• 05.06.15 | Liqmax II 240 wins European Hardware Award 2015

    A panel of eight leading hardware magazines has nominated the most outstanding hardware products 2015. In an official ceremony during Computex in Taipei, the European Hardware Association now revealed the winners in numerous categories. ENERMAX has won the European Hardware Award 2015 for the AIO CPU water cooler Liqmax II 240At Facebook, we have posted photos from the awarding ceremony.

    The European Hardware Association has been founded by Cowcotland from France, from Benelux, Hardwareluxx from Germany, Hardware Upgrade from Italy, Hispazone from Spain, Kitguru from the UK, Lab501 from Romania and PurePC from Poland. ENERMAX was nominated with three products for the European Hardware Awards: Digifanless 550W in PSU category, the Twister fan series in case fan category and finally, the Liqmax II 240 in CPU water cooling category.

    If you want to learn more about Liqmax II 240, the winner of the Eurpean Hardware Award 2015, please enter the >> product page.

  • 31.03.15 | MAXPRO: The Quietest Long Runner

    Enermax enjoys a lot of trust amongst hardware enthusiasts around the world. The power supplies of the premium manufacturer are designed for a durable and stable operation. That way, they most often survive more than one PC upgrade or build. With the new MAXPRO PSU series, Enermax now introduces the next long runner generation. Four models with 400, 500, 600 and 700 watts cover the system requirements of most PC configurations. Due to an adequate number of 8-pin PCI-Express connectors and a massive 12V rail, MAXPRO ensures a stable power supply of performance-capable gaming PCs. The PSU measures just 14cm in depth, so that it can be a perfect choice for small form factor chassis as well.

    Ultra-quiet Operation
    Main focus of the new power supply concept has been the noise generation. Enermax engineers improved not only the fan control, but apply a completely new technological basis: Instead of a cheaper ball bearing fan, the manufacturer has integrated a 12cm fan that is based on the smooth running, patented Twister Bearing from Enermax. With just 500 RPM, the new MAXPRO power supplies operate virtually silent at standard loads (up to 50%). At very high loading (more than 90%), the MAXPRO fan finally exceeds 1,500 RPM, but does not generate annoying mechanical side noises thanks to the Twister bearing technology.

    High Efficiency at Standard Loads
    The MAXPRO series has been specially developed for the European market. Therefore, it is designed for the usage in power grids of 200 to 240VAC only. At a usual system load (20-50%), the power supply achieves an average efficiency of excellent 87%. It complies not only with the latest European eco-design regulations, but also supports the international energy-saving standard 80 PLUS® 230V EU. Enermax applies high-quality and performance-capable components which ensure a 24/7 non-stop operation at 40°C. In case of malfunctions or defects, the advanced SafeGuard protects the PSU and the system components against over-current, over-voltage, over-power, short circuit as well as sudden power surges (OCP, OVP, OPP, SCP & SIP). A prolonged 3-year manufacturer warranty completes the new offer from Enermax.

    Availability & Prices
    The MAXPRO series is now available for sale, apart from the 700W model which will follow until the mid of April.

    MSRP incl. VAT
    MAXPRO 400W (EMP400AGT): 49.90 Euro
    MAXPRO 500W (EMP500AGT): 59.90 Euro
    MAXPRO 600W (EMP600AGT): 67.90 Euro
    MAXPRO 700W (EMP700AGT): 79.90 Euro

    >> More technical information

  • 31.03.15 | EMK Series: New Racks for Professional Data Management

    After the successful introduction of the new EMK product range with variousmobile racks for PC systems, Enermax extends the line of storage solutions with three models for professional applications. The backplane modules EMK5301, EMK5401 and EMK5501 are specially designed for data servers. The modules occupy two or three 5.25-inch bays and accommodate up to five 3.5-inch hard disk drives (with SATA or SAS interface). Due to the high-quality manufacturing and the sturdy aluminium case, the new EMK models are a safe storage for your valuable data. Each HDD slot is equipped with an individual power switch, so that you can easily exchange or deactivate single hard disk drives during operation.A smart, thermal fan control allows for an effective HDD cooling. If the temperature exceeds a critical level, users will be warned by blinking status LEDs as well as a buzzing sound. All HDD slots are protected with a security lock against unauthorized access.

    All three models, EMK5301, EMK5401 and EMK5501, are now available for sale (MSRP incl. VAT: 109.90 - 129.00 Euro).

    >> More technical information

  • 31.03.15 | EHB001: Keep Your Headset Safe!

    Do you always need to disentangle your headphones before usage? Enermax presents a simple, but effective solution for all common headphones and headsets. The EHB001 is a sturdy, foldable headset holder with five strong magnets at the back side. You can attach it at all magnetic surfaces, eg. at the side panel of your computer chassis. EHB001 provides a maximum load capacity of 1kg (2.2lbs) and keeps your headphone safe and cable tangle-free. The EHB001 from Enermax is now available for sale at a MSRP of 14.90 Euro incl. VAT.

    >> More technical information

  • 12.03.15 | 25 Years of Know-How in One Power Supply

    Since 1990, ENERMAX has always been a pioneer in PSU industry. ENERMAX power supplies are synonyms of quality & performance. On the occasion of the company's 25th anniversary, the manufacturer now introduces a new masterpiece of technology: The Digifanless 550W is the first digital and fanless power supply from ENERMAX. Based on a performance-capable passive cooling system, Digifanless allows for a completely silent PC operation (0db(A)). With a forward-looking PSU topology and durable, high-quality components, the fanless power supply achieves a peak efficiency of 93% (80 PLUS® Platinum certified) and keeps the output voltages rock stable for maximum system performance. Digifanless is equipped with a digital interface to read out and control the most essential power values via the brand-new ZDPMS software (eg. voltage, current, efficiency or temperature). Last, but not least, the new flagship provides a flexible full-modular cable management with precious, individually sleeved wires.

    The World's 1st Digital Fanless Power Supply
    The Digifanless 550W sets a new milestone in PSU history: It is the world's first digital fanless power supply. Japanese electrolytic 105°C capacitors, heavy-duty MOSFETs (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors) and a high-density array of aluminium heatsinks ensure a performance-capable passive cooling and a continuous 24h full power output at 40°C ambient temperature. ENERMAX further applies the so-called "Copper Bridge Array" technology which significantly reduces the electrical resistance, improves the voltage regulation and maximizes the efficiency. That way, Digifanless reaches the international energy-saving standard 80 PLUS® Platinum with up to 93% efficiency and complies with the latest EU eco-design regulation ErP Lot 6 2013. The DC-to-DC circuit with Zero-Load Design ensures the full compatibility with the latest C6/C7 power saving modes of Intel and AMD CPUs, and provides a most stable performance even at extreme dynamic loads.

    New Digital User Interface for Easy Power Monitoring
    Together with the new Digifanless power supply, ENERMAX premieres the "Zero Delay Power Monitor System" (ZDPMS) for most comfortable and precise PSU monitoring and control. The easy and instinct user interface keeps track of the system power consumption, the efficiency, temperature, output voltage and output current. If systems have to fulfill certain 12V load requirements, testers or system engineers have the possibility to fine tune the 12V output voltage within a range of +/- 3%, and switch between 12V single or dual rail mode. In case of critical temperatures, overvoltage or overcurrent, the ZDPMS software displays warning messages, so that the user can take precautionary measures to avoid a system shut down. The OVP and OCP warning point can be set individually. Finally, ZDPMS comes with an energy consumption calculator. Just input your regional average electricity fare and CO2 footprint profile, and the software will estimate your system's electricity costs and CO2 emission factor.

    Full-Modular Design with Precious Cable Sleeving
    comes with a full-modular and flexible cable management which simplifies the system installation. Following numerous requests from ENERMAX customers, modders and aesthetes, each wire is sleeved individually which creates an outstanding and precious appearance. No doubt, the new Digifanless 550W is a masterpiece of ENERMAX engineering providing a silent, energy-efficient and durable power supply in every situation.

    European Sales Starts in Week 13
    Right after CeBIT in Hanover (16th – 20th of March 2015), ENERMAX will start the sales of Digifanless in Europe with a market price of around 200 Euro.

    >> More technical information and product photos


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