material which prevents the bearing from drying out and ensures a durable and consistently silent operation.

    Robust & Modular Fan Frame Construction
    For the first time, Enermax applies the characteristic frame of the T.B.Silence fan series in a LED product. The modular HALO construction enjoys a great popularity amongst do-it-yourselfers, because you can easily dissemble the frame, give it a new paint or modify it. The steel frame at the side with the punched Enermax logo is not only improving the stability and appearance of the fan, it significantly enhances the fresh air supply. At maximum speed, the T.B.Vegas Single generates an air flow rate of up to 129.09 m3/h.

    Ahead of the Game – Premium Enermax Products for the Pure Joy of Gaming
    The "Ahead of the Game" product range has been specially designed for modern gaming PCs. It covers different product categories and allows for high-performance and smooth game play. Enermax "Ahead of the Game" products are the best choice for high-end rigs – leading technology for the pure joy of gaming. The manufacturer offers a complete start-up bundle for the build of a performance-capable and at the same time durable gaming PC.

    Availability and Prices
    The T.B.Vegas Single fans in Blue (UCTVS12P-BL), Red (UCTVS12P-R) and White (UCTVS12P-W) are now available on sale at a MSRP incl. VAT of £10.99/13.99 Euro. Already in autumn 2013, Enermax has introduced the four-colour LED model T.B.Vegas Quad (UCTVQ12P).

  • 24.01.14 | A New EU Regulation Requires 80 PLUS® Bronze Power Supplies

    With the regulation no. 617/2013, the EU commission sets new “ecodesign requirements for computers and computer servers”. It is another brick to complete the so-called Ecodesign Directive (Directive 2009/125/EC). The target of this initiative is to drive forward the development of energy-efficient products within the EU.

    The regulation will become valid from the 1st of July 2014. Amongst others, it will set new standards for the assembling of desktop computers. According to that, internal PC power supplies need to reach minimum 85% efficiency at 50% load as well as 82% efficiency at 20% and 100% of the rated power. This corresponds to the requirements of the international energy-saving certification 80 PLUS® Bronze. Apart from that, EU demands a power factor of 0.9 at 100% load.

    The EU regulation no. 617/2013 will also affect other PC components as well as the information obligation of manufacturers and assemblers of PC systems. It will become a part of the CE certification process of computers. In future, only desktop computers that comply with the single requirements of the new EU regulation will receive the CE marking.

    >> Download – EU Regulation No. 617/2013
    >> Download – Ecodesign Directive Brochure (Directive 2009/125/EC)
    >> Download – Presspics


    All Current Enermax Power Supplies* Support the New EU Norm

    Power supplies transform the alternating current from the wall socket into the direct current that is required to power computer components. The transformation process leads to energy losses which can be reduced by applying efficient components and circuits. Enermax belongs to the most famous manufacturers of quality power supplies worldwide and is playing a major role in the development of energy-saving technologies and products.

    Already in 2009, Enermax introduced the Revolution85+ a power supply which reached more than 90% efficiency at 50% load. Two years later, the manufacturer produced the next masterpiece: The Platimax power supply series achieves a peak efficiency of 94% and complies with the to-date highest demands for desktop power supplies, 80 PLUS® Platinum. Platimax covers the complete wattage range from 500 up to 1,500 watts.

    Recently, the 80 PLUS® organization has raised the efficiency standards: The new Titanium seal encourages the advancement of contemporary power supplies towards even more efficient technologies. The Enermax R&D has already taken up the challenge and is working on a new PSU platform which has the potential to surpass the efficiency grade of current models.

    >> Background information about 80 PLUS®

    All latest Enermax power supplies* support the requirements of the new EU regulation for desktop PC systems.

    >> Get an overview of the complete Enermax power supply range

    * except the NAXN models ENP350AGT, ENP450AGT and ENP550AGT

  • 31.10.13 | Complete Starter Set for Powerful & Overclocked Gaming PCs

    One month ago, Enermax informed about the introduction of a new product line which is specially designed for the requirements of modern gaming machines. "Ahead of the Game" covers different PC areas. "The models of our new series allow for a game play on the highest level. They are the perfect choice for high-end systems and provide leading technology for the pure joy of gaming", explains Benjamin Schäfer, PR/Marketing Team Leader of Enermax Europe. With the midi tower iVektor, the first gaming series from Enermax made a perfect market debut. The racing-style chassis with the soft-grip coating offers a variety of functions and many possibilities for system upgrades. But for a steady flow of game at highest resolution, the hardware inside is the crucial factor.

    Enermax Quality for Stable and Cool Game Play
    Schäfer: "We offer users the perfect starter set to build up a performance-capable and at the same time durable gaming system. Most often, people focus on the graphics card or CPU only. But at the end, the power supply decides how stable a PC runs. If your system is crashing down regularly, the PSU might be a possible source of trouble. Therefore, it is worthwhile to spend more money in a quality brand product instead of buying the cheapest of the cheap models. And if you consider about an efficient cooling system, you need to know that you can not only prolong the lifetime of the installed components, but you can also draw the ultimate performance out of your hardware. You will only achieve the highest clock rates if you rely on the best cooling solution."

    With the Revolution X't PSU series and the Liqtech liquid coolers, Enermax now adds two products to the new "Ahead of the Game" range.

    Revolution X't: Massive 12V Rail for High-Performance Gaming Rigs
    The key components for maximum gaming power are the graphics card and the CPU. Both are supplied by the 12V rail of the PSU. The more amperes the rail provides, the higher is the performance capability at high system load. The new Revolution X't from Enermax comes with one massive 12V rail generating more than 97 per cent of the total power, so that it can easily handle high-performance and overclocked gaming rigs. The manufacturer applies durable, quality components and relies on approved technologies to ensure non-stop 24/7 operation at 40°C ambient temperature.

    High Efficiency & low-noise 139mm Twister Fan
    An advanced electronic circuit minimizes energy losses and ensures an efficiency of 89 to maximum 92 per cent*. Revolution X't therefore achieved the international energy-saving certificate 80 PLUS® Gold. The large 139mm fan with patented Twister bearing (100,000 hours MTBF) runs virtually silent and keeps the temperatures effectively low. The speed is controlled according to the temperature and particular load, so that Enermax guarantees a perfect balance between cooling performance and noise generation.
    * from 20% to 100% load at 230VAC

    Flat Cables & Haswell Support
    Flexible flat cables simplify the system installation and cable routing. Revolution X't is equipped with a semi-modular cable management with a variety of connectors. Starting from 430 watts, the power supply offers two 8-pin PCI-Express connectors. From 630 watts upwards, four connectors for graphics cards are included. That way, the models of the new series are well prepared for multi-GPU systems. Revolution X't complies with the latest Intel® ATX12V v2.4 standard for desktop PSU and supports all current Intel® and AMD® processors including the new Haswell™ generation. The manufacturer introduces four models with 430, 530, 630 and 730 watts.

    Revolution X't is now available on sale. MSRP incl. VAT: 94.90 Euro / £79.00 for the Revolution X't 430W (ERX430AWT), 104.90 Euro / £89.00 for the ERX530AWT, 119.90 Euro / £99.00 for ERX630AWT and 134.90 Euro / £109.00 for ERX730AWT. Revolution X't replaces the low-wattage models of the Revolution87+ series. The Revolution87+ 850W and 1000W (ERV850EWT/ERV1000EWT) will be continued.

    More technical detailsat the product page of Revolution X't.

    Liqtech: Effective Cooling for Multi-Core Processors
    High-performance CPUs still generate more heat than usual processors for office workstations. If you overclock the CPU in order to boost the performance, you will definitely need a powerful cooler. Apart from high-end air coolers with bulky heat sinks, compact all-in-one water cooling systems have become increasingly popular during the past years. Compared to air-cooled solutions, they offer a higher performance capability and have the ability to eliminate hot spots more effectively and much quicker.

    Shunt-Channel Cold Plate & Innovative Radiator Structure
    With the Liqtech series, Enermax presents already the second generation of its liquid cooling product range. In comparison with the previous ELC models, the manufacturer has completely redesigned the coolers. The massive water block is made from aluminium and refines not only the appearance of the cooler, but also improves the heat dissipation. The quality pump inside the water block works silently and is based on a durable ceramic bearing. On the other hand, the design of the cold plate remains unchanged: Enermax relies on the patented "Shunt Channel Technology" which significantly increases the water flow rate and speed. A channel breaks through the micro-fin structure and prevents the formation of the so-called Boundary Layer, a physical phenomenon that obstructs the water flow. Apart from that, the cooling specialist introduces a new radiator construction. The fins are soldered to the pipes, which creates a larger, seamless contact area and densifies the radiator structure for a more efficient heat transfer.

    The New Twister Pressure Fans with APS Function
    Liqtech comes with two Twister bearing fans with 100,000 hours MTBF. For the first time, Enermax applies the new Twister Pressure fans that have been particularly designed for CPU coolers and radiators. The special shape of the blades allows for a high static pressure which is essential to ensure an efficient and low noise cooling. Due to the quality and sturdy materials, the fans are also resistant against vibrations – even at high speed. Like the previously launched Cluster Advance and Everest Advance, the Twister Pressure fans are equipped with the "Adjustable Peak Speed (APS)" function. The RPM range can be customized in three steps according to the system requirements: Silent Mode (600 – 1,300 RPM), Performance Mode (600 – 2,000 RPM) and Overclock Mode (600 – 2,500 RPM). The maximum speed can be limited with a small switch at the fan hub. Within the selected mode, the speed is controlled automatically via pulse-width modulation (PWM).

    Liqtech supports all current Intel® and AMD® platforms. The cooler comes in two different sizes with extra thick 120mm radiator (Liqtech 120X) or 240mm dual radiator (Liqtech 240). Liqtech 120X is now available on sale, while the 240mm model will be launched until the end of the year. MSRP incl. VAT: 93.90 Euro / £79.90 for the Liqtech 120X (ELC-LT120X-HP) and 118.90 Euro / £109.90 for the Liqtech 240 (ELC-LT240-HP).

    More technical details on the product page of Liqtech.

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